Guide to Endless Healer PGs Waves 100+

(UPDATED 3/6/15 for 6.1)

6.1 Update

Endless Healer Proving Grounds got nerfed a bit with the release of 6.1 The party is killing things slightly faster than before. This change didn't have a significant impact on my strategy, but I've made some separate changes, mostly regarding which trinkets I use and how I handle Chomp.


Hi. This is my stupidly long guide to achieving stupidly high scores as a Resto Druid in the Endless Healer Proving Grounds. With this strategy, waves 1 through 60 become pretty much automatic, and I've been able to reach waves as high as 130, though I'm certain higher is possible.

Before I go any further, I'd like to state that I don't recommend this guide for simply getting your Proven Healer title. The strategies here are needlessly complicated for that. Wave 30 should be obtainable without doing anything tricksy.

You may be wondering: Once you earn your Proven Healer, what do you get for pushing past wave 30? The answer is nothing. It's a gigantic waste of time. Don't do it. You're too old. Let go. It's over. Nobody listens to techno.

If for some confusing reason you've decided to continue reading this guide anyway, then I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors unless of course you use these strategies to beat my high score in which case !@#$ you.


In WoD, Proving Grounds now scales its difficulty to your gear instead of vice versa. What this means is that as your gear improves, the health and damage of the NPCs and mobs also increase in an attempt to keep the difficulty level constant. I don't know the exact formula used. However, I've made a number of observations:

1) When you start the Endless Healer event, your NPC allies will spawn and a countdown will begin. At this point, Oto will have 146k HP regardless of your ilvl. This number is irrelevant. The scaling doesn't kick in until wave 1 actually begins, at which point your party's health will be scaled in accordance with your ilvl. If you're completely naked, Oto will be scaled to 159k HP. I believe this is as low as the difficulty can be scaled down to.

2) The difficulty doesn't start scaling up from the 159k Oto HP baseline until your average equipped ilvl surpasses approximately 615. I say "approximately 615" instead of "exactly 615" for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you unequip any items or have any items below ilvl 600 in any slot, the game will pretend that slot has an ilvl 600 item in it for the purposes of difficulty scaling. Secondly, some slots seem to be weighted more than others. In particular, increasing your weapon's ilvl seems to increase the difficulty more than increasing a different slot's ilvl by an equal amount. I suspect some other slots might be weighted more than others as well, for example chest being weighted more than a ring.

3) Tertiary stats and gem sockets are ignored. Enchants are active.

4) If you try to be sneaky and equip a new item of higher ilvl after wave 10, then the encounter will automatically end at the start of wave 11. It will however allow you to equip a new item of lower ilvl, but it will not readjust the difficulty in your favor.

5) Low ilvl / low difficulty scaling feels easier than high ilvl / high difficulty scaling. This becomes especially noticeable at waves 60+.

Therefore my general recommendation for gearing is to strive for an average equipped ilvl of 615 with a focus on int (on trinkets), spirit, haste, and mastery, and a special emphasis on making sure your weapon is as close to ilvl 600 as possible. Items below ilvl 600 should not be used. I currently use quite a few ilvl 600 items and then balance it out with some high ilvl spirit jewelry and a couple of ilvl 650+ trinkets (as of 6.1, I switched from pure spirit trinkets to throughput trinkets, specifically Everburning Candle and heroic Shards of Nothing). Once you achieve ilvl 615, you can experiment with making incremental gear changes, slightly increasing your ilvl and then starting the encounter to ensure Oto's HP is still scaled to 159k once the initial countdown finishes.


For my strategy, the following talents are all mandatory:

Displacer Beast
Incarnation: Tree of Life
Mighty Bash
Nature's Vigil

The following talent tiers each have multiple viable options with the ones I used for 130 bolded:

Renewal or Ysera's Gift or Cenarion Ward
Germination or Moment of Clarity

Yes, I really listed Moment of Clarity as an option. While battling mana problems early on, I actually used it instead of germination, and reached wave 91. I switched back to germination for the 100+ push after optimizing my gear, and have continued to use it to 120+.


For my strategy, the following glyphs are mandatory:

Glyph of Regrowth
Glyph of Entangling Roots
Nature's Cure

The Most Important Things You Need to Know

1) The party only AoEs when 3 or more mobs are in close proximity. So we want to avoid using breakable CC (such as roots) on mobs that are stacked.

2) [6.1 update: I now only outrange Chomp on wave 5. But going to leave this here anyway for informational purposes.] Chomp has a maximum range of 40 yards. Most of the time, you have at least some control over who gets chomped. This guide focuses on predicting chomp targets through careful positioning, in particular avoiding getting chomped yourself (because of the next point).

3) [6.1 update: Being in bear form when Chomp hits you actually makes you take comparable damage to NPC allies. But going to leave this here anyway for informational purposes.] You take wayyyyyyyyyyy more damage from all enemy abilities than your NPC allies. This makes chomp on you particularly costly mana-wise to clear.

4) At earlier waves, starting your heal on the chomp target precisely as chomp is being cast (as opposed to starting your heal a second later) is the difference between clearing it with little mana and clearing it with tons of mana. At later waves, it's the difference between not wiping and wiping. Put Tunnelers on focus or use a mod to announce who is getting chomped.

5) Wild Growth is almost never the correct spell to cast. Regrowth / Rejuv / Swiftmend / Healing Touch almost always is.

6) If a flamecaller hits someone with a fireball, and then uses its very next global to cast a fireball on the same target, it will fizzle at the end of the cast.

Wave-By-Wave Strategy

Wave 1

1) Pre-hot, pre-ironbark Oto
2) Open with bash on Flamecaller
3) Keep one ripper cycloned until he's the only one left
4) Immediately regrowth (possibly twice) anyone hit by fireball
5) Use barkskin if targeted by fireball
6) With ~8 seconds left, run to next spawn point, pre-hot Oto and pre-mushroom

Wave 2

1) Open with Bash on Hive-Singer
2) Pop treeform + NV immediately, then ironbark on Oto 1-2 globals after
3) Regrowth Oto whenever he's hurt, otherwise use free globals for rejuvs on self/party, even if not hurt. I keep double rejuvs on everyone until Hive-Singer is near death
4) Keep ripper cycloned as much as possible until it's only one left
5) Dispel aqueabomb only after topping off Oto
6) Don't wildgrowth. Don't refresh mushroom. Only tranquility if only ripper left and party still hurt.
7) With ~8 seconds left, run to the 2-tunneler spawn point and drop a mushroom and switch to bear form

Wave 3

1) As tunneler spawns, bash the right tunneler (they'll kill this one first), and watch the left one to see who it chomps.
2) Leave bear form and clear chomp from whomever got hit, then clone the ripper, then go back into bear form for the right tunneler's chomp as bash fades.
3) Use ironbark on Oto when it's ready.
4) Keep ripper cycloned as much as possible until its only one left
5) Barkskin and go bear form if you're targeted for the left tunneler's second chomp (the right tunneler should die before it chomps a second time)
6) After ripper dies, run to next spawn point, pre-hot Oto.

Wave 4

1) Open with typhoon on Large Illusionary Aqualyte, knocking it away from other two mobs. Immediately follow with entangling roots on it.
2) Instantly dispel the first two aquabombs regardless of who is targeted.
3) Quickly top off anyone hit by fireballs.
4) If possible, help with dps on Small Illusionary Aqualyte and Flamecaller
5) If can't dispel aquabomb, make sure target and anyone nearby is topped and hotted; it almost 1-shots at high rounds.
6) Once only Large Illusionary Aqualyte is left, prepare to spam healing touch and maybe regrowth on Oto, sneaking in dispels as possible. Do not let Oto drop below 50% and shieldwall, even if you use a ton of mana.
7) With ~5 seconds left, move to next spawn point and drop a mushroom slightly behind and to the right of the Hive Singer spawn point.

Wave 5

1) Open with bash on Hive Singer.
2) Pop tree-form+Nature's Vigil. Stand in between the bashed Hive Singer and the Conqueror, and then typhoon to knock them in opposite directions. Then insta-root (since tree form) the conqueror.
3) Move into the mushroom, should be out of range of the tunneler's chomp when it spawns. Prehot everyone. If any AoEs get off, insta-regrowth party members not yourself.
4) Use ironbark on Oto after ~10 seconds, right before Conqueror enrages and breaks roots.
5) Continue to spread rejuvs and insta-regrowth to keep Oto topped.
6) Insta-regrowth chomp targets, twice if necessary
7) Only tranquility if Conqueror is no longer enraged, Oto is topped, and party is still hurt.
8) Watch Tunneler. If it targets you for its 2nd chomp, then either interrupt with Typhoon or go bear form + pop barkskin. Can sometimes prevent it from using a 2nd chomp at all with Typhoon.
9) With ~5 seconds left, run to Flamecaller's spawn point and drop a mushroom and go bear form.

Wave 6

1) Open with bash on Flamecaller.
2) Leave bear form and clear chomp from whomever got hit, then clone the ripper.
3) Use ironbark on Oto as soon as off CD. Rejuv or regrowth fireball targets.
4) Keep ripper cycloned as much as possible
5) Preemptively barkskin and go bear form before tunneler's second chomp.
6) Use mana efficient heals at end (healing touch and rejuvs, not swiftmend / regrowth)
7) With 2-3 seconds left, move to next spawn point

Wave 7

1) Open with bash on Hive Singer.
2) When Oto shockwaves, drop mushroom on group
3) Try to keep Oto topped with efficient spells, but keeping him above 80% is important so regrowth if needed
4) Use ironbark on Oto right as conquerors enrage. Spam big heals even before damage occurs. Get ready to NS regrowth. Sometimes he delays using his shieldwall and will die if not hit with big heal. This seems to be happening more in 6.1.
5) After enrage ends, use mana efficient heals only. Bandage hurt party members.
6) With ~5 seconds left, move to next spawn point in such a way that you'll be lined up with the flamecallers.

Wave 8

1) Pop barkskin right as wave starts (it needs to be ready again at start of next wave). Do not use Nature's Swiftness during this wave, it needs to be ready for beginning of next wave too.
2) Open with Typhoon on the flamecaller closest to door, knocking it and a couple of others in a line toward the flamecaller furthest from door, so they're grouped.
3) Pop treeform and NV. Use free globals for rejuvs but insta regrowth anyone that gets hit with fireball, as well as Oto.
5) Cyclone ripper as much as possible, but insta-regrowthing damaged allies takes priority; at higher rounds, people will just get insta-gibbed if bad RNG. This is the worst wave in terms of RNG.
6) Bash a flamecaller if more than 2 are casting fireball at same time
7) Keep ripper cycloned at 30-50% health, even when it's only one alive, so that party remains far away from wave 9 spawn point. If ripper is high enough health, you can go bear form and taunt it to try to drag it even closer to wall before recycloning it.
8) With ~6-8 seconds left, refresh cyclone one last time on ripper, then pop stampeding roar and run to next spawn point while remaining in bear form.

Wave 9

1) Pop barkskin right when it's off cooldown
2) Open with typhoon on the Hive-Singer, knocking it away from group toward wall. Then immediately follow it and bash it.
3) Most of the time the tunneler will chomp you. Either way, NS regrowth yourself or the chomp target while still in bear form to clear it. Then cast entangling roots on the still-stunned Hive-Singer. Then Displacer Beast away from it. If everything goes correctly, you'll escape before getting hit by AoE and all of your party will be out of range of it as well.
4) Help with dps on Aqualyte and tunneler. Use Mecha-Blast Rocket on Aqualyte. It needs to drop below ~90% or else the party will run to the rooted Hive-Singer when the Tunneler dies instead of staying where they are and killing the Aqualyte.
5) Once Aqualyte dies and roots on Hive-Singer breaks, pop NV and start rejuving everyone. Mushroom and wildgrowth and tranquility as needed.
6) With <10 seconds left, try to interrupt any final AoEs with typhoon / bash.

Wave 10

1) Open with roots on Conqueror. Sometimes need to typhoon it away before rooting.
2) If off CD, typhoon/bash flamecaller during its firepuddle spell
3) Help with DPS on flamecaller, but keep Oto topped.
4) Use ironbark on Oto as Conqueror casts enrage and breaks roots. Spam heals on Oto through enrage.
5) Finish wave mixing heals on Oto with dps on remaining mobs
6) Don't cast any new hots on Oto with less than 5 seconds left; it increases risk of being stuck in combat

Post-wave 10

1) Drink up. Refresh 100 stat food if more than 10 seconds left before next wave.
2) Blink.


With these strategies, waves 1-60 become a snoozefest. I just turn on some music and zone out or chat with people. Waves 61-90 can be challenging at times, and frustratingly RNGy, especially with wave 8 fireball gibs. The higher rounds are insanely challenging and intensely fun (despite being even more RNGy), but sadly it takes much too long to get there, so (understandably) I doubt many people will bother.
Yayyy Huppi.
(IMPORTANT: I pasted my original post (the MoP guide) below for the purposes of nostalgia. It's no longer relevant.)


Hi. This is my stupidly long guide to achieving stupidly high scores as a Resto Druid in the Endless Healer Proving Grounds. With this strategy, waves 1 through 60 become pretty much automatic, and I've been able to reach waves as high as 109.

I never thought I'd write this guide but then I introduced alcohol into the equation and it just happened. Amazing.

Unfortunately, I fell short of my goal of beating the (previous) world record of 119, and have decided to give up completely because, as exciting as waves 90+ are, it takes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too !@#$ing long to get there.

Anyway, I hope this guide helps you get your title, or laid, or the highest score on your realm, or even push for the world record if you're masochistic enough.

(Edit: Pretty pointless to compete for the world record now since, with the exception of a couple blatant cheaters, there's no way to know which of the top scores were legitimate and which were achieved using one of two recent exploits.)


In terms of stat prioritization, the setup I like best is to reach the 3043 haste breakpoint and then prioritize int > spirit > mastery > crit. However, the improvements from regemming/reforging are minor in comparison to refining your strategy.

Obtaining gear with sockets will give you some extra stats, but once again, its only a minor improvement compared to refining your strategy.


I like Ysera's Gift for the passive healing, Typhoon for repositioning and occassional interrupts, Force of Nature for soaking fireballs/chomps (as well as some passive healing), Mighty Bash, and Nature's Vigil for the extra dps.


I like Glyph of Regrowth for clearing chomps and spamming on the tank, Glyph of Efflorescence for OP passive healing, and Glyph of Fae Silence for interrupts.

I don't use Glyph of the Sprouting Mushroom in PGs. When I'm in panic mode, I don't want to mess with targeting circles.


I use it on the tank for Intimidating Shout. I think being able to reduce incoming tank damage on later waves by fearing the Ripper is more important than being able to iceblock an aquabomb or something. Plus %^-* mages; they're !@#$%^-s.

The Most Important Things You Need to Know

If you're having difficulty reaching wave 30, it's probably not because of your gems, it's probably because you're unaware of one or more of the following things:

1) Some waves, particularly wave *9, only seem really difficult because mobs are left over from previous waves. This guide focuses on minimizing overlap between waves by (a) contributing DPS with Nature's Vigil and (b) bringing mobs together with interrupts so the party AoEs and kills stuff faster.

2) Speaking of party AoEs... The party only AoEs when 3 or more mobs are in close proximity. So we want to bring them together as quickly as possible. Also, we want to avoid using breakable CC (such as Intimidating Shout) on mobs that are stacked, because the fear will just break immediately from AoE.

3) Treants can be targeted for fireballs and chomps. The mob will cast the full spell, it will fail, and then they will try to cast it again, possibly on another Treant. This guide focuses on tilting RNG in your favor by having Treants out as soakers at key moments.

4) Chomp has a maximum range. Most of the time, you have at least some control over who gets chomped. This guide focuses on predicting chomp targets through careful positioning.

5) At earlier waves, starting your heal on the chomp target precisely as chomp is being cast (as opposed to starting your heal a second later) is the difference between clearing it with little mana and clearing it with tons of mana. At later waves, it's the difference between not wiping and wiping. Put Tunnelers on focus or use a mod to announce who is getting chomped.

6) Wild Growth is almost never the correct spell to cast. Regrowth / Rejuv / Swiftmend almost always is.

7) You can't use Fae Silence as a reactive interrupt. There's not enough time to go Bear Form and cast it AFTER the mob starts casting the spell you want to interrupt. Use it proactively. Practice and develop a sense of the timing of spell casts, make up your mind that you want to use a silence, and then go bear form and silence the mob, even if he isn't casting anything yet.

8) No

9) Okay maybe

Wave-By-Wave Strategy

Wave *1

I've only ever wiped on this wave once. Therefore I'm not going to over-complicate it.

What I do is use Ironbark on the tank right before the round begins, drop all three Treants, refresh hots on the tank, and then let the party do their thing, really only bothering to interrupt or stun the Flamecaller if he happens to bring someone low enough to kill them with a 2nd fireball.

Wave *2

This wave is relatively easy, but I've still wiped several times at higher rounds.

What I do is open with Typhoon right as the mobs spawn, knocking the group away from where Wave 3 will later spawn. I then immediately use Ironbark on the tank, drop all three Treants, pop Nature's Vigil, and put Rejuvs on everyone, even if they aren't hurt. While Nature's Vigil is active, I try to over-heal in the most mana-efficient manner possible (e.g., immediately using every Clearcasting on Regrowth), just to add more DPS. Since I have Rejuvs on everyone anyway, interrupting the Hive Singer isn't super important, but I do try to get one or two with Fae Silence. If I go Bear Form, and he's not casting his AoE, I'll silence anyway, just to buy a few seconds with the silence component of the interrupt. After the Hive Singer is dead and Nature's Vigil has worn off, I sometimes use Intimidating Shout on the Aqualyte to make the Ripper run away and reduce incoming tank damage, but only if the Ripper isn't still poisoned from the previous AoE, otherwise it'll break almost immediately. I use Innervate early in the wave, since my mana will have dipped from the overhealing (and, on later rounds, from having to cast Regrowths on the tank). It's no big deal if the tank shieldwalls during this wave. In fact, once the Hive Singer is dead, I sometimes let him shieldwall on purpose, just to reduce his incoming damage and thus the amount of mana I need to use to keep him up. Once there's about 5 seconds left, I start running toward the Wave 3 spawn point...

Wave *3

This wave is relatively easy, but I've still wiped several times at higher rounds, and messing up can cost you a lot of mana.

What I do is run toward the Wave 3 spawn point, dropping a mushroom on myself on my way, and right when the mobs spawn, I knock them away from the rest of the party with Typhoon, while still running at them. I immediately pop Barkskin and Rejuv myself. 9 times out of 10, both Tunnelers will use Chomp on me due to positioning, so I'll turn around and run into the mushroom I dropped and clear the Chomp debuff with Mushroom Bloom (and possibly a Swiftmend if the Bloom wasn't enough). As soon as I've done this, I'll Barkskin the tank and drop all 3 Treants. The tank will usually Shockwave the mobs, and I typically cyclone the Ripper afterward, put the highest health Tunneler on focus, and then target the lower-health Tunneler while standing behind him. Right as the lower-health Tunneler casts Chomp, I stun him before it finishes, and then immediately heal whoever the higher-health Tunneler casted Chomp on. Usually the first Tunneler will die before trying again, but if he's still alive, at least the first Chomp will be gone before the second hits. If something bad happens, such as stun missing, or you failing to heal up the first Chomp before the second hits, don't hesitate to use Mushroom Bloom, Nature's Swiftness/Healing Touch, or even Regrowth spam to stabilize the situation. With only one Tunneler and the Ripper left, I go cat form and build combo points up on the Tunneler and then stun him right as he starts to cast his final Chomp. He'll usually die before getting another chance.

Wave *4

This wave is insanely hard for Druids at higher rounds, perhaps the hardest. More than half of my 90+ wipes were either on Wave 4*, or on Wave 5* but only due to the fact that the tank used his Shieldwall on Wave 4*. We have no way to clear both debuffs on the double Aquabombs, or shield people for extra health, and even a single aquabomb will 1-shot the mage if she isn't 100% topped off. And if a Fireball happens to hit someone at the same moment as an Aquabomb going off, you can forget about it. On top of all of this, incoming damage on the tank is absurd from start to finish.

What I do is start off with popping Nature's Vigil, refreshing hots on the tank, and spreading Rejuvs, while also putting the Flamecaller on focus. There will be a couple of seconds delay before Ironbark is ready, but as soon as it is, I use it on the tank, and also drop all 3 Treants. It's difficult to describe what happens next. Often I'll need to cast a regrowth or two on the tank, go bear form and interrupt the Flamecaller (or try to stun him). If I ever get an aquabomb during doublebomb, I immediately dispel the other target, then run away from the group, Rejuv myself, and use Barkskin. If Barkskin is on cooldown, then I go Bearform right before it explodes. If I don't get an aquabomb during doublebomb, but the hunter does, then I immediately dispel the other bomb and make sure the hunter is topped throughout the dot. If neither of us get the bomb during doublebomb, but the tank does, then I immediately dispell the other bomb, top the tank off, and prepare to pop Mushroom Bloom right as the bomb explodes. Sometimes I'll try to Typhoon the mobs away from the mage if I think it can cause her to avoid being hit by the explosion, since it will almost 1-shot her. If, at later rounds, the two bombs go on the mage and rogue, you're in a world of *!@#, especially if you mis-time the Mushroom Bloom and it doesn't heal the tank before he gets knocked back out of range. At later rounds, you will need to spam Regrowth on the tank, wasting an enormous amount of mana. If the tank drops too low and Shieldwalls, you will almost certainly wipe on wave *5. $%^- this wave. When there is about 5 seconds left, I start running toward the Wave *5 spawn point. Hopefully you did enough damage with Nature's Vigil that the group has just finished off the last Aqualyte, and are now returning to the center. This is pretty important. You want the hunter and mage to both be in the center in close proximity.

Wave *5

This wave is insanely hard at higher rounds, perhaps the hardest. Almost all of my non-wave 4 wipes are either on this wave, or on subsequent waves but only because of the amount of mana I used on this wave.

What I do is start off by Typhooning the mobs right when they spawn away from where the Tunneler will later spawn. I do this to ensure that the tank/rogue/myself will not be targeted with the first Chomp. If you don't do this, have fun with enraged Conqueror + Chomp on the tank. After typhooning, I run toward where the Hive Singer was displaced to, and try Bashing him, though sometimes the rogue cheapshots him first. I then move my mushroom underneath the hunter and mage (assuming they are close together... if they aren't, I usually gamble and put it underneath one of them, then Rejuv both and pray). As soon as Ironbark is off CD, I use it on the tank, as well as dropping all three Treants for the HPS boost. I try to fit in a Fae Silence on the Hive Singer at around 50 seconds, but it doesn't always work out, especially if I need to spam Regrowths on the tank. Speaking of which, I spam a lot of Regrowths on the tank, up until the Tunneler spawns (put him on Focus!) and Chomps either the hunter and mage, who hopefully was standing on top of the mushroom. If so, I pop Bloom Mushroom to instantly clear the Chomp debuff (sometimes you only have a split second before the next Hive Singer AoE hits). I then resume spamming Regrowth on the tank. If I'm able to stabilize the tank quickly (usually impossible at higher rounds...), then I spawn a new mushroom underneath the tank's feet, and/or go for another Fae Silence on the Hive Singer. Otherwise, I use a couple more Regrowths on the tank, and then pop Tranquility and hope the tank doesn't get gibbed during it. The Hive Singer will die, and the Tunneler will use his second Chomp on someone, but everyone will have the Tranquility HoT, and the Conqueror will no longer be enraged, so it's usually pretty easy to deal with, even if it's on the tank. Bloom another mushroom if you have to. Also watch your Innervate cooldown, it should be ready around this time. By the time this wave ends, the Conqueror will still be alive with a lot of health. Don't worry, we'll catch up...

Wave *6

This wave is unforgiving in regard to mistakes, but as long as you don't mess up, it's managable. In other words, RNG won't kill you. I've wiped on this wave plenty of times in later rounds due to mistakes or mana issues carried over from previous waves.

What I do is start off in Bear Form near where the Ripper will spawn. As soon as he materializes, I Intimidating Shout the Ripper in place. I then target the Flamecaller and both Fae Silence AND Taunt him (to try and encourage the tank to charge him right away). I immediately pop out of Bear Form, summon all Treants, pop Nature's Vigil, and heal whoever got the Chomp debuff. I then start healing the tank / spreading Rejuvs (even if someone isn't hurt), usually throwing in a stun on the Flamecaller as well, and possibly a cyclone on the Ripper once fear wears off. I use Ironbark on the tank as soon as it's available. Everytime Fae Silence comes off cooldown, I use it on the Flamecaller (as well as Taunt since I'm in Bear Form anyway), with the hopes of bringing him into AoE range. If things go well at the start with the initial Fae Silence and Taunt, then the Flamecaller will be grouped with the other mobs from the very start, which in turn will cause the party to not only do more DPS overall, but also to kill the Flamecaller before the Tunneler, which is actually a good thing at later rounds because of (a) how much damage a freecasting Flamecaller does, and (b) because the party will end up killing the Tunneler anyway before his 3rd Chomp, regardless of whether they kill him 1st or 2nd. Speaking of the Tunneler, he will do a 2nd Chomp before dying, regardless of which order he is killed in, but it's usually an easily-healed Chomp... just make sure you have the Tunneler on focus beforehand, and that you start casting your heal as soon as a target has been announced. Use Bloom Mushroom or Nature's Swiftness to clear the 2nd chomp if you have to. Thanks to Nature's Vigil and having all the mobs quickly grouped up for AoE, I usually end this wave having caught up in DPS, with the final Ripper either dead or almost dead.

Wave *7

Assuming I caught up with DPS on Wave 6, this wave is easy. I've only ever wiped on this wave once. In fact, I once reached wave 97 with zero mana and 1 minute left on Innervate, and still prevailed. Don't wipe on this wave.

What I do is drop up to 2 Treants early on, but never 3. I want to make sure I have all 3 Treants for the start of the next wave. I also use Ironbark on the tank as soon as it's off cooldown (but only if I did a goob job in previous waves of using Ironbark ASAP... if it's too delayed, then I skip using it, so that it's available at the start of the next wave). I might Bash / Fae Silence the Hive Singer some, but it's not super critical. He's a Small Hive Singer, not a Large one, and there's almost no chance of anyone dying except the tank. Definitely don't use inefficient heals on any of the party. The only real danger here is if for whatever reason the tank decides not to use shieldwall at the same time that the two Conqueror's enrage, in which case you'll actually have to waste some mana to keep him alive. With about 10 seconds left, I position myself near the entrance gate, and drop my mushroom somewhat between the gate and where wave *8 spawns. I then refresh my hots on the tank. With only a couple of seconds to spare, I drop at least 2 Treants in the same spot as the mushroom, pop Stampeding Roar (and stay in Bear Form), and run to the opposite side of where wave *8 spawns.

Wave *8

This is the ultimate RNG wave, but Druids have a huge advantage thanks to Treants and their fireball-soaking abilities. It's also a LOT easier if we did a good job on previous waves with keeping DPS up, so that the last Conqueror from wave 7 is dying right before or right as this wave begins. At higher rounds, I wipe on this wave the 3rd most, behind waves 4 and 5. If RNG is not in your favor, and 2-3 fireballs hit the same target, you lose, period.

What I do is line myself up with the four Flamecallers, so that a Typhoon will all knock them together in a line. I then wait for the first part of their initial cast to finish, and then Typhoon before the 2nd part really begins. If you time this correctly, they will not throw any of the fire blobs on the ground, but they also won't try to cast the fire blob spell again, and instead will move on to using fireballs (hopefully aimed at your Treants...) Still in Bear Form, I then Fae Silence the Flamecaller that's closest to me (and thus furthest from the rest of the party), both to reduce incoming damage and to encourage him to run closer to the party to be AoE'd. I run at the 2nd closest Flamecaller and attempt to Bash him. I then immediately pop out of Bear Form, and go into panic-heal mode. I pop Nature's Vigil immediately, spreading Rejuv's on everyone, and using Swiftmend / Nature's Swiftness / Regrowth on anyone who drops even slightly low. I use Ironbark on the mage as soon as it's off cooldown because she has the lowest health total and is the most likely to be RNG gibbed. I use Barkskin almost immediately. Everytime a single Treant is available, I use it. Everytime Fae Silence is off-cooldown, I go Bear Form and interrupt the Flamecaller who is furthest away from the group. My two primary goals in this phase, other than keeping everyone alive of course, is to (1) do as much damage as possible with Nature's Vigil healing, and (2) bring all of the Flamecallers as close together as possible as quickly as possible with Fae Silence so that the group AoE's them down instead of killing them single target. Also keep an eye on Innervate, as it'll come off cooldown during this wave. If you do a good job bringing the Flamecallers together, and aren't really unlucky with RNG, then you'll actually finish this wave with the group having just killed the last remaining mob, and get to start Wave 9 with no carry over. With about 5 seconds left, I refresh hots on the tank, go Bear Form, and run toward the wave 9 spawn point.

Wave *9

As long as you do your job on previous waves, and all previous mobs are dead, then Wave 9 is relatively easy. I only occasionally wipe on wave 9, and those wipes are almost always because of mistakes in previous waves.

What I do is stand there in Bear Form with the Hive Singer targeted after he spawns, waiting for him to begin his first cast. As soon as he does, I interrupt it, target the Tunneler to see who his Chomp target is, and then immedaitely pop out of Bear Form and do whatever it takes to get that Chomp target healed quickly (usually never taking more than Regrowth + Rejuv + Swiftmend). Even if I had to cast all three of those spells to clear Chomp, I'll still get a chance to Bash the Hive Singer before he attempts his 2nd AoE. Even if Bash misses, often times the tank will Shockwave him before he attempts his 2nd AoE (all thanks to the fact that the group is close to the spawn point due to clearing the previous wave quickly). Assuming there were no leftover mobs from the previous wave, the Tunneler will always die before attempting a 2nd Chomp. This makes this wave soooooooo much easier. I usually allow the Hive Singer to get his next AoE off, cast a couple of heals, then go Bear Form and Fae Silence the next AoE attempt. I almost always use Tranquility on this phase, but I wait until dispeling the 2nd aquabomb, and then use it immediately afterward. Sometimes, the party will want to kill the Aqualyte before the Hive Singer, which is really annoying. If this happens, I wait until the Tunneler is dead, and the poison debuff has faded from the Hive Singer, and then I Intimidating Shout the Aqualyte, causing the Hive Singer to run away. I follow the Hive Singer, and Typhoon him the first time he tries to cast AoE. Often times he'll be so far away from the party now, that the next time he casts AoE, it'll only hit 1-2 people due to range. You can then interrupt the next AoE with Fae Silence. Nature's Vigil should be coming off cooldown at this point to help heal through the remaining AoE.

(Note: If the Tunneler somehow gets a 2nd Chomp off, it will unfortunately probably coincide with a Hive Singer AoE and lead to death. My only recommendation here is, if mobs are still left over from Wave 8, to AoE fear the Hive Singer -before- he reaches the rest of the group, and before you use Bash on him, to buy a little more time to clear the 2nd Chomp debuff before the Hive Singer AoE's again. This requires a bit of luck, because if your follow-up Bash misses, you're *!@#ed.)

Wave *0

I've never wiped on this wave, not once. So I'm barely going to talk about this wave.

What I do is heal the tank, spam Wrath on things, sometimes go Cat Form and scratch and bite and poop and stuff. It helps to contribute DPS to make the wave end a little faster so you can get a drink in, even if the game is stupid and keeps you stuck in combat for 10 seconds after the last mob died. If it's wave 60, remember to cancel Symbiosis so you can redo it after you leave combat. Also redo buff food. Also


Holy $%^- I can't believe I typed this much.
<3 Huppi, Hope more will take a look at this and request sticky. :)
Much <3. Just got the title using some of your tips :D. One thing I'm surprised you don't do is cat form dps during low damage periods.
Much <3. Just got the title using some of your tips :D. One thing I'm surprised you don't do is cat form dps during low damage periods.

Yay! Glad it helped!

Cat form dps is viable up through 70ish waves (at some point there really isn't any low damage periods), but there's not much point. The combination of grouping up the Flamecasters for AoE, and maximizing DPS contribution with Nature's Vigil, is enough to reach damage goals for each wave, without having to do anything extra.

Anyone who watched my stream while I was still working on this probably found it odd that I spent a lot of time just standing there doing nothing when I could be cat form dpsing, but I considered it a break for my wrists :)
didn't know you could use symbiosis in proving grounds >_>
There has to be a new exploit:

Over 2x the previous world record.
first time playing resto since cata, ez title thanks huppi
Thank you so much Huppi! Your tips really made the difference and let me push through to finish my title!!
There has to be a new exploit:

Over 2x the previous world record.

At that point wouldnt the double debuffs 1-shot people?
There has to be a new exploit:

Over 2x the previous world record.

At that point wouldnt the double debuffs 1-shot people?

Yes, and the tank damage would be unhealable way before wave 200 anyway.
10/15/2013 01:46 PMPosted by Huppi
a lot of the former top scores were likely achieved using the previously-fixed spirit/hit exploit,

Semi-related to that: Spirit and hit (for boomkin spec) IS reduced on timeless gear, making sub-optimal for proving grounds.
Wonderful guide! Thanks for the writeup!
This is a very in depth guide...well done. I just got the title myself. Like...just now. All I did to prepare for it was simply take Force of Nature. Apart from them being *decoys* they also heal the crap out of the group. A ton of passive healing. I found they made this title achievement so much easier.
do you need PVE gear to get past w30? i can't get past w27 in full PVP gear..
do you need PVE gear to get past w30? i can't get past w27 in full PVP gear..

Not for Resto Druid, no.
When do y ou innervate?
When do y ou innervate?

10/19/2013 06:23 PMPosted by Huppi
When do y ou innervate?


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