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The game is gorgeous..everything has detail out the wazoo.. but so does WoW.. just differently.
Combat is okay, just slow gcds.
My biggest complaint is it was fricking unpossible to figure out where to go for quests.. Go to X Wood and kill 5 Y.. Dear google - where the F is X woods and how do I get there? Occasionally, I'll get a yellow blotch on the map as a clue and head towards it.
Good grief.. questgivers and their PAGES of dialogue that get boring SO fast.. and NO audio.
Fates are zergfests.
Spammers need to die in a fire.

I only tried it because I was looking for a reprieve from the Timeless Isle grindfest. It was worth the $50 I wasted.
Ehhhhh... the game itself is fine if really grind heavy, the main problem is that cheating and hacking are both pretty rampant and Square hasn't done a good job of handling it. Their answer to gold sellers was to delete a percentage of everyone's money rather than investigate on a case-by-case basis, and there are some hacks going around that let people level from 1 to 50 in about 30 seconds.

The game has been out for slightly more than a month. Does WoW ban botters instantly? Absolutely not, and this game is FULL OF THEM.

I've never had any money taken away.

There is no possible way to get to 50 in 30 seconds. There is an exploit that lets you level carpentry ridiculously fast, but those people will likely be dealt with.

There's a lot of misinformation in this entire thread. A lot of people posting have obviously never played the game. I would say it's worth it on PC, but if you want to play it on PS3 it's best played with a keyboard and mouse. The controller setup is too clunky.
Honestly, unless you're a big Final Fantasy fan, it's really not worth the money or the sub fee. It's a very pretty game, and the music is really nice to listen to, but the more important aspect to me, in a MMO, is gameplay and FF14's combat is too slow and delayed on top of it, which causes a lot of accidents as dodging the big red circles on the ground is a very important aspect of the game. If you don't have a topnotch internet connection or live in EU/AUS, you're going to have a really hard time (WHY the EU servers are located in freaking Canada, I have no idea). Titan fight would be a prime example of that.

Crafting is a bit different, but in the end, you can get all what you need via story quests, side quests, and/or dungeons with less hassle.

A lot of stuff from dungeons to GETTING a retainer and some other stuff is walled behind story quests and guess what? Those story quests and your Grand Company quests require you to do dungeons, and in order to unlock certain dungeons, you have to do other dungeons and... Yeah, when this game is six months old, who is going to do the starting baby dungeons? Considering the fact that FATEs (Basically the equilivent of the Rifts in Rift and the world events in GW2) give more exp in a shorter length of time... This does not bode well for newer players like at freaking all.

And lemme say, the community in this game is starting to make WoW's LFR "community" look saintly. I went to do a story 8 man 'dungeon' and freaking people were screaming at everyone to 'skip the cutscenes!' and we had one jerk tank who refused to do anything because the Bard in our group wanted to watch the cutscenes, heaven forbid! Oh, and heaven forbid you don't have full DarkLight gear (Basically valor gear equivilent for us) to run a level 50 dungeon that was meant for fresh 50s. ~_~;;;

I won't go in how bad Square/Enix's customer's service is. That is one thing Blizz will always excel at, no matter the game, they have top notch customer service compared to pretty much any game I played, save for Trion, and I think Blizz is on par with them.

I could go on and on, but really, the cons outweigh the pros to me, and even though I love Final Fantasy myself, I can't justify paying 15 bucks a month for it, not when WoW is still alive, and there's so many F2P games to choose from that get the gameplay right.
I plan to finish the story quests here this month and cap my level. I've heard end game is non existent, and i've heard the community at end game is pretty darn bad. However, it's a beautiful game for a playthrough and it may be worth paying attention to for the patches and expansions. There will need to be more end game content and story content for me to care though.

Music is stellar, graphics are beautiful and story is decent. But it starts to unravel near the end and that's too bad for a game that had such a strong start.
I've been 50 WHM for a few weeks now, got my relic and some darklight pieces. End game isn't so non existent as it is, exclusive. Coil being just an 8 man instance that takes all hm guardian kills to unlock, means on most servers it's a very tight knit (mostly ffxi guilds) group of people running it with very few chances of breaking into a group. I really think the crystal tower being a 24 man raid that's accessible via the duty finder will really add a lot to the raiding and dungeon scene. I'm pretty content so far to level my crafting and gathering and work on getting my bard to 50. But I love the fate group play style so take my opinion with a grain of salt, I know many people in game that detest it. And also yes if you play on ps3 and are late at skipping those cut scenes in the later dungeons that drop tomes, expect to get yelled at.
Like most of the other MMO's released recently, I got all hyped up and was kind of disappointed.

Its a fine game. There was nothing new at all though. I'm only level 22 or something at the moment and the combat is quite slow: 2.5 second GCD on all spells

I'm playing an arcanist and the playstyle seems identical to a leveling warlock. First i had a caster pet, then got a tank pet. I have an instant dot (corruption) and a casted initial dmg + dot spell (imolate) as well as your typical shadow bolt spamming. Nothing exciting at all.

Graphics are amazing and coming back to wow I've had a 'i dont remember wow graphics being this old' moment.
I'd give it a try, but don't get your hopes too high!
And oh god the map! The map system is awful! I'm sure one could get used to it but I still have no idea how to read it.
Amazing game, enjoyed every bit playing it. Alas SE derped up and are pretty much refusing to accept most Australian Credit/Debit cards so it's impossible to pay via card.
I cannot be bothered with game time cards since Direct Debit is so much easier and everything else supports it, that and forgetting to renew via card on the night of a 'raid' wasn't always the most welcoming excuse.

Also their horrible issue with teleport hacks is way too annoying to deal with.
It's a decent game and worth a try. Endgame in FFXIV is NOT all that, but that's just a matter of opinion.

Is it worth subbing to pay a monthly fee past the 30-day free trial? Is it better than WoW? I'll keep that to myself and let you draw your own conclusion.

Does FFXIV have a lot of content coming out in future? Well, let me post a link and you decide for yourself if you consider it "a lot of content."

"Patch 2.1

Good King Moogle Mog will returning as a boss fight. More than likely he will be accessible through the duty finder. Please look forward to it.
A new difficulty for Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan fights will be added in this patch as well. They haven’t quite decided if they’ll call them hard, super, ultra, extreme, or any other awesome intense name. I can see it now. “Ifrit, for real this time”.
*TWO* hard level dungeons and the Crystal Tower, a 24-man raid dungeon, will be added.
Also new Hildibrand quests and FATEs are being added. If you didn’t know, Hildibrand was a comic relief NPC from version 1.0. He has his own… unique sense of humor.
The Wolves Den, a 4v4 and 8v8 arena will be opening in this patch. You can travel to it by boat from Lower La Noscea, and to enter the arena you must use the Duty Finder.
And lastly, Mists, the La Noscea player housing region will be unlocked in 2.1. Houses are available to Free Companies and individual players for a monetary value.

Patch 2.2

New Primal fights will be introduced. Yoshida stated that they will be “ones that new players haven’t even imagined.”
Either Leviathan, Shiva or Ramuh will be in 2.2. It has yet to be revealed which one, but they all seem like fun fights and fun stories to flesh out!
Gilgamesh might make an appearance as a boss fight in either 2.2 or 2.3.
It is possible that Free Companies will have the ability to summon their own Primal (FATE?) battles in this patch. No concrete details have been announced though. If not 2.2 then possibly 2.3.

And Beyond!

Patch 2.3 is the target release for the Golden Saucer! The reason they haven’t revealed much about it is because they are currently busy working on it. They are hoping to have at least 3mini games available before they release it into the game. Yoshida says perhaps a card game, a mini game, or a snowboarding game. I’d love to snowboard down Coerthas with my Lalafell!
It has also been confirmed that the first draft of the first expansion has been submitted! Obviously there is a lot of work to be done, but at least they are planning for the future!"

"Tomorrow’s presentation promises more footage and images but we were treated to a list of what players can expect for patch 2.1:

1 New Dungeon (Pharos Sirius)
2 Hard Modes for existing dungeons
Extreme modes for all three current primals
Hard mode King Moggle Mog
Crystal Tower raid
Player Housing
The Wolves Den (PvP)
Treasure Hunts (SWEET!)*
Hard Mode for a “Surprise” boss*
Beastmen Daily Quests*
Random Matchmaking (extra Tomestone rewards for random queues)*
And UI items such as item sort*

*Some of the last items may appear AFTER 2.1 launch"




So, according to that, as far as dungeon/raid content goes, I read there is TWO new dungeons coming out, and ONE 24-man raid - a total of THREE. You decide if you consider that "a lot of content"

Keep in mind, there are NO "lockouts" meaning, if you wanted to, you can do Ifrit hardmode as many times, back-to-back, as you want in a 24hr period or (how ever long you decided you want to do it)

CURRENTLY, as far as endgame goes, when you hit max level 50 there are "a lot" to do (which is subjective), but typically you will be running any one of these variety - Amdapor Keep(4-man), The Wanderer's Palace(4-man), The Praetorium(8-man), Castrum Meridianum(8-man) and (8-man) hardmodes for Ifrit, Titan, Garuda. And of course there is Coil. Again, there are NO LOCKOUTS, so you can run/que said dunegeons/primals back-to-back and get some awesome gear/weapons in a matter of HOURS or even DAYS therefore content gets smashed and old quickly.

..I know this because I have a level 50 in FULL darklight gear and primal weapon. And I did this BEFORE the free trial ended and only playing approximately 4-hours every day or two. You can find the trade chat/LFG equivalent in FFXIV in a map called "Mor-Dhona" where a little town called "Revenant's Toll" is located

Also as a side note if your still undecided, most of the people saying its a "GOOD GAME" are the ones who just barely started playing and are still low level so its EXPECTED to hear the "good game" response most of the time (not all the time of course). They are still in that "honeymoon phase."

If you want valuable input on the game to help you decide whether its worth it or not, I would recommend getting the feedback of those who have hit MAX LEVEL and seen most (if not all) ENDGAME content.

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