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It's too bad that you DON'T want to keep Ceberus. CERBERUS, originally from Greek Mythology, is the three headed DOG that guards the way to, essentially, hell. It would be great for a worgen. People who somehow think it originated from Mass Effect could, no offense, use a bit more culture.
If you wanna keep "Ceb" at the start of it...

Well, that's a hard one anyways, but really all I can say is just throw some crap together 'till it comes out sounding like something you like.

For example, I tried real fast, that B is a pain... About the only things are immediately present themselves as play off is "T" "U", "A", "O", "J" but the issue with that is I try weird combination of letters and they may not be easy to pronounce & make people think you're from some foreign country.

"Cebt", "Cebta", "Cebu", "Ceba", "Cebo" "Cebju" "Cebjusha" .etc And that's the easy-to-pronounce ones....
Like I said, the B causes complications, it's hard to find anything that sounds good with that particular combination as a starter.
Now if it was ceb in the middle of other letters this would be easier.

I think if you want a name with "Ceb" in it the one you already got is probably one of the best you can get.
the reason I'm considering on changing it is because I'm kinda tired of people of thinking that I ripped off the name from mass effect. Also, it's too close to cerberus, and like I said before, I wanted to stay away from the obvious names.

I just went cross-eyed.

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