Lowbie tanking = waiting around on runes?

Death Knight
Pre-patch I was a decent Frost tank and am now trying to get the hang of Blood with a lowbie. My main issue seems to be waiting for runes to come back up; I spend a ton of time sitting there doing white damage waiting for everything to come off of c/d and wondering if I'll be able to get off a HS or BB before everything I'm not directly hitting runs toward the boomkin. It also feels like a pre-Consecrate pally in that I'm thinking I need to tab around on my mobs to keep all of them interested in me while I wait for what few AoEs I have to come back up.

Is this just the way it is now and I should get used to it, or am I doing it wrong? My pulls are often more than 3 targets, so I am starting by dropping a DnD, BB, then mashing whatever's left, which seems to be a bunch of DCs. It used to be something like IT, HB, PS, Pest, BB, but with Pest halving damage I don't think I've used it yet. Should I be using it still?

*misses HB*
Unfortunately, until about 68, you're not going to get to do much and will have to fight for threat. Rune Strike'll be available to you at 67, Runic Empowerment at 68.

For now I'd probably suggest D&D, IT, Pest, BB, DS when you're opening up. After that, just kind of focus on DS and HS/BB depending on mob count. Once you gain access to more of your abilities, you can drop diseases from your rotation until we get Outbreak.
Will do, thanks! :)
i never have too much problem sitting in rune blackout.
You have to realize to that you don't need to spam everything the moment its off cooldown.
I find trying to be patient helps rather putting every rune on cooldown in 4 gcd's.
Also helps to sit on a full bar of RP if your not having threat issues. if your runes are on blackout. just launch a few death coils while you wait for 1 or 2 runes to come back up.

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