Imp bugged. Unable to get Imp to attack

Bug Report
Last night on Ravenholdt I was doing some random BGs. In between the BGs I was killing random mobs just for fun and random loot drops. I noticed that between me casting immolate and conflag usually I see my imp cast something. I always have him on defensive during these forays into killing randoms.

But, my Imp didn't cast anything. So, I decided to give him a chance to be aggressive and go after things himself, then I would help him kill. He didn't agro on anything no matter how close I got to the mobs.

I tried pushing Pet Attack and the Imp just stayed still. He bobbed up and down like normal, but no casting no damage done, nothing. I thought maybe I should bring a different demon out and then go back to the Imp, again he did nothing.

Since I am destro as my main spec I don't like to run around without my Imp around to give me extra crit chances. But, he wasn't working for me, so I used my doggy.

After about an hour of the doggy, which I found new respect for, I switched back to the imp yet he was still bugged.

I logged out of wow and logged back in, still bugged.

I exited game and logged back in, still bugged.

No matter what I did, my Imp wouldn't attack.

I hope this bug doesn't stay around for awhile, but for the meantime, I am enjoying playing my character differently.
Is your imp phased out, and if so, have you tried deactivating his phase out ability and seeing if that has any effect? I know usually he will just enable / disable it himself, but it's possible the bug is isolated to his Phase Shift ability.

Also check to make sure that Firebolt is set to auto-cast (this can be toggled by right-clicking the spell on your pet bar). If it's not, telling it to attack will cause it to idle since there's nothing else it can do but cast Firebolt.

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