Some Adjustments to Our Elemental Talents

It has been a few weeks since the new talents were released, I have personally been a bit disappointed with the elemental shaman 31 point talent. I do enjoy the spell earthquake as an ability to fill a ranged channeled aoe ability. However, it doesn’t seem like earthquake should be a 31 point talent. With there being less focus on aoe in Cataclysm and there being minimal uses for Earthquake in pvp and boss fights, Earthquake does not lead to a good fit for a 31 point talent that should be desired by all. By no means do I wish for this spell, to be scrapped. However, I do feel this would be better suited as a talent in either tier 4-6 (this would keep it as an elemental only ability with the level cap being at 85).

Now to be fair, not every class received a new 31 point talent. I do not feel that elemental necessarily needs a completely new talent to fill this hole. I feel with the moving of several talents and the adjustment of 1, the elemental tree can be in a good place. The talent I think could be remodeled to be the 31 point talent, wonderful for elemental shaman for both pvp and pve, is fulmination.
Now currently, fulmination has been a nice addition to pve and another ability to manage. I find this ability to be built rather well for pve as it takes some insight on the shaman to know when to cast the ability. As our hardest hitting ability (or so it has been for me at level 80, I do not have beta) or at the very least a very hard hitting ability, it would seem like a good fit as our final tier talent. On the pvp scope of this ability though, it is rather difficult to get the benefits from this talent with orbs being taken off rather often from incoming damage. To make it enticing to pvp is where the largest change I have to suggest would come in.

First and foremost, I would like to make fulmination a separate spell with its base damage equal to the base damage of earth shock. When cast, it will consume any surplus charges of lightning shield, instantly dealing their total damage to the enemy target. This is how the spell works currently except you are casting earth shock. Here come the changes. Fulmination now also causes a stun for 2 seconds and has a 30 second cd. Along with this, each time Rolling Thunder procs, it will reduce the remaining cd on Fulmination by 5 seconds. Fulmination will also proc a cd equal to the cd of your shocks when a shock is cast. When Fulmination is cast, it will proc the cd on your shocks.
From a pve standpoint, under the best circumstances haste wise with heroism/lust taking your spells down to being cast on the gcd (1 sec) and with rolling thunder procing every time, you will still have only reached 8 stacks of lightning shield (5 seconds to cast 5 times, 5 charges reducing cd by 5 seconds each giving you 25 seconds total off the cd leaving you with a 5 second cd; since 5 seconds have passed due to you casting the lightning spells, you are in the clear to cast fulminate). I understand that theoretically you could get 9 stacks on your lightning shield before fulminate is off cd with the use of chain lightning hitting multiple targets and ideal Rolling Thunder procs. This is a trade off for higher aoe damage for lower single target damage. By choosing to use Chain Lightning though, you are already sacrificing single target damage for overall damage (assuming there are other targets being hit by Chain Lightning, which is the only scenario which would lead you to hit your lightning shield charge cap before Fulmination is off cd). In summary, the changes to this talent will have no effect on your single target dps. The only difference is you will be casting a spell called Fulmination.
From a pvp standpoint, fulmination will have the value of adding a stun for elemental shaman. A decent portion of pvp elemental shaman skip rolling thunder and fulmination due to its current minimal uses in a pvp environment. This would give a reason for the pvp’ers to pick up this talents. I understand that other classes may be concerned with elemental shaman being given a stun. This is a 30 second stun that has a 60% chance to be reduced by targets damage by Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning. Haste values in pvp will not be as high as they are in pve, so it will take a bit more time for the spells to be cast. As with any caster class, if you let them stand still and nuke, they are going to be bringing some nice damage. This will just add another reason why not to let elemental shaman sit back and nuke. I would like to add again that this is just a 2 second stun. The closest stun I can currently think to equate it to would be Impact from fire mages. These 2 abilities still function very differently though so I do not feel this would really fall under homogenizing the classes.
Now if this were to go through, I understand that there would definitely need to be some talent adjustments in order to get this to fit. I have taken a look at all the talent trees, and aside from a few trees (usually tier 6 talents) there are at least 5 talent points to place per tier. The talents from tier 4 down just seem too powerful to lower down to fill the gap left by moving Rolling Thunder up. I would suggest moving Elemental Warding or Reverberation down to a tier 3 talent. From tier 4 down will be elemental only talents, so it is just a matter of rearranging in order to get it to fit. I would suggest putting Elemental Mastery into tier 4 and moving Feedback to tier 5. I would also move Earthquake to tier 5. Rolling Thunder I would move to tier 6 with Fulmination capping out the tree at tier 7. I understand that the leveling experience would be different with these talents moving, but so long as they are fine with mana and using mana shield till reaching the peak of your elemental shaman-hood, I feel it will be a nice change leaving one of your heaviest hitting abilities as the last thing that you learn.

Thank you for your time and sorry for the length (tried making 1 post but it said it was too long :( )
I apologize for only skimming your thread, Bellee, however, I feel I should point out that the third teir is completely unreachable for any other spec. The furthest anyone could get at level 85 would be 5 points into the second teir.
Fixed, thank you, spent a long time typing this, somehow got copy pasted from an old revision lol.
Fixed, thank you, spent a long time typing this, somehow got copy pasted from an old revision lol.
No problem! Interesting read, but if you want to bring this to the dev's attention, you should post it in the Damage Dealing forum. Sadly, the class forums are barely ever glanced at. :)
Thats what I keep reading :( I figured I would post here first though just to get suggestions/comments regarding my proposed changes. Thank you for your input Hariti and thank you to those of you who are willing to read my essay lol.
Well said. I'm not sure about it completely but it is surely well thought. I actually kind of like elementals play style in pve right now. -minor tremmorquake on beta and general pvp survivability stuff which is the same old story. But yeah still note worthy of a larger viewer base.

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