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I have noticed various priest threads, on the new and old forums, asking you to make priest's work how other healing classes work...dumbed down and take only four - five buttons to be good at. However I have a different view on the complexity of playing a priest, mainly holy priest PvP.

I level'd my priest as holy, on a PvP server, back in the vanilla days, due to the lack of healing in bg's. After I hit 60 the fun never ended, I stayed as holy until I hit Field Marshal. I had so much fun playing a holy priest back then... until BC came out, and followed through WOTLK.

The the only viable PvP spec throughout TWO expansions, was disc, and wasn't very fun for me because it wasn't as intense as playing a holy priest in PvP, but was the only PvP spec viable enough to get by. This continued on until 4.0, holy just wasn't viable until now. After 4.0 I tried holy again, as I do after every big patch, and I love duel'ing and doing bg's again as holy, as I always wanted to.

I would like it if you didn't take other peoples advice to make priests simple and to use a very few number of button's to be good at. I love using the, at least the 30 spells I have setup, to do arena's, bg's, and duel with. I like the idea you guys came up with using: holy word: chastise, chakra, and revelations, to be used in different scenario's, depending on your situation.

The only problem I have right now is mana. It's not too big of an issue in bg's right now, as I have rocket boots and body and soul to kite away and get a leaf or drink, but I simply can't keep up other healing classes and I hate seeing my team mates health below 100% w/o me being able to do someting because i'm out of mana, while the opposing faction has a paladin, shaman, or druid, who are still at 2/3's of mana while i'm oom. This is the only thing, I belieive, needs to be fixed in the future, because me going oom in a short amount of time, and other healing classes still haveing at least 40-60% of their mana pool, is kind of slapping me, and my team mates who are relying on my heals, in the face.

All in all, great job on the holy Priest mechaincs, at least in PvP, with the exception of mana problems. I love the complexity and intensity, it's what keeps me playing my priest. I have played the other healing classes, shaman, druid, and paladin, and it just wasn't as fun as playing a priest, mainly holy, because it didn't keep my mind racing, and wasn't as intense, as playing a holy priest in PvP.

IMO keep the role of playing a priest as versatile and complex as you can while still keeping us a viable class to play.
Just to put something out there. Holy words do not share a CD with each other. If you're w/o a chakra form and you use chastise, and you flip into Sanc., you can use it immediately. Not sure if that's been said before though.
Problem I've found with the way holy priests work in PVP is that none of our talents besides Blessed Resilience is designed to reduce damage or save our life unless you spam Guardian Spirit on yourself. I've had so many problems as well keeping with my mana, blowing my Hymn of Hope and Shadowfiend as much as possible and only end up with barely enough mana to cast a few heals off and then be OOM.

So while some of our heals are not considered normal and might have increased mana costs because they're not "Heal" and mana efficiency is key for any PVP you do as a healer as well as keeping someone else alive to take the beatings. Sure I believe someone blue once posted and said pretty much "If you can deal damage and keep yourself healed, you've won.". The problem with that logic is our dps is too low to make much of a difference as a healer, and our only alternative is run away or hope they get bored of us and leave us alone.

Desperate Prayer is a nice talent, and it has saved my life countless times in PVE but in PVP it's a small heal compared to the amount of incoming damage you take. Still it's amazing to have some sort of heal without a mana cost.

With all that, our heals are not like other classes. As it was once pointed out, we have a toolbox of different heals for different situations, which is great for PVP or PVE the only problem is, the amount of mana we regen and mana we spend on these heals does not balance out in the end. Someone takes so much damage, we try to keep them up, in doing so we spend more mana then we should. At this point, it almost seems like the idea for PVP is just smite things and toss out a PoM every now and then.

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