visual sheild effect for holy mastery.

i was thinking about this erlier in game and just read a thread comenting on it also. i think that the holy mastry tallent that gives a sheild for a % of the healing done should show up as a sheild on the target.
the thread i read also talked about missing sacred sheild. and that they probly still have the code for it. so why not stick on the sweet looking sheild alog with the absorb?
seems like they have the visual effect down already(sacred sheild effect) and also the code to put it there on the heal(it already shows up and it seems as though it would function like disc preist devine aigus or whatever the bubble thing on heal is called)

anyone else want to see this or am i just rambling on.... maybe if there is enough intrest they will do it
It's been suggested quite a few times on the cataclysm beta forums. Holy Priest mastery has a visual effect so I'm not sure why the Holy paladin mastery wouldn't have one.

Hopefully, they get it in soon.
There are just so many damage absorb shields anymore that I think this one may never get a visual. Kind like of how the Blood Knight tank shield fails to register on screen.

It would be nice to see, but at the same time I don't want clutter on my character if I am tanking. 3 or 4 bubble looking things overlapping at the same time would be too much.
It'd be neat, but I don't see it happening. Plus, Light of Dawn + Holy Radiance shininess is enough to last me for a while.
Man, if you eat all yo candy now, you're going to get a tummy ache.
maybe at least a power aura?
I vote for the sacred shield animation being used for Ardent Defender, since currently you hit it...and nothing. No sound, no animation.
I want it to be displayed on logs. Nothing more.
I want it to be displayed on logs. Nothing more.

They should just use the Old Sacred Shield absorb animation
Yeah because its not a mastery atm... its a mystery.

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