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I would log out where it all began... Northshire.
I would log out in the center of the ring of mushrooms in the whispering forest.
Back to the top of the Scryer bank in Shattrath where I would mount my Azure Netherwing Drake. I'd equip my full T6 holy gear, the gear not some BS transmog, hammer of atonement, bastion of light shield, rings and trinks: the whole nine. For it was there that I spent my happiest times in wow, trolling the life out of /2.

I'd leave my other paladin, my favorite alt, in an 11/12 cleared 25-m ICC set to heroic, standing next to Arthas, as he is/was the greatest lore figure in WoW.

The rest of em? Hanging out in the towns in which they spend their time with the citizens of Azeroth.
My final logout spot would be the room in Dalaran that you reach using the teleport item from the Higher Learning achievement.
Sitting at the same table as Gamon.

I'd attack him and let him kill me.

So ends the story of Vadyn, the crazy cat man.
Either Ironforge, Deeprun Tram, or Teldrassil. Those hold the most memories for me.

I would log out in the center of the ring of mushrooms in the whispering forest.
Or that. Hmm, decisions decisions.
I'd do the Serpent's Spine quest for the final time and fly to Kun'lai Summit. There, I would look upon Pandaria for one final time and then use Ra'sha's Sacrificial Dagger to spare Eat the pain of being erased.
I'd take my Worgen back to Gilneas for sure.

I wish I could take my Monk back to the Wandering Isle, but I'd settle for Halfhill as a peaceful alternative.

Those are the only two characters I have any real attachment to at this point.
I had a ceremony on my hunter for unwanted pets back in BC. I would salute him then use eye of the beast to throw it off the edge of Hellfire peninsula. I began doing that with Death knights and other toons I wanted to delete. I'd probably just bring all my characters to that spot and toss em over the edge and log one by one.
Y'know, I've never gotten to necro a really old thread... and since this is my last opportunity, and there is that "Last Day of Necro threads" thread... why the hell not???

As for the Thread? Ummm... If I have the opportunity, I'll take my very first character I created back to the starting area, and logoff there. If I have time, maybe take quite a few characters back...

There, do I get an achievement for Necro-ing a 5 year old thread?
In front of Onyxia, after slaying the dragon one last time.
Pasmina would be retiring from the do-gooder soldier life, so back to Booty Bay for her; she'll have a Blackwater Raiders ship to catch.

My dwarfette hunter would return home to Kharanos with her big ol' bear friend to watch the sunset over the mountains.

By blood elf would meet up with his lover, and they'd return to Thunder Bluff where they first met on assignment for Lor'themar.

My draenei warrior would... I think she'd go back to Draenor. She found an AU version of her mother there in Shadowmoon... she'd go back to her.
I would log onto my first character; Yukata - Lightning's Blade, and log out standing in the same spot my epic journey began back in Vanilla, Northshire :)
Id go back to the grave this thread rose out of

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