The State of Lowbie Battlegrounds

I'm sure that this topic has been beaten to death by now, but something really needs to be done about the abysmal state that low bracket battlegrounds are currently in. Honestly, I'm surprised that there isn't more complaints; when twinks ruled the queues, there was constant uproar about the (on average) 2-3 players a game that could dominate newer players. But now, with rogues one-shotting you by simply glancing in your general direction, healers being utterly unkillable (except, obviously, by rogues), and the all-out one-shot fest that lowbie PvP has become, there is no uproar, there's barely discussion.
I know that Blizzard has stated that they will address the problem eventually, but seriously, eventually is too long. Battlegrounds are essentially unplayable in their current states; they end up as stalemates, or are decided by who has the most rogues on their team. A fix wouldnt even take that long; lowering coefficients on low level spells and abilities or ramping up the stamina on pre-BC gear (w/o affecting other stats) would provide a suitable fix. But ignoring the problem until a "future date" is simply unacceptable.

Please post constructively; there's really no point to discussing how old the issue is, if anything that is even more grounds for it to keep in the spotlight.
The twink haters have become twinks themselves, they are the BoA twinks. No one calls them twinks though, because they don't have their exp turned off.
They're worse than twinks ever were, BoA gear is insanely OP compared to lowbie gear, and with most everyone having the best enchants for that gear (30 spellpower for casters, dual 15 agi for melee, etc.), people are really feeling the pain.... including me. I'm RaFing with a friend, and even with using half BoA gear (I don't want to level faster than him), I can't even be competitive in that one-shot environment.
I'm sure that this topic has been beaten to death by now
I'm sure that this topic has been beaten to death by now

And this was a constructive response how? Congratulations for pointing out something I already knew in an unsuccessful bid to be witty. Please troll elsewhere...

This is a pretty major issue for a lot of people leveling alts. It deserves to be discussed.
Would you feel better if I had typed "This is new and interesting?"
possibly, it would have taken more effort than simply quoting me.
Come on now, I edited the quote! It took some effort.
The issue's already been addressed on beta. Attacks like Ambush have been halved. While you can expect to not see the ridiculously large numbers that you have been seeing, don't expect Rogues to stop being a threat.
Rogues ambush are really overpowered, but I hope that blizzard studies the problem at all, including the problem with the healers, and the immortal Protection Paladins.
Who would have thought it still gos on today.

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