The Clear Tempest ((Closed))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
He was falling.

The cavern around him slowly became larger, and larger as he descended like a missile. When he hit the floor, he felt no pain. He leveled out and his body rested on the cavern floor. Miles away, he could see the light that marked entrance into this domain.

He blinked and he was standing. There was a girl in front of him. She was human, in her teenage years. Suddenly, she screamed and blood spilled from an unknown wound. He fell into the pool at the girl’s feet. It consumed him and he descended farther and farther until the crimson became a deep black.

Now he hovered in the air, the blackness around him swirled ominously. He knew this place all too well. Suddenly, the black oblivion became a white place of nothingness. He felt a substance that reminded him of ground and he found a brief solace at knowing he was stable. He had never come this far into this dream. Something roared behind him and he turned to see a great storm of darkness charging toward him like a tsunami. He gulped and turned as he began to hear something that sounded like singing. Opposite of the darkness was a wave of golden serenity twixt with silver flashes here and there. They came closer and closer, not stopping, not faltering, and not hesitating.

“Elryr,” A voice said. He twisted around. He saw a new girl, she wasn’t human, he didn’t think. She was different. He couldn’t see her face as it was hidden by a robe. “Elryr,” She said again. He didn’t know who she was, but as he saw the two giant forces rush toward each other, he began to run to her.

“Get out of here, now!” Elryr cried. Yet the girl just turned and faced the golden force with outstretched arms.

The forces collided and Elryr awoke with a start to his cabin. He was sweating all over, his bare torso dripping. He gasped in ragged breathes. He swung his legs to the side of his bed, except something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. There, on the desk in the cabin lay an ornamental box. Intricately designed with unknown runes Elryr had never seen. He got up and cautiously strode toward it. He flipped the lock and opened the top. “Damn it.”

Elryr closed the box and leaned heavily on the desk. He laid his hands on the box and it seemed as if he was trying to close the lid even further. After a moment, Elryr regained his composure. He opened the box again and sighed. There, on a bed of mageweave lay a stone, glistening with power and beauty. Elryr stood there just staring at the stone. He lifted his hand and slowly went to grab it. Just as he was about to lay a finger on it, a shuffling sound came from his cabin door.

Elryr had his knife in hand, drawn from the sheath that lay in his pant-pocket. His raven colored hair bounced a little as he whipped around. Once, it had been long and free, now it was short and cropped. After a moment of silence, Elryr’s amber eyes caught sight of a small piece of parchment that lay under the door. He sheathed his knife. Taking a step toward the door, he had to avoid hitting his head on a ceiling-beam. Damn humans and their low ceilings. They never built anything for Night Elves these days.

He snatched the parchment and examined it. It read: “Attention passengers, we are arriving to Valgarde, please gather your things and be ready to depart.” Elryr crumpled up the parchment and threw it behind him. He made his way over to the nightstand and lifted his jerkin off its wooden surface. Pulling the grey leather armor on, Elryr shook himself a little so his elfin form could fill in the sleeves. He looked at the crimson swords that were tanned onto the sleeves of his jerkin. They gave him a sense of confidence. He pulled his boots out from the bed and slipped them on. After he had everything in place, he went to equip his gloves. He raised his right hand and grimaced a little. He had a wicked scar that wrapped around his wrist and that ached a little. He pulled on the glove. He felt a little relief. He slipped on the other glove and cracked his knuckles. His scar didn’t hurt so badly anymore. The last piece of his equipment was hanging on the coat-rack. Elryr swung it off and clipped it into place. He adjusted his hood and sighed.

The night elf bent over and hoisted the quiver of arrows on his back. His bow was unstrung and lay inside along the shafts of arrows. His favorite weapon was that bow; a glistening masterpiece that had matching crimson blades running along the shaft of the weapon, each extending out of Elryr’s hand when his wielded it.

Grabbing his pack and his shortsword, Elryr hoisted both of them over his shoulder, except his clipped the sword in for an easy reach. He was ready.

He was about to exit the cabin when he remembered the stone. He turned around and glared at the stone. He shook his head. He pulled a piece of black linen from his pack and wrapped the stone in it. Even then, the stone glowed through the linen, seeking to illuminate everything in its greatness. He had to hide it. He stuffed it in his pack as fast as he could.

He slammed the door behind him and trudged through the ship, and onto the deck. There were a number of people already waiting for the boat to come into port. It was foggy, but one could still make out the tall cliff walls.

Elryr grabbed a nearby crewman’s arm. “How far are we from Valgarde?” He asked in a grim voice.

The crewman shook his head, “About a few more minutes, sir.” He mumbled. Elryr let go of him and turned to the other people.

With that stone in his pack, he hoped no one would pick up the power emitting from it. Elryr didn’t even know what the damned thing was… He honestly hoped he hadn’t gotten himself into something bad.

Elryr leaned against the doorframe to the inside of the ship, waiting to pull into the port of Valgarde.


The was three other people on the ship. By their looks, it was obvious they were of the the Ebon Knights, Death Knights that freed themselves from the Lich King. They all wore the customary armor, but they had their weapons off and their helmets off, revealing their faces.

One was a Human, looking around age sixteen. He had sickly pale skin, messy rusty brown hair, and eyes that were two different colors, one red and the other black...obviously not of Lick King making.

The other was also a Human, looking around age twenty. He had a deep tanned color that only looked slightly paled. He had jet black hair that looked a little neat and had blue glowing eyes.

Now the third one, was very different. She, was a Draenei. She was taller then her Human companions and most likely beat them in muscle. Her skin was smooth and snow white. Her ice was pure white and long. She held it away from her face with a jeweled headband that azure in color. She looked like she was pretty young, but with Draenei you can never know.

If there was one odd thing about her, it was that there was ice and frost clinging on her armor, and she had a cold feeling about her. But, her friends didn't seem to mind.

They were somewhat close to Elryr, but they didn't seem to notice. They were too busy talking, laughing, cursing, and just having a good time while on a ship to the land that was to be their home.

Kaz'atal knealt behind a small barricade with dwarves and their guns blasting away, his hand clasping his arm, both of his swords lay beside him. He picked up a bit of dirt and rubbed it on the relatively small wound. "Oy, lad, dun' tell me yer cryin down ther?! Now get back in the fight ye troll!"

Kaz'atal grinned a subtle grin and grabbed the swords at his sides before standing and running around the barricade into the fray. It wasn't a second after he turned the corner, he saw a vyrkul, thrusting his spear into the chest the dwarf who had just been talking to Kaz'atal. He planted his right foot and took off to his left at the vyrkul who now held a dwarf at the end of his spear

The dwarves began frantically reloading.

He swung his sword in an uppercut motion, the creature's blood dripped upon the troll's wrist as Kaz'atal ripped the sword horizontally, causing the leg to be severed and the dwarf to fall to the ground just in front of the barricade, along with the vyrkul's spear. Kaz'atal was sprayed briefly by the now blood-squirting ligament, of which the vyrkul grasped briefly before ripping his spear from the chest of the dying dwarf.

Kaz'atal turned his head, his body still perpundicular to the vyrkul. The creature made a stabbing motion at the troll's chest, he rolled and managed to sever another leg - the vyrkul became unsteady. If not for the bloodthirsty drive of the vyrkul warriors, Kaz'atal would have considered the fight to be over, however this was not the case and he remained ready.

He took a few steps and just as he turned and saw the vyrkul about to bring the spear through his chest, the monster fell in a roar of gunfire. Kaz'atal stood, staring the the humanoid who was now encased in a layer of it's own blood.

He turned to the Dwarves behind the barricade, humbled as they had just saved his life, and remained silent. The dwarf who was impaled now lay dead, no longer grasping for his life - for the vyrkul had taken it from him. Kaz'atal sighed and scowled, turning back towards the battle he proceded in the ordeal of battle.

After much blood, sweat, and toil, Kaz'atal knelt on one knee, looking over the battlefield, his eyes resting upon the dwarf with pieces of thick wooden splinters still protruding from his chest as he was being lifted off the battlefield. Kaz'atal shook his head in pity, before bowing his head in honor as the dwarf was carried past himself.

Vyrkul - as well as Dwarven and Human - blood spattered Kaz'atal's armor as he stood, swords perched in their respective sheethes on his back. He then, bruised and battered, left the beach and entered through the stone arches into the Vangarde. He glanced to his right and gave a sickening grin to the human on his left, "Dey dun' nevah stood a chance." The human chuckled and sheethed the bloodied sword, while Kaz'atal's two swords were already sheethed upon his back.

They traversed the short streets - if the pathways may be called as such - of the keep and stood outside of the inn, the troll was ready for his after battle drink. "You coming then, troll?" the human asked.

Kaz'atal spoke without turning his head, "I be comin' in in dah secon'mon," and continued walking forward onto the dock. He stood for a brief moment, feeling the wood splintering beneath his callused feet before releasing a great sigh and subsequently grinning from ear to ear. "Anuduh shipmen'ah soldiers I'ope..."

His grin faded as he turned and left the dock, entering the inn and being hailed by his fellow warriors. He sat down by them before releasing a chuckle as a pint was placed on the table in front of him, "Dah'eavy armah be stupid, joo can'even move in dat."

He took a swig and began to immserse himself in gentle banter with his human and dwarven counterparts. They were all bloodied and tired, and Kaz'atal was simply content to be in this place after yet another day of vyrkul attacks.

They all finished their beers, hailed for more, and continued inthe crude conversation of soldiers.

Nallore was standing outside on the top deck of the ship brushing some of her soft blue hair out of her eyes soft glowing silver eyes. Her brown fur cloak waving in the wind holding her dagger wich had a white glow of energy to it her staff layed onto her back. She watched as some of the icebergs pass by as the ship gotten closer towards its destination. Nallore turned around as she heard someone coming from the lower decks seeing another Night Elf coming up and smiled as she started to approach towards him to say hello.
Elryr sighed as he saw another Night elf smile at him. Don't draw attention to yourself. His mind whispered. Cracking his knuckles and forcing himself, Elryr managed to work up a strange smile, more of a smirk, but nonetheless, it was a smile. He nodded to her and looked her up and down. She was suitable, he thought.

Suddenly, his dream flashed through his head and he saw the girl again as she took on the golden force with outstretched arms. Elryr shook his head and bowed it to dismiss the thought. Forget it, he thought, just stay low until you get out of here.

Deltyr hummed a cheerful little tune to himself as the boat made another slow turn, navigating it's way through the treacherous Fjord. He was sitting on the upper deck, leaning on the railing and observing his fellow passengers as they mingled on the main deck below. For a moment, Deltyr's constant grin became a grimace, and he pulled his cloak closer to ward off the cold winds.

As he watched, another elf made his way up to the deck, stopping to lean against the doorway. Already on the deck were a multitude of people, a trio of warrior-like figures the most prominent. Each was heavily armored, most likely Death Knights as well if their appearance was to be believed.

Pushing away from the railing, he pushed back his cloak to readjust his blade, then turned and made his way down the steps to the main deck. Here he stopped again to look out over the railing while quietly making a note of how many people were on the deck. Deltyr glanced at the imposing trio again, then raised his eyebrow slightly in surprise. From his new angle, he could now see that underneath all that armor, one of the Death Knights was actually a woman. Deltyr bit his lip, trying to resist instinct, then let out a regretful sigh.

Making a sweeping turn, he advanced towards the small group with a broad smile. "Hello there, everyone!" He said jovially as he approached, "Enjoying the journey so far, I hope?"

A lone figure stood on the deck of the ship, standing away from the others gathered there, a dark cloak pulled tightly around her as she shivered fiercely. The newly forged, beautiful silver plate armor sparkled in the crisp, northern sunlight, but did little to warm her shivering form.

"I should have put the "long underwear" on before we sailed close to the northern lands," she griped to herself, but she would head below-decks soon enough to put on something warmer under her armor and to collect her warhorse from his temporary stall. She knew Feeyorn hated being cramped up for the long journey, but it was not safe for a heavy beast balanced on small hooves to go clomping around a ship-deck at sea. She herself was having enough difficulty keeping her hooves from sliding on the wood deck as the ship tilted this way and that way.

"At least he has fur... wonderful, soft, warm fur...,'" she commented jealously to herself, not stopping to think how very odd she would look, standing there and muttering to no one. She sighed as she watched the icebergs move slowly past the ship, and the glaciers along the horizon. She had never been in such a cold place, even Dun Morogh had not been as frozen as this. But it was her first time to the Northern lands, and she had to admit... she was very excited.

Annalay was distracted from her excitement when she began to feel... odd. She did not know what it was, but she felt a little off. It was as if she could hear a very low-frequency noise, but if she thought back, she couldn't remember a time when she hadn't heard it. So it must have been there all along.

She shrugged to herself, and glanced over the gathering of people growing on deck. Her eyes scanned nervously over the group of intimidating Death Knights, noted the male and female Night Elves, and landed on the boisterous and overly friendly human male. She shivered again and looked out to the sea, reminded once more that she was far away from her people.


The three stopped their talking and laughing when the Human suddenly came in.

The younger Human male had an impassive face, as if he was bore more or less.

The older Human male raised a brow at him, but had a slight grin to him.

The Draenei blinked at the man, her dark lips pulled into a barely noticeable grimace. Soon, the air around her became a little colder.

While the younger one shrugged at the Draenei, the older one seemed a little more worried.

"Uh, Hell my friend...I think you're losing control, again."

The Draenei, Hell as the Human just called her, seemed as if she was snapped out of something and blinked as the air lost the biting cold. She blushed slightly, which was easy to tell on her snow white skin.

"Sorry...I just hate to be surprised."

The older Human sighed in relief,"It is alright..."

He looked at the living man in front of them,"And to your question...I'm doing fine."

The younger one spoke,"Alright..."

The Draenei shrugged,"Nothing to complain about..."


Smeed made his way to the gates of Valgarde, removing his hood and mask as he walked through. The guards waved at him. "Good to see ya back corporal." The gnome nodded but said nothing, he took his job as a scout a bit too serious some thought but he was never much for conversation in the first place.

He made his way over to the tavern that they had built, he sighed at the sight of it. They needed more defences not a drinking establishment in this cluster-cog of a basecamp. As he entered the bartender yelled to him. "The usual, Corporal?" Smeed nodded and headed over to a table with chairs more meant for his height.

After he sat down, one of the bar maids brought the gnome his favorite drink, a whiskey sour. He took a sip of it, smiling at the barmaid. "Thank you." He said quietly, she smiled and walked over to the other patrons. He looked at the other patrons casually taking in who was present.

His eyes stopped on the troll and he watched him for a moment or two but darted his eyes elsewhere before the troll noticed Smeed looking at him. He found it odd that the Alliance would accept a troll's help but this place was a mess and any help was better than none.

He enjoyed working in the 7th Legion but the assignment to Valgarde was nothing but one problem after the next. They were on the doorstep of the Vrykul's keep and the ships were prone to attacks from the cliffs, whether it was Vrykul on drakes or Horde artillary. It was amazing that supplies could reach Valgarde at times.

He took another sip from his drink and sat back in his chair, pondering to himself on what would happen next in this make-shift outpost.

Kaz'atal continued his talk with the humans and dwarves, all were bloodied and bruised but remained in the tavern to quell their injuries before actually treating them. Foolish, but to them, necessary. Many an alliance entered and left the tavern at various times, often giving Kaz'atal their grim stares. Despite his being at Valgarde for quite some time and their knowledge of his hatred for the Darkspear, he was still a troll nonetheless in their eyes, and Kaz'atal knew this, and so felt no offense when looked upon in such a manner.

He had little quarrel with the Alliance, despite the knowledge that they may very well have been the faction from which the 'adventurers' - who had destroyed his home - may have hailed from. He now laughed and killed by their sides, as this was the only place he could live freely.

He guzzled another pint in partnership with the others at his table and they all slammed them on the table, their wounds no longer ached, and that was the state they strived for before going to the medics. They all laughed, somewhat drunkenly, but still in their right minds and able to walk upright.

Bloodied armor lay on the floor all around the table, as well as many weapons and whole mess of dirt. Kaz'atal still wore his armor, as it was light leather - opposed to the heavy plate armor of which scattered the ground.

A few warriors stood, and began to leave. This continued for a brief two minutes, until Kaz'atal was left at the table along with a single dwarf counterpart guzzling back his 15th brew, or some ridiculous number.

"Joo go'dah belly o'a dragon 'mon," Kaz'atal chuckled as he spoke, the dwarf swayed in his seat but made no response. Kaz'atal stood, "Lez'get goin' mon." He stretched out his hand towards the dwarf, who almost immediately collapsed off his chair.

Kaz'atal turned around and locked his eyes on the first humanoid he saw, a gnome sitting alone at a table, "Joo be seein'dat 'mon?" He spoke in his usual crude common, a smirk stretching from ear to ear as he now pointed at the dwarf on the floor, sleeping next to his armor.

Kaz'atal lowered his hand and faced the gnome directly, "I tink I be seein' joo aroun'ere before, bu'joo no no warrior." He remained standing, implying the question of his employment and waiting for a response

Smeed looked up from his drink at the troll with bored disinterest. "You're pretty sharp for a dull tack." He took a sip off his drink, avoiding further conversation with the troll. He was far from being in the mood to be berated by some jungle-dwelling cannibal or whatever trolls do in their spare time.

He felt the tavern's eyes on him and he sighed, knowing that this wasn't going to end just like that. "I'm a scout, I watch for Vrykul and Horde ambushes on our incoming ships." He finished off the glass, clacking it down on the table. "That satisfy your curiousity?" There was a mild hint of anger in his voice or was it frustration?

I come in here, give the troll a look and suddenly he has to make a scene...

Smeed looked over at the bartender and raised his glass, implying he wanted another drink.

Katoi fasted his second pauldron to his breastplate. ' Another day of hell in this half built hold.. heh Maybe the Vry'krul will stay inside of Utguard today and we'll be lucky. ' He thought to himself. Katoi looked himself over in the mirror inside the room.
" A few more days and the construction should be complete and the new recruits should arrive, then we can return to Icecrown for the Crusade's front. "
The Half Elf looked around the room searching for something.
" Say Thannal, have you seen my..." he started when a pair of hands reached over his shoulders and clipped two broaches to his breastplate. "Cloak..."
The hands finished fasting the cloak to Katoi's armor and slowly withdrew brushing his neck. Katoi turned around to see his sister smiling at him holding his shield over her chest smiling.
"Jeez aren't you sneaker than usual this morning, sister?" He asked taking his mace off the bed and strapping it to his belt.
"No your just as slow as ever in the mornings, Baka-toy." Thannal said jokingly making her way too the door, her dark armor clapping together.

" Thannal you know i don't like it when you call me that and ....hey, give me back my shield!"
Katoi began to run out of the room after Thannal, his heavy metal boots thumping against the wooden floor of the inn. Thannal jumped forward to avoid her brother and then hopped the railing landing heavily on the stairs with a thud.
"Come and get it then, Baka-toy!" Thannal called up with a smile as her brother leaned over the railing. She gave a laugh and took off out of the Inn, giving a salute to the returned soldiers as she ran past. Katoi following shortly behind her.
"Hey! Come on, give it back Thannal!" Katoi yelled at his sister running out of the Inn and chasing her twords the docks.

You're pretty sharp for a dull tack." Was not the exact response Kaz'atal expected.

Despite the offsetting response of the little man, the troll's smile remained for a few seconds, until the gnome told Kaz'atal - seemingly grudgingly - that he was a scout and the like. The troll advanced towards the gnome as though he was greeting an old friend, just as the gnome raised his glass for another drink.

The blood had now dried on his leather attire, just as well, when he shifted his body to walk, he could faintly hear the dried blood cracking quietly upon the swords in their respective sheathes. As he began to move forward, the gnome finished his statement;

"That satisfy your curiosity?"

Kaz'atal spoke as he walked the short distance to the gnome's table, "Wha'joo be bein' mad abou'mon?" He asked with a straight face. "Few 'ere be likin' me'mon, so I ain'offended."

The troll's grin returned to his face once more, stretching the elaborate Gurubashi tattoos upon it. Subsequently, the bits of blood that were once subtly hidden on his face cracked as he showed expression once more. The pieces of blood tickled his nose, causing it to twitch.

He brought his right hand from his forehead to his chin, wiping off the remaining dried pieces of vyrkul, "Filty creatures." He knew the irony of his statement even as he spoke, although his smile dimmed as the blood hit the floor and he stood at the head of the table.

"Jus'let me be askin' joo..." He paused and leaned over the table just as the barmaid brought over the drink and spoke, "Whas'out dere? Cuz'dey be unrelentin' dese pas'couple ah days. Dey be'avin dey own damned fortress, all we be'avin be dis nomadic pile'ah rocks." An angered tone entered Kaz'atal's voice as he completed his statement.

Sarcastically he concluded, "if it ain'classeefie da'is." But as he continued his statement, two figures ran, yelling through the tavern floor of the Inn. Kaz'atal just raised an eyebrow as the heavy-plate-wearing elf stomped after a women carrying a shield.

He couldn't help but chuckle before returning his attention to the gnome.

Andromedai leaned against one of the building near the dock as she casual looked around and watched those who where busy go on with their daily lifes in northrend. It was a boring job being a spy at the keep, but Andromedai really didn't have anything better to do since the litch king was dead. The bloodelfs eyes had a blue haze to them to hide the fact she was a bloodelf, to all that saw her...she would appear a highelf, and the alliance dare not intervene with highelfs after what they had done to them many years before. She little tapped the ground with her left food and waited for the ship to arrive, until then she would merely watch those around her blankly.

Deltyr grinned as the trio responded, although internally gave a start at the sudden lowering of the air temperature. Well, more than normal... The man who had first answered seemed polite enough, perhaps a civil gentleman like himself. The second seemed slightly quieter, and Deltyr eyed him curiously before turning his attention to the Draenei. A fine woman, certainly, although the fierce chill that surrounded her made him ever so slightly wary. However, he didn't let that dissuade him from making conversation.

Deltyr looked around at the other occupants before turning towards the first speaker and saying, with a smile, "Seems we have a wide variety of people with us here. May I inquire as to what you two gentleman are doing up north?" He turned and gave the armor-clad woman a small wink. "And the lady, of course."


The older one laughed,"Easy there...You don't want to-"

His voice trailed off as he looked over at The Draenei, she seemed to be studying the man up and down. With her, who know what was going through that icy cave of a head. The man chuckled nervously.

"Anyways...My name is Taelaroy Frostblood. Though most people call me Tael or Roy, whichever you prefer. And over here..."

He motioned at the bored looking younger Human," Allan Switch. He may seem dull at first...but just wait until he is in the mood."

Allan shot his dagger throwing eyes from the Human right at Taelaroy, who just waved him off and motioned to the Draenei.

"And this little snow angel is Hellantaan the Cold, though most just call her Hell. Not sure which is more suiting."

Hellantaan shot a glare over at Taelaroy, narrowed her eyes, and then looked back at the Human,"Don't mind the chill, though...I can be quite pleasant once you get to know me."

Taelaroy rolled his eyes,"Of course, of course...Anyways."

He looked back to the Human,"As to what we are doing...We were hoping to find a fellow Knight friend of ours here. And have hopes in having a nice quiet home upon the icy tundra's of Northrend. They do fit us, ya know...And most places either don't like us, hate us, or wary of us...So what better place than a land with barely any civilization?"

Smeed accepted the new drink and handed the maid the empty glass. He thanked her then looked back at the troll. "No, the big dumb oafs think it's a better idea to try and run through our defenses rather than choosing a more intelligent strategy."

He smiled at the troll, the attempt to intimidate him was admirable if not suicidal since the troll was not on home turf. "I'm usually this pleasant to people I don't know nor owe anything to but you seem to pull your weight and I appreciate you givin' the Legion a hand here." He moved aside one of the chairs. "Grab a chair from the other table and sit, I'll even buy ya a drink." He pointed at the chair he moved out of the way. "I doubt a gnome-sized chair would be good for your knees and back."

Smeed respected Kaz'atal since he wasn't like most of the squeemish and panicky rookies that they sent out here only to be made into paint for the grass and dinner for the Fjord scavengers.

Laughing as she watched her brother chase after her, Thannal skidded to a halt on the dock spying something moving in the fog out in the Icebergs. Katoi sliped on a patch of early ice on the wooden dock and fell back skidding to a stop just behind his sister.
"Ah! Look Katoi! I think that's the boat with the new recruits! " Thannal said straining to see the figure of a mast coming closer to the keep.
Katoi groaned and rubbed his head sore from slamming ti onto the dock when he fell.
"Ungh....Can I please just have my shield back..."

Andromedais ears perked up as she heard someone say they saw a boat in the distance , she quickly made her way over to the dock where she took a seat inside of the tavern, near the window where she hoped the boat would be docking. A simple gesture of her had was all that was needed to tell the waitress to bring her a bowl of sweet onion soup and a mug of fine ale. She quickly dug into her food and waited for the boat to arrive.

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