Cata ally race?

Curious to know what people are thinking of going for cata race as warrior. Don't just say the race looking for a few reasons why. ty I was thinking worgen for the sprint but it's down to 40% now from what I heard or possibly gnome for Escape Artist, thoughts.
any alliance race except NE is great as PVE DPS.

Worgen is good because of the bonus 1% crit and darkflight, regardless of the fact that it got nerfed. It is still a gap closer.
Shadowmeld is fine if you feel like being a lazy cockhead with threat.

edit: can shadowmeld while tanking for some epic lulz
Sorry This was ment to be for PvP. But still both very good points and Grimrage is there anyway you can get me a link to the latest Worgen racials I have been looking and cant find them.
I'm going Worgen, partly for aesthetics, and partly for the racials.

I think BE sounds the best option, but Worgen is a close second (DPS boost is DPS boost, escape/closer is nice).

Not sure if Draenei's Gift is as valuable, but I'd go wolf or goat or gnome.

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