PvE DPS Warriors in Cata

Arms may or may not become competitive in Cata. There have been a ton of posts by GC in that regard, especially a new thread where he mentioned something about making arms scale better with haste(offhand summarization on my part, it's 6:30 and i'm full of nyquil).

Short of that:

Chances are arms will fare better in cataclysm, and won't be COMPLETELY useless compared to how it is at the moment. In cata, with the availability of mastery, you can get your Strikes of Opportunity up to a pretty nice proc rate. Eventually we'll probably be getting 40%+ Mastery proc chances.

But otherwise:

Blizz seems like they want to make arms work in PVE, so heres hoping.

Right now, in heroics on the beta I'm beating everyone I run into as arms, which makes me happy. However, I'm chalking this up to people being stupid/terrible/etc.

In PvP, we're still doing good- just really reliant on a healer.

Also, TSG is going to be hilarious in cata.
i was hoping we could push closer to 100% mastery >.> with reforging in current gear i think we push 35% or something
i was hoping we could push closer to 100% mastery >.> with reforging in current gear i think we push 35% or something

well, I just uninstalled the beta but:

The premades they give you, when reforged for arms, gemmed with STR gems/ str+mastery oranges and the fleet meta= 37% Mastery proc Chance, give or take 1-2%.

This is with poorly picked offset pieces, though, and our tier which is kind-of bad.

In full heroic first-tier raid gear we'll probably push over 40%. Most likely we'll hit 50-60% by the 2nd raid's heroic tier and then they'll nerf mastery or tone it down.

also, an exmaple:

SoO was 2nd on my dmg. First was OP, 2nd was MS.

had 133 SoO procs over the span of 5 minutes.

If I used the blood and thunder build (which at the moment I think is bad/not worth using) i could have probably fit more SoO procs in because T-clap procs SoO.

I also think the only reason we're getting so high with current gear is the glut of stats on everything. While there will be a ton of stat points on gear in Cata, it'll be less overall because they'll be keeping stats 'in check.'

Can we just please kill arms once and for all so these stupid threads never pop up again?

No one likes it. That's why these threads keep popping up.
I don't mind Arms, and I hear alot of people that would prefer it because it might have a more dynamic rotation. I also don't think it's stupid to hope that the class I enjoy has two viable PvE DPS specs, it adds some flavor.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and I'm glad to hear that Blizzard is trying to make Arms viable
Hey Sam, sup? Didn't you say something recently about arms doing competitive dps and being perfectly viable for raiding at level 85? Some people in this thread seem to think their opinions matter simply because of their past experience in the game, but I figured you being in the beta and having tested these things yourself first hand would know.


Arms is currently fine in the beta; It may fall behind later on but Blizzard does not want this to happen and said they'd work on making it NOT @%%@#S.
From what I heard isn't Prot PVP being a pretty solid option at 85 right now? Prot pvp seems to be the most fun from the videos I have seen. Although if I can run around BGs and possibly Arena with two 2hers making kids QQ, that'd be fun too.
They've pretty much delegated arms as the PvP tree. I really don't think it will be a viable option for DPS anytime soon. But I have been wrong before.

Blizz admitted there were several specs that got no PvE love and one of them was Arms (sub was another...I think BM was the other too). They're goal is to have every spec be viable in every area.

Which, tbh, is stupid especially from a DPS standpoint. There are no unique buffs anymore. If your spec brings a buff, there's another 2-3 that bring it too. When you boil down to it dps is math, pure and simple. There will always be an optimal dps spec and the other will fall behind somewhere. There was nothing wrong with having a spec excel in one area and come up short on others. If you didn't like that designated spec for the area then you should play another class or deal with being sub par.

The current system Blizzard constantly tries to perfect (and will always have to perfect each time a class gets any sort of major change) will never work out, and they should just revert to having specs be better for a specific area of the game.
I am not caring about beta, and am just going off of history, which I assume will continue.

Arms starts best at PvE in the first tier raid content (Molten Core, Karazhan, Naxxramas), and once the epics start rolling in, Fury outdoes Arms the rest of the way until the next expansion starts and is then just looked at as the PvP tree.

I was Fury prior to MC raiding and was called bad because Fury wasn't competitive in PvE. And then we became OP. When BC came out, again I was told to get with the times and roll Arms for PvE and didn't..then we became OP again. Same happened with WotLK.

I don't forsee any change in the future. And even if Fury does end up finally being worse than Arms for a longer stretch of content, I will continue to be Fury, just because that's how I like to play.

I do hope however that between SMF and TG, that SMF pulls out in front, or at least is always equal to TG. I really don't like swinging two big ass weapons. Only doing it now to TRY to get Shadowmourne before the expansion..if not however, I will just go to SMF when I get new leveling zone green one-handers until 85 and can try again later to make my legendary. :(
even if fury gets nerfed to the ground I'll still use it, I'm a stubborn prick like that. i even use it in pvp even though ppl say i shouldn't
From my own experience on beta one of the things that really hurts warriors is the inability to control our survivability on demand. We're completely reliant on healers to sustain us and this can get pretty stupid considering the current theme of cataclysm is to throw huge amounts of unavoidable raid-wide AOE damage out periodically. It's really hard to say if the fights on beta (primarily in heroic mode) are simply overtuned or if they're being balanced around hybrid heals (as in, 7 healers+3 DPS healing rains/radiance) or survivability cooldowns that other classes have yet warriors do not.

Another big problem is that the fights have some serious advantages for stacking ranged DPS. I'm not talking about leotheras the blind stacking but it's to the point where you weigh the benefits and disadvantages to either ranged or melee and it's clearly in favor of ranged DPS. There's whirlwinding bosses, tons of anyone-is-a-target void zones or living bomb type mechanics, an unusually large amount of PBAOE, and awful hotboxes. It's not to the point where you are just going to bench your all-star melee, but it is very apparent that raid stacking of certain ranged DPS classes is optimal.
ive been arms dps for a while now and im a mouse clicker too
but pre patch i was pulling around 10k on most fights(6k being lowest and 14k being highest-not on BQ) if i can do that in my gear and mouse clicking too then arms is fine
im still behind fury(arms should be) and even now i am but i also bring good debuffs that some classes cant bring. we dont have a kitty or bear drood in my guild so i make a good filler there. i want arms to be the spec that brings good dps( not the best) but also brings great debuffs to our enemys as where fury is the "best" dps spec
ied say that arms is fine and some people may be suprised how well arms can dps if you know how to dps with an arms warrior
now i read a post about a week or 2 ago about arms war, frost mages, BM hunters, and sub rouges. blizz said that they messed them up in WoLK and didnt want to change them until cata
why? because they said they didnt want people logging on to a new class one day in the middle of progression(they did it now because most people have at least got to icc)
so they may be good dps in cata
i also watched a vid with a fury warrior getting beat by an arms warrior in dps(like 12k-fury 15k-arms) i know it doesnt seem like alot but thats with out a 30% buff
so we will see what happens
Arms is actually look very good as long as they fix the Haste scaling issues the it runs into with Arms. Fury will maintain a higher rage pool, but Arms' specials will generally be hitting harder thanks to a high uptime on Colossal Smash, and Opportunity strikes may eventually get out of hand and have to be nerfed.

@People that says arms should stay PVP, Go DIAF. As much as you don't want to see your precious fury may get dethroned, some of us would love to sit and play Arms and not be crap on the DPS meters for once. A lot of us had to stop playing Arms in WoTLK because they just didn't bother to do anything with it, that wasn't fair to us, Our money is as good as yours.
Now now, let's not hate on each other.

We're all warriors here.


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