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What poisons do I use where? I usually use deadly poison and crippling poison but there are others...any suggestions? BTW, both my daggers are 1.40 so they are the same speed.
Ill take it you mean for leveling this current character. Deadly is usually a lesser choice for leveling as by the time you have stacks on and the poison starts ticking, the mob will be dead. A better choice would be the instant damage poisons. These are both wound poison and instant poison. The wound has an added value of reducing healing on the target but doesn't do as high of damage.

For leveling I myself would probably go with double instant just cause the DPS will allow me to kill mobs faster. If you are going to be doing dungeons, deadly would be the choice for the off hand dagger.

I may be incorrect with the leveling poisons, so feel free to correct me.
I see that you're an assassination spec rogue, so you get a nice boost to your instant poison damage, so Searges is right about that, and his advice on what poisons to run and when is okay to go by.

But, and it's a big But, at level 54, you'll learn Envenom, which is going to replace Eviscerate as your go-to finisher. Envenom will only work if you have stacks of Deadly poison up on your target, and you'll be running with Instant MH/Deadly OH from that level on up. Also having Deadly poison up has the added benefit of buffing your Mutilate damage by 20%.

You can also put poison on your thrown weapon, and at your level, use whatever you want out of what's available. Crippling to slow down runners, Wounding or Mind-Numbing for PvP, you name it.
Thanks for that advice! Ill be switching up to instant on both daggers until I get to a dungeon.

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