Keybinds for a PvP Based Frost Mage

I'll be straightforward. I've played melee classes ever since I've gotten into WoW. It hasn't been only recently that I've liked the frost mage, but I've admired the class for a long time. In around S7 I almost rolled one and benched my rogue. I'm not going to bench my rogue, and it will always be my primary character that will have definitive priority over this character. I've been asked by my priest to roll a mage. Now before I jump into this situation, I would like some competent mage's that have been successful in most seasons in Arenas to post what abilities I'm going to want on my bars.

They may be self-explanatory to you, but not to someone who's never played the class.
I know the basics and how a mage works, just from dueling them on my rogue for so long, but I want to plan on having the binds where they should be so I'm not going through the whole rig-amorous process of relearning keybinds at 80.

If someone would be so kind to list off all of the abilities any decent frost mage will be using in Arenas/BGs/PvP, that would be excellent so that I may begin planning where to place them and what keys I will bind to certain abilities.

I just like to plan before jumping into something. By the way, no troll intended, but if you feel like posting the following:


Feel free.

Trolls are welcome, but serious posters are preferred.

Thanks, all.
Fire Blast
Frost Nova
Water Elemental
Ice Barrier
Mage Ward
Mana Shield
Counter Spell
Deep Freeze
Ice Lance
Frostfire Bolt
Mirror Images
Mana Gem
Conjure Mana Gem
Conjure Mana _________
Ice Block
Cold Snap
Icy Veins
Cone of Cold
Arcane Explosion
Shift/Focus Versions of CC spells
Slow Fall
Profession Perks (boots, gloves, lfeblood, etc)
Flame Strike

Think I got most of it.
Flamestrike isn't really necessary

You do want your pet nova though (usually built into the summon macro)

as well as an iceblock cancel macro
Thanks. I appreciate it. I want to level this before Cataclysm hits so that I'll be able to quickly level my rogue and mage, both of them being 80 (If I'm able to level this mage before Cata, that is) already. Should be able to get this task done if I'm quick.
Flamestrike isn't really necessary

You do want your pet nova though (usually built into the summon macro)

as well as an iceblock cancel macro

i don't think need a cancel for IB anymore.. pressing it after activation does that for you.

Flamestrike isn't really necessary

You do want your pet nova though (usually built into the summon macro)

as well as an iceblock cancel macro

It's useful as all hell in BGs and soon to be Rated BGs. Try plopping a Flamestrike in a doorway or entrance to make a de-stealthing tool that doesn't risk a lock out of your frost school.
I'm not sure if this is optimal, and am considering revising some of them, but here goes:

1: use mana gem
s1: evocate
a1: lifeblood

2: polymorph target (macro)
s2: polymorph focus (macro)
a2: mouseover polymorph macro

3: spell steal
s3: used to be frost ward
a3: mage ward (used to be fire ward)

4: frost nova
s4: arcane explosion
a4: blizzard

5: blink
s5: mouseover slow fall macro
a5: mouseover remove curse macro

6: frost barrier
s6: frost armor
a6: mage armor

q: silence target macro
sq: silence focus macro
aq: mouseover silence macro

e: cone of cold
se: fire blast
ae: mirror images

r: deep freeze target macro
sr: deep freeze focus macro
ar: mana shield

t: set focus

sa: mount land
aa: mount air

f: ice lance w/ cancelaura ice block / invis macro
sf: frostbolt
af: scorch (switches with ice lance depending on if fire or not)

g: burst cooldowns

s: ice block macro
ss: cold snap
as: invisibility

x: flamestrike

c: fireball
sc: arcane missiles
ac: frostfire bolt
cc: wand

v: summon pet; freeze macro

I think that's it. Some stuff changes depending on spec, but that's about it.

The keybindings I use:

Action bar bindings:
1 2 3 4 5 z r f c 0 g =

Primary Bar / Second Bar (mouse side-button to toggle between the two)
` = Counterspell (located on a different bar, immediately above 1)
1 = Blink / Blink
2 = Frostbolt / Frostfire Bolt
3 = Ice Lance / Fireblast
4 = Deep Freeze / Human Racial Thingy or PVP Trinket
5 = Icy Veins / Cold Snap
Z = Frost Nova / Spellsteal
R = Polymorph / Ice Block
F = Frost Barrier / Mana Shield
C = Cone of Cold / Mirror Image
0 = Flamestrike / Water Elemental
G = Blizzard / Mage Armor
= = Arcane Explosion / Remove Curse

Everything else is usually clicked, although I want to find a keybinding for a few other abilities.

Some of the arrangement could likely be better, but I like to keep concepts somewhat constant between alts to avoid accidentally using the wrong spell.. F is pretty much my universal protection button, Z is almost always some sort of utility aoe, and G is almost always some sort of damage output AOE.

F: If an elemental is already out, F triggers his Freeze ability instead.

Cntrl-Spacebar: Iceblock

Macro'd in:
Shift-1: Polymorph current target (just hitting one poly's focus target)
Shift-3: Mage ward
Are you the Thieve from Frostmane?
1 - Frostbolt
2 - frostnova
3 - cone of cold
4 - blink macro
5 - spellsteal
6 - counterspell
control 1 -arcane explosion
control 2 - icy veins
control 3 - cold snap
control 4 - ice barrier
` - iceblock
T - fireblast
F - sheep
v - frostfirebolt
g - deep freeze
r - mana shield
x - blizzard
shift t - counter spell focus
sift f - sheep focus
f1 - mirror image
f2 - invis
f3 flamestrike

----mouse razor naga
numpad 1 - remove curse
numpad 2 - mage ward
numpad 3 - sheep
numpad 4 - ??? forgot
numpad 5 - beserking
numpad 6 - ice lance
numpad 7 nothing
numpad 8 nothing
numpad 9 - ice lance *fat fingers*
numpad 10 - ice armor
numpad 11 - molten armor
numpad 12 - mage armor
Get an iceblock macro that allows you to mash ice block without cancelling it. Then get a cancel macro (/cancelaura Ice Block) for iceblock that you bind to a different ability (usually ice lance).

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