Where did my threat go?!?!

Hello all.
I couldnt find a class forum and since this is kind of general im posting it here.

I have a warrior, pally, and dk. All have tank specs. to get to the meat of it, Before the 4.0 patch i use to have no issues with keeping aggro/threat on mobs trash or other wise. Now im having to get in to my dps gear to have a chance in hell of keeping threat off any one over 5.8k dps in 5mans. I have less issues in 10 and 25 man raids, but its still there.

I heard what was said at blizcon on this issue and I admit im not sure if i understood there explanation or not. If i gather right they say that for every point of damage(ie. threat/aggro) the dps do to a mob, the tank does 3 times the threat.
example: dps = 1 pt of threat for every 1 point of damage (1d=1t for dps) or something like that. tank = 3pt of threat for every 1 point of damage (1d=3t for tank) is how i understood it.

Does any one realize that dps does 5 to 6times more damage then an equally geared tank.
my war does about 1800damage avg using devastate with whites doing about 500 ever 1.7 secs and in my dps spec i do 4000 to 10000 with blood-thirst and white hits of 2k to 7k every 1.9 to 2.5 secs depending on procs. I pull on avg a dps of 9 to 12k at the end of a boss fight.

From what im told im not that well geared. i think my gear is great not end game but still good dps wise my avg tanking gear is about 232 might be a bit higher i added some things since i looked. If i go by what i think they said at blizcon and use my own toon i will always out threat my self as a tank. If im doing 4k dps as the tank should i not be breaking even with any one from 6k to 12k dps and hold aggro off them? well i can tell you im not.

I understand rotation, timing and all that. i do like how HS works now. its about the only thing keeping me from out right loosing aggro. it crits big and almost all the time. My shield slam seems nurfed to hell. Its like the passive threat of being in def stance was removed. I noticed the term threat was removed from just about all the attacks i have that use to say Causes a high amount of threat. HS use to say that. so did sunder. they dont now. It was replaced with. will cause targets to more likely attack you. I see how its semantics but still, it seems more likely means because you hit them and not cause when you hit them you did more pain then the dps do for the same amount of damage.

Ive been in groups that have dps with no threat reduction talents and had no issues. Just in case any one was wondering.

Any ideas? yes i know i need better gear, but it shouldnt be that large of an issue when it comes to tanking 5 mans.
Well, I normally just charge, toss a heroic throw at a second mob during, cleave, rend, thunderclap, shockwave, then revenge, cleave, and clap as appropriate. Seems to work.
=) ty for the responses

um lets see my rotation

charge, rend, tc, Shockwave, cleave(if more then one mob other wise HS), shield slam, dev x 3, tc, after that theres not much rotation more then hitting whats up.
I use rev when ever its up
Also on the gear lvl issue. If gear was the only issue then it becomes a tech issue for bliz as the gs scale they use to put random groups together is failing.
Can any one confirm if the example bliz gave was right or not?
Id like to see them put threat reduction talents back in the dps trees or at least add some threat generation to the warriors attacks, or some extra passive threat to the def stance.
Its no fun when your restro druid wife pulls off you =(

Edit:Aoe threat is defenitly an issue for me with over geared groups.

But what you are saying is i should just have a macro says something to the effect of

:Welcome, be aware that unless you are the healer and you pull a mob off of me it is now your responsibility to feed and care for it til at which time i relieve you of your responsibilities of such mob!!!

I'm pretty sure Druids took it. Seriously, my single target threat gen is out of control. AOE is a bit trickier, but still not really a problem.

Edit: Please don't make a new post for every thought, just edit them into a single post.
If the DPS aren't attacking your target, that's their problem.
It's pretty simple, dps is up across the board and most tanks (pally especially) were changed enough that people are not adjusting well to the new rotations.

There is no doubt that in the first ~10 seconds of a pull, threat is lower on pally. After that I have zero issues.
Its no fun when your restro druid wife pulls off you =(

She's switching into bear form, taunting the mob, and switching back out before you notice.

She's mean like that.
This is why you [Insert mode of hurting your wife] all the time so she doesn't do this.

You mean, like, deleting her TiVo'd shows before she gets to see 'em?

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