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Everyone can feel it already coming to Azeroth how is your character preparing for The Sundering and where will he/she hide when it comes is He/She spending time with family before they are sent off to join the fight, finishing up there job in Northrend and racing a boat back to Azeroth to see what is going on, drinking some ale in the nearest Inn

Teorah will possibly be meditating, contemplating for a final few moments as well as offering his assistance and prayers to any of the cities to prepare for Deathwing's assault each is a step of The Sundering's arrival. Teorah is prepared,ready and in no way afraid for the events that will unfold when Cataclysm comes he merely waits for the moment when he must do his part.
Sadly, before I took my last break from WoW, most of my characters decided to systematically die off. How inconvenient. One that's rather incapable of dying is Zinny, here. And knowing him, he'll be somewhere off in Northrend training in preparation for what's to come.
I dislike that I typed in Sundering when I meant "Shattering" that makes me sad..
Kat slips into the main cities to do her best to stave off elemental attacks. But her real duty (IHO) is out in the world, finding elemental rifts and shutting them as quickly as possible. And as always, she strongly dedicated to training feeling that the job of training is never finished and continues to be the best she can be and protect others... even if they don't want her to protect them.
Indeed Teorah dislikes being known for large attention he does his job and leaves but he has shut down many rifts in his traveling back to Azeroth and perhaps he's even ran into you once or twice
Sholaad is currently in Azuremist, collectively discussing the troubling events with the Hand of Argus. He is doing his best in between these meetings to eliminate any Elemental unrest in the area, making sure his people will survive beyond the uncertain future.
Cynn could care less about what's going on to the earth. Her biggest concern is the amount of rumors she's heard about heroes going after the Lich King. that's supposed to be her kill! She's doubled her efforts on destroying as much as possible to become as stong as possible so she is capable of facing down the man-thing that gave her second life.

As for her first creater, she's put aside her studies about magickal realms for now but has kept a bit of those magickal devices spewing out elementals just in case it somehow helps her find Guwordiayne. In the mean time, though, books and studying can wait. It's high time to focus on the goal she can reach.

And she's not afraid to leave her so called allies behind in the dust....
With things winding down in Northrend, Velli is making one last trip to Westguard Keep to ensure it is secure (part of a server RP story arc). With the elemental rifts opening around the world and multiple horde groups encroaching on Stromgarde's territory, the last thing he wants to have to handle is a fight breaking out in Northrend. After that, he'll return to Stromgarde to start leading the offensive in the northern Eastern Kingdoms.

TL;DR - Business as usual
While hunting the remaining demons in the outlands after Illidans defeat, Pyro decides to return to Azeroth for the Winter Veil holiday. He returns to find the world ravaged by Deathwing.
Andi here sees the Elementals/Twilights as just another enemy the Scarlet Crusade has to fight. Should they pop up anywhere in his sights, he will close em, but he won't go out of his way to close rifts.
Faroth has been aiding Starfall Village in Winterspring and dealing with elemental rifts. There are concerns that the fire elementals will melt snow and cause avalanches and flooding if they appear in the wrong areas, so he's been acting as a scout, searching for rifts and hunting animals to bring back meat and leather to keep them supplied.

He's unaware of the cultist activity in Stormwind, though he has gotten word that there is suspicion that the Twilight Hammer is involved in what's going on.
gutspill is very confused now that he has found out wat rp ment and does not think its healthy to get this INTO the game or any game for that matter........seriusly ppl wtf
gutspill is very confused now that he has found out wat rp ment and does not think its healthy to get this INTO the game or any game for that matter........seriusly ppl wtf

And you could just not respond. But that would involve logic.
gutspill is very confused now that he has found out wat rp ment and does not think its healthy to get this INTO the game or any game for that matter........seriusly ppl wtf

Some people are just creative, regardless of the medium. It doesn't take long for me to think up what my characters would be doing in story style setting in WoW.

I've got pages and pages of story notes, ideas, thoughts, characters, races, worlds, cities, cultures, etc. I just need to play less WoW and start organizing them to get something started towards submitting to publishers! ;)
lol there ya go dude take a break from wow and make some kickass books ppl on here have great imaginations make that stuff into a novel and get rich....or die trying
Wartusk is taking a journey across Azeroth helping the Horde and Neutral towns prepare for the coming elemental invasions. Right now he is in Ashenvale, helping to fight off the Alliance and secure resources for the Horde.
although im on a pvp server ( wish it was rp) zein is still in Northrend helping the Argent Crusade clean up the remaining undead forces still threatening the withdraw of both the Horde and the Aillance forces from Northrend. the only information about the recent events happening back home are from letters from Silvermoon. I plan on returning back to Silvermoon soon to return back to my duties as a paladin of Quel'Thalas.
Aima's been away on sabbatical to Hyjal for the last six months or so and she's recently come down from the mountain to see what's going wrong. Not sure if I should try to grab some RP on the way down or stick to stormwind.
As far as the eye could currently see, there was no life outside of what went on within Warsong Hold. The Tundra was cold, desolate, and now it was damn near lifeless... Zin'rokh clenched his fists tightly and let out a drawn-out sigh, his breath taking a misty shape in the frigid air. He no longer wore his traditional armor. He had come in dark robes, overlapped by the tabard that represents the Ebon Blade. He also wore a hood, and a mask to protect his face as well as mask his identity. Two mail shoulder-guards held up his cloak, but that was the extent of his protection.

The Frozen Wastes Campaign was finally over - Arthas' whispers no longer clouded his mind, nor skewed his judgment. His mind was entirely his own once more. The world sang already of the legendary Tirion Fordring and his glorious victory over the Lich King. Zin'rokh found it pathetic how they were ignorant to the truth. He disagreed with the Argent Crusade's decision to keep quiet. To not utter a single word about it. That Bolvar now wears the crown and presides over the Scourge - as the Jailor of the Damned.

Regardless, it had been far too long - too many years - since he had a mind of his own. He knew not what he would do with this new-found freedom, at first. The world was not a welcoming place for his kind. He had returned to Silvermoon City, but was unwelcome even amongst his brethren. Death Knights were society's new outcasts, frightening and impending as they were. The Forsaken were more welcome than he, in his own homeland! Eventually, he turned his back on the Sin'dorei and went his own way. He wandered for weeks, spreading unspeakable terror throughout the Alliance lands. Slaying bands of adventurers, slaughtering the livestock of humble farmers. Burning homes, and raising the dead to attack their living kin. He was so thorough in his work that he left no traces behind so that the treachery would not be pinned on the Horde, thus leaving some Alliance settlements in fear of civil war, or a second plague outbreak.

... He knew nothing of honor, he knew nothing of mercy. All he had known was how to kill. All he knew was death ...

Then came the Cultists. He caught word of their message, and he had felt the earthquakes himself - he had seen the Elements raging across the lands, pouring out of mysterious rifts which tear open randomly at any given time... the Elements were angry and he could feel it in their presence. He could sense the coming catastrophe.

And thus, back to Northrend it was. Back to the frozen wastes he had come to known as home. Where he was welcomed, where he was accepted -- if only by the Scourge. He had come with a fleet harboring supplies for Warsong Hold, and he would depart from there and head East, alone. He would spend the coming weeks, months, or years - however long it took - before the inevitable Shattering, training. Preparing.

"The world is mine to destroy..." The Death Knight muttered, taking his first steps, for the second time, into the war-torn and dying land that is Northrend.

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