Graphics issue after 10.6.5 update on Macbook

Mac Technical Support
Hospital - Thanks Padim is looking into these issues and will address them, so please if you haven't done what he requested, go ahead and send Padim the info.

I have just sent the email to the given email address. Thank you!
Figured out today that in the game, when I went into "video" and changed the shadow quality to "fair" I lost my body. When I put it back to "low", my body came back. Tried it several times to make sure, and yep, when on low it was best. So far today I haven't had any landscape disappear except my mini-map doesn't work. I can see the yellow circles for herbs / mining, the mailbox symbol, etc ... but the landscape isn't there in the mini-map.
Any news on this issue? I'm having the same problem.
Any update on this issue from tech support? Just wondering havent heard of any progress in a few days, i guess it was just the weekend, will we be able to play on 10.6.5 or will we indeed have to resort to just playing on 10.6.4?

You should be able to play on Mac OS X 10.6.5. Now the graphical issues that Hospital was having is affecting a only some users not everyone.
I guess i should have been a bit more specific, i was referring to the graphical issue that Hospital was having, i to am experiencing the same thing, just wondering if the problem was close to being resolved, or if it will be able to be resolved, thanks
Ah yes. Well we are working on getting it resolved. If you are having the exact same issue, I would suggest looking at Padim's earlier post and follow his instructions for a work around.
yep already have, thanks for the update
I have so far emailed that email multiple times and have received no response. I'm just curious when this fix will come because it pretty much makes some raiding scenarios impossible. i.e. I cant do herald of the titans for some people in my run because I am unable to see some of the textures. Also, I have been unable to see the marks such as [X], {skull}, etc. after patching to 10.6.5....It just seems like we are on a wild goose chase for a fix and have basically received nothing. Thanks.
spamming their email won't solve anything unless you actually have new information. otherwise you slow down how fast they can go through good emails. they are not gonna write back unless they need more information from you.
Tried what was recommended, still having issues? Water is generally the main issue, its not rendering, which is kinda wierd, makes boats and stuff look like they're flying.

Even with the combo update, small errors are still appearing. Certain places my character disappears as do NPC's around such as goldshire.

It's nothing major, and was much better than the horrible FPS, Lag and failing to render half the things it should that I suffered yesterday.
This issue still hasn't been fixed with patch 4.0.3. It makes some raiding scenarios extremely difficult and is overall annoying as can be. When are we going to get this fixed or actually get an update on how the fix is going? This lack of communication is just absurd.
It'd be nice to hear at least something saying they know what the problem is....

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