Changes that would make priests enjoyable

...for me anyway.
Priests currently are a mishmash of ideas without anything tying them together. Here is a summary of changes I would use to fix things if I was a developer, while keeping the class philosophy and balance relatively untouched.

-Remove Surge of Light. Replace it with the old talent, Holy Reach.

-Add into Fade a detarget (like feign) so that it can see some use sparingly in pvp.

-Let Gheal also trigger the tank healing Chakra state, Circle of Healing also trigger the AoE state, and Holy Fire also trigger the damage state.

-Rework State of Mind talent to provide a flat 2 min (plus or minus) increase to the Chakra duration. Also cause it to allow Chakra activation to make your next "Heal" spell instant cast.

-Let Chastise interrupt enemy casting if used on something immune to incapacitate effects.

-Add an additional effect to Serendipity: Every Gheal you cast will decrease the cast time and cost of the next Flash heal spell. Two stacks will make the next Flash heal an instant cast.

-Change divine touch from 10% instant heal on renew, to 10% crit chance from renew.

-Allow all heal crits, including renew crits to trigger Inspiration. (If this is too much, at least change the tooltip to read "all non-periodic spell crits")

-Add to Spirit of Redemption talent, a passive cooldown reduction for Leap of Faith.

-Allow Shackle to work on Demons and Elementals too.

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