Two Issues

Technical Support
1- I randomly get booted to the login screen (It wasn't my internet connection, there was no abnormal latency ingame or on vent) and then when I try to login again I get stuck on the loading screen and have to close WoW and open it again. This seems to be happening to me in no particular place. It is starting to become bothersome and I'm not sure if it's a known issue or if there's some way to figure out if it's on my end. This didn't start happening until after 4.0, if it matters.

2- Delayed Sounds. I know this is a known issue, I actually wanted to ask if there's a possible fix for it in 4.0.3.

Any help is appreciated. :D
1- Are you "in-game" while this happens, or are you alt-tabbed into a web browser, your desktop, or other application? Many players have reported disconnections when they alt-tab out of the game for extended periods of time.

2- Yep, a known issue. I experience it as well. Alas, I don't have any other information on the subject.

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