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"It's time."

Liam Kinderkin sat in the darkness of his cell, watching as the guards took his cell mate out and relocked the door. The dwarf looked back at him and nodded gravely. "Don't worry, lad. This isn't the end for me. I've followed the Light all of this life, and I'll be rewarded in the next."

One of the guards smashed the butt of his pike into the stomach of the dwarf. "You better hope so, dwarf," the guard sneered, "Cause you ain't gettin nothin else in this life except the noose." The two guards laughed cruelly as the pushed and prodded the old dwarf down the hall and up the stairs. Liam ran to the door of the cell and cried out. "Drogan! Drogan! I'll make them pay for this!" As the old dwarf began to ascend the stairs, one guard in front and one behind, he turned his battered face towards Liam and smiled. "Don't let it consume you...don't forsake the Light." Then he was gone. With them went the small torch, and Liam was left in complete darkness.

He threw himself against the door of the cell, again and again. "Drogan! No! Let him go! Don't you cowards! You goblin-spawned cowards! Let him go!" After several minutes, he finally fell to the floor in exhaustion. "I...I'm sorry's my fault you got into this's my fault. I let us get caught by these these cowards..."

Tears of anger and exhaustion came down his face. He lay against the door of the cell, holding onto it with one hand. He sat in utter silence, begging the Light to end his pain.

The sound of grating metal and bitter conversation stirred Unsanity from his miserable slumber. He blinked away the sleep in his eyes, and grimaced against the light of the torch as it passed his cell. The flame vanished into the darkness, and with it's departure a stream of fruitless complaints and threats he was in no situation to uphold erupted from the man occupying the cell nearest him.

Unsanity eased himself up from the cold floor of his cell, and slid himself over to the wall to lean on. He groaned inwardly, as every movement he made induced an ache as a result of several nights of stone as a bed.

"I'm," his voice cracked, like dry wheat, and he cleared his throat and tried again. "I'm...uhm, sorry."

Unsanity regretted his words as soon as they spilled from his lips. He knew very well anything he offered could do nothing to bring his friend back. He hoped that the man had simply fallen asleep in his exhaustion, and the silence that followed seemed to suggest just that.

"I'm...uhm, sorry."

Liam sat in silence for several more minutes, the events of the past few weeks rushing through his head. Stormwind had lost its mind. What was it doing? Why was it imprisoning those who had struggled so long to defend it from evil? Ever since his assassination attempt had failed, the king had become more and more paranoid. At first, he claimed that it was a member of the Paladin order, working alone. But as time went on, he began to publically blame the entire Order, and finally, he had declared that all Paladins were enemies of the crown, and had ordered the soldiers of Stormwind to round them up. Those who fought back were killed immediatly.

Liam slammed his fist into the door of the cell. The panic among the citizens was unimaginable. For some unthinkable reason, they believed the king...they had begun to turn in any Paladins who were hiding in and around the city. Drogan had been turned in by his own brother, a blacksmith who had worked in the trade district. Liam had fought to defend his friend, and had been imprisoned here as a result.

Liam was not a Paldin. But he had fought long enough by their side to know they were not traitors. The real traitor to the Alliance was the king...the king and whoever else was responsible for this. No help could be expected from Ironforge. They had aquiessed to the kings request for them to stay uninvolved. If anything was going to be done, it would have to be done by those in Storwmind who were still loyal to it...and they were dwindling fast.

"I'm... uhm, sorry."

Clearing his throat first, Temu said, with a cynical edge: "Save your sorrow. It doesn't do any good here. The only thing that can save you now is a miracle..."

Of average height, build, and weight, Temu Jin was as inconspicuous as they come. His long, gray hair gave him an aged look from a distance, though his face bespoke a relatively easy life. Of course, in the grime, shadow, and relative anonymity of his cell, little of this was obvious. "Still, this place has gone to the hells, so there's little enough chance of that anyway..." His eyes adjusted to the gloom as he looked around his cell. Professionally done, there was nothing remotely useful in Temu's cell.

"So, may as well converse before we all die... What're you in for?"
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"What're you in for?"

Bomber Shifted a little against the wall of his cell"I was told that I was practicing the 'Holy Arts' and accused of being in the Order... Daft humans don't know a Runemaster from a Paladin..." Lightning cackled around his fists. "I'd break outta here if there weren't so many guards... Or if I had some honest to goodness earth, not these damned rock walls. Can't make anything outta these." Bomber fell silent again.

"By the way, name's Bomber Granitebrow, if anyone cares"

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Rrazz stood at the entrance to the stockades arguing with one of the guards who for the moment was blocking her way. "Look i already told you! i vas sent to speak to zee prisoners and ensure zay had there last requests and zee like taken care of before you brutes haul zem off!" The draenei priestess wasn't backing down anytime soon, her bright sliver eyes glared menacingly at the guard as one of her hands adjusted her blue hair into a ponytail although plenty more of it fell down past her shoulders. "I told you no one can go down there without a guard on hand." The soldier droned on hoping to drive her off. but she still didn't back down. "NO i von't be able to vork vith von of you leerink over my shoulder. now hand me zee damned torch so i can do my duty's." Finally the guard sighed and handed her a torch and stepped out of the way. "You got ten minutes then one of us is coming down there to find you." With a final glare she pushed past him and continued into the darkened jail. as she passed by several cells she noted the sorry state of the people inside. "Ziz is bad. ve have to do somethink Dal." She whispered. after a few cells passed by she located the one that she was looking for. As her eyes locked with the human who seemed unconscious in the cell she hopped there was still some life left in the poor soldier. "Hey vake up. i-i'm sorry about you're friend. But i intend to help you and zee others get out of here. vhat do you say?" After a moment she shifted slightly and glanced at the other cells noting other humans and even a dwarf or two. "I vill not stand for ziz. a guard vill be comink to retrieve me soon. So be quick! vhat do you need to get out of here? I von't let zem murder anymore innocent people." Any person in Stormwind would have called it treason. but these people didn't deserve to be locked up like this. And it was her goal to get them out. even if it meant breaking a few rules and a neck or two in the process.

Bomber glanced up at the draenei woman. "Hey. I think I can get us all outta 'ere. But I need a small amount of earth to do anything, you got any on ya? Clay, pottery? I can even use coins." Bomber would have used the iron bars securing his cell but through all the years of zero-maintenance the large amounts of rust and awful state of the material had made them worthless, they were hardly even iron anymore. It struck him that the draenei probably wouldn't even know how these would come in handy, It was probably a good idea to elaborate. "Incase yer wonderin', I'm a runemaster, not a paladin like they claim. I can change earth and metals into different shapes. Keys, weapons, you name it. I just need a good supply of something usable and these sorry excuse for iron bars won't cut it. The quality is too low for me to use." Light, please let this draenei have something usable on her.

Rrazz was silent for a long time before a quiet laugh escaped her. "Wow i guess i should have seen zat comink. after all had i known there was a runemaster down here i vould have made sure to bring extra." Before anyone could question what no doubt sounded like a sarcastic retort a hand delved into one of her robes pockets and withdrew a rather large pouch. "It's not much. but i hope it is enough." She tossed the coin pouch to the dwarf and grinned. "Hopefully zat's enough for what you need? i doubt i have zee time to get anythink else." She shrugged before leaning against the bars of the cell next to his. "The names Rrazz by zee vay."

Rrazz... Why did that sound familiar? Bomber shook the thought from his head, there were more important things at hand. Emptying the contents of the pouch he examined the small amount of coins. Should be enough for a key... I can get something for weapons off the guards later. Quickly her turned the coins into a small key and tried the lock.


The lock opened and with it the door. Quickly Bomber moved from cell to cell unlocking each one as fast as he could, luckily al the locks were the same, probably to cut back on metal used to make the keys. Bomber spoke in a hushed tone, "Once we get up there we'll have to take out the guard quickly and quietly, otherwise they may raise the alarm, and I don't think we want that. If we're lucky we can make an escape through the canals and swim up to the dwarven district. There won't be any stormwind patrollers there and I doubt any of the dwarves there will mind our little escape."

Rrazz watched as the dwarf set about freeing the others. "About time i could help. i've been tryink to get zem to let you go for days but novon vill listen. Ziz whole city's goink to hell." Her gaze dropped to the floor for a few seconds before returning to the runemaster. "There vas only one guard that i saw. but i doubt he'll be alone forever. I'll help vhere i can. but killink is somethink i vish to avoid as best i can." She shrugged before slipping a hand into her robe pocket again and withdrawing a dagger. "These guards should pay better attention though." She tossed it to the dwarf before drawing another one. "I vant zat back vonce were out of ziz. it's special to me. Zo don't lose it!" As she spoke her eyes drifted to the entrance. "Zee guard vill be along soon. do ve vait? Or go now before he comes down here?"

Carana was infiltrating a group. She had sent by SI-7 a week earlier to see (or to hear in her case) if this group had any connection to the King of Stormwind's behavior recently. She hoped that her disguise would pass. "This is going to be interesting... considering the fact that I'm nearly blind." Carana thought to herself. She had her swords hidden on her. She heard the members of the group were having a meeting in another room so she blindly made her way to the group for the meeting.

"Zee guard vill be along soon. do ve vait? Or go now before he comes down here?"

Liam raised his head. The woman with the strange accent was holding a torch, while the dwarf from the other cell was busily unlocking the other doors. It took several moments for Liam to process what was happening. When he finally did, he got to his feet and gripped the cell bars between his hands.

My chance for revenge is coming sooner than I thought...

"Once we get up there we'll have to take out the guard quickly and quietly, otherwise they may raise the alarm, and I don't think we want that. If we're lucky we can make an escape through the canals and swim up to the dwarven district. There won't be any stormwind patrollers there and I doubt any of the dwarves there will mind our little escape."

Liam waited until Bomber made it to his cell and then spoke in a quite voice. "The Dwarven district is where they came for Drogan. It's true that there might be less patrols there, but its not completely out of their jursidiction. Besides, they have an entire company guarding the Deeprun Tram, so that area is under heavy guard."

He heard the click come from the lock and pushed open the cell door. He turned to the woman holding the torch. "The Light will bless you for what you have done. It's only a matter of time before they turn against the priests of the city as well..."

"Zee guard vill be along soon. do ve vait? Or go now before he comes down here?"

Liam stalked over to the small doorway which led upstairs and looked up. Light from several torches far above them danced down the small stairwell. "I'd say we wait for him to come ba..." Before he had even finished, he saw a figure move to the top of the stairs and begin to descend.

Backing away from the door, he hissed a warning to the others. "Here he comes..."

Knight-Captain Lyrean Starstrike, an officer in the grand army of the Alliance, calmly patrolled the stockades, the nightelf’s keen silver eyes inspecting each cell as she passed it. It was clear that she hated this place and wanted nothing more than to leave, which was rather odd considering she had requested this position specifically. Officially Lyrean was there to ensure that another attempt by the prisoners at seizing control of the stockades would be impossible, nobody wanted a repeat of the Defias incident. Despite all of this, she was subtley and deliberately bad at her job, making mistakes that could lead to an escape of those incarcerated under the new Paladin Laws. For in truth she was a member of “The Organisation”, a small group who defied the king’s order and helped many paladins escape persecution. Unfortunately Lyrean was only really capable of smuggling a handful of important figures to freedom without raising suspicion, she wished she could do more, she was sick of witnessing good men and women put to death due to the insanity of the king. Lyrean flicked her short blue hair off her face as she kept navigating the maze of cells nearing the end of her patrol.

Quickly Bomber transformed the key he had made into a small dagger. It was plain, save for the lack of a grip and the coloring patterns caused by the different metals in the coins. He only hoped that the soft metals in the dagger could be used as an effective weapon. Bomber pressed himself against the wall, trying to remain out of sight. Just as the guard came down Bomber tackled him, flipped him onto his back and held the knife to his throat. Without taking his eyes off of the guard he took the key's off the guards belt and placed one in the lock on a nearby cell door. "Off with the armor." Te guard looked confused "NOW!" quickly the guard began taking his armor off one piece at a time. Once he was done his armor and sword lay in a pile near the wall. Bomber shoved the soldier into a cell and locked the door. "You," Bomber motioned to Liam. "Put on his armor but leave the shield for me. I'm going to use it to make a chain and handcuffs fro me and the druid. Seeing as the gallows is just outside the city you'll be our escort there, Priestess you'll be along to read us our last right's or something, got it?" Without waiting for an answer Bomber turned his attention to the shield. A rune in the shame of an anvil began to glow blue. Suddenly the shield began to turn into a blob, after waiting thirty seconds Bomber began to mold it into two pairs of handcuffs, both connected by a chain. "We need to hurry, I'll need someone to put on the handcuffs for me and the elf." Bomber waited for the other's response.

Lyrean's pace quickened as she heard the dwarf yelling coming from ahead. She reached for her rifle and headed towards the source of the commotion.
Weapon at the ready, the night elf turned the corner and saw what all the yelling was about, a group of prisoners had somehow escaped their cells and had tackled a guard...
Lyrean recognised some of the prisoners as being victims of the king's ridiculous attitude to paladins, she was faced with a dilemma, should she risk her cover and help them escape or raise the alarm...

"We need to hurry, I'll need someone to put on the handcuffs for me and the elf."

Liam hurried to get the soldier's armor on. Liam was a big man, but luckily the armor was big as well. It was a bit of a tight fit, but it would work in a pinch...and they were certainly in a pinch. Liam picked up the guard's sword and swung it around in an arc. The blade was old, but reliable, and the grip felt comfortable. Liam ran his finger along the blade, feeling the sharpness of it. A thin line of blood remained behind. Liam smiled grimly, and sheathed the blade. He took the handcuffs from the dwarf and began to fix them to the dwarf's hands.

He looked back at the priestess. "This might not work. If we get caught, I want you to get away as soon as possible. We'd be put back in prison for trying to escape. You would be executed for treason. You have already done enough for us, and this city couldn't afford to lose one as noble as you. Once the king is dead, and Stormwind is restored, you will be rewarded for what you have done."

He clicked the manacles shut. He turned back to the dwarf. "I hope you know how to get these off, because if once we get outside the gates, the nearest blacksmith is Goldshire...and I wouldn't recommend going there. Marshal Durgan has been replaced due to 'traiterous sympathies'. The new Marshal is a puppet of the king. He purged the entire city watch of anyone who had even remotely been connected to the Paladin Order..."

He glanced around at the other cells. "Are we bringing them with us?"

"WIsh we could lad, but any more than us would be suspicious." Bomber frowned grimly. "And yes I can get the cuffs off in a pinch... I did just make a key out of coins didn't I? "Alright, we should get going soon, otherwise they may realize that the guard is miss-" Bomber cut off. He looked down the hall and sa a night elf in a stormwind guards uniform. He whispered to the ones near him "Act like you're escorting us out, there's an elfy guard down the hall, she may not be onto us..."

Rrazz spared the elf a glance before nodded very slowly to avoid giving herself away. clearing her throat she raised her voice so that it carried down the darkened halls. "Alright zen. you know i hate these damn executions, but i have a duty to preform zo lets get ziz over vith. Zee sooner this is done the better." She casually let a hand slid into her robe pocket and grasp the dagger hidden there. dropping her voice again she turned away from the guard and pretended to inspect the other cells. "It's already too late for me. if ve get caught i stand and fight vith you. I'm tired of beink a coward."

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