PvE DPS Warriors in Cata

I was curious if there's any plan or is it looking like Arms will ever be viable? I've decided to level my Warrior in Cata to DPS with 'cause I really enjoy the play style.

My biggest concern with settling on my Warrior was "What if they nerf Fury into the ground, with Arms being just for pvp (Or so I think) we wouldn't have a viable spec"

If we had two PvE DPS spec it would really put my mind at ease.

Thank you beards!
They've pretty much delegated arms as the PvP tree. I really don't think it will be a viable option for DPS anytime soon. But I have been wrong before.
Hrm, that concerns me. I have no desire to tank ( I know, maybe if I didn't want to tank I shouldn't play a Warrior ) I just love the feel of the Warrior and I would hate if Fury ended up being sub par DPS
Any more feedback or possible inspiration would be great.
Um, dont listen to that other guy, watch vids on youtube about 85 arms pve...... basically both arms and fury will be pve/pvp viable

You are hilarious.
Forget about the *@##ty troll OP (he plays fury and has no pvp experience, he obviously has an extremely low IQ) look stuff up on youtube and PM some of the guys you watch, they are both viable

Yup, wrathful glad tabard in my avatar, no pvp experience, yup.... wait what?
I'll keep my eyes out. I figured I'd start asking questions in forums. I've been watching some vids but most have been Fury. I appreciate all the feedback guys/gals
Just got mine and resource glut, oh and what 2v2 team involving a warr is bat!#@% crazy......hmmm

I see you were dropped on your head too

No. Wtf does a random isle of conquest achievement have to do with high end pvp experience?
What. does an isle of conquest achievement. have to do with high end pvp experience.
can't say for sure yet myself, but i was just messing around on dummies with arms, i suspect it might be able to catch up to fury with tons of mastery, which even with reforging just isn't quite enough with the gear right now
that and not having colossal smash or whatever right now for the sudden death proc kind of kills any plausible arms rotation right now
Wait arms is not viable, guess I didn't get that memo
arms works, but it's pretty crappy compared to fury at 80, well in icc anyways, maybe lower tiers can manage :P should be fine for leveling

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