Beast Master question

What pet would be nice to level with before I get the beast mastery talent?
Probably a bear or a turtle.
I used a bear until 60, then I got a ravager, but this was before talent trees and ravagers being nerfed. Bear or cat would be my suggestion; although, I've had a couple of friends level well with a spider.
I've always been partial the bear. Swipe is nice and isn't as situational as the turtle's special talent, hence I find it more useful.
I really like the bear :)
A turtle is fantastic for soloing instances. Their shield is an invaluable talent.
Solo? Get pet you want! Pet looks good; use growl, send it first, shoot many times after one second.

Group? Get pet you want! Pet looks good; turn growl off, send tank first, shoot many times after one second.

Want go for irony? Get pet moth; use above suggestions for growl and shooting; laugh when tiny thing knocks bigger thing down with its charge.

In summation, get the pet you want! Do a little research, find one you can tame at your level, who has the looks you like. I don't know what, if any, changes have been made to pets and their learning things. I remember a time you had a tame a thing, fight with it, and then you'd the learn the skill, and have to give it to your old pet with pet talent points. Some pets had their own stats, too, so there was almost a reason to catch a rare. I've been lvl 80 so long, I don't know what pets or hunters have to do to level their things.

Until you really have the means to go out and find an ultra-pet of doom, it doesn't matter what pet you use. I solo'd practically to 80 on any pet that caught my fancy, always a heart-rending decision to replace one with another. I don't, and have never, bought into to any of this "one pet is better than another" stuff. Sure, they all do different things, depending on whatever their tree is, but if you start to see where and when you draw aggro from it, you can learn when/how to modify your rotation so that doesn't happen. And if you're grouping with people while leveling, then it doesn't matter. At all. If you're using a tenacity pet, be wary of thunderstomps pulling aggro from a low lvl tank, even if you have growl off.

Get out there and be your own hunter until lvl 80+ when your raiding guild will tell you what pet you can have. That's the fun of it!
It's Function Not Fashion.
I like a bear or a pig because they will eat all food types, but with the new patch I would lean towards a bear because the have a unique special ability to "take a nap" and increase their happiness without using any food.

They are also both tenacity pets which is what you what for levelling.

I kept my bear even though I was BM until level 80.
Imo, go with a bear.
I've always been partial to the bear. They're good tanks, have always been able to take a beating and a veritable trash can. The only thing that I remember off hand that they wouldn't eat were curiously tasty omelets.

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