Timeless Burden gear better than LFR?

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I just got a raid finder piece that wasn't as good as a timeless piece i have that i applied a burden to... i would have figured lfr gear would at least be slightly better. It's got a red slot on it is all that i can see that would make it worth changing to.

I just got back from a long break so all of this is new to me. Quite odd.
It depends on Item slot, and on the stats RNG. The TI gear can be truly terrible if you get a single stat item (have less total secondary stat than a two secondary stat item does) or proc something like a +hit/+expertise piece if you don't need it.

On the other hand it can be really good as well if you wind up with a piece with two of your most desirable stats.

As for Item slots the best bets are to go for Helm (has the same sockets as LFR helms), Neck/wrist (neither TI or LFR have sockets) and Rings (depending on class, some or better than others).
Raid gear is almost always better itemized than epics found outside of a raid. The fact that you mention is has a socket probably makes the LFR piece better, but I'm not sure. Can you link the pieces?
Timeless Isle gear is literally a gamble in it's own way.

You can either get a really useful piece or get one that is utter garbage.

I had to use 2 Burdens to get these bracers.

With LFR and Flex gear you know what you're going to get, you know what the stats are.
Timeless gear with the right stats ( a little luck) will be better than LFR. The primary stats will already be better due to ilvl. It's the secondary stats that will make it really good or really bad. Gem slots will factor in as well but just because it has a slot doesn't make it better.

You may need to use several burdens to get the right stats but you will eventually get a good piece.
I have burden rings because the DARNED DRUIDS in my guild consistently have more DKP than me.


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