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Annalay tilted her head as she heard the voices behind her, and thought she recognized some of the names spoken. She looked over to the three Death Knights, and felt like smacking her forehead. How could she have not recognized them?

The draenei paladin made her way over to the three Death Knights, along with the overly-friendly human male, and nodded to the deathly ones. They were intimidating, but very intriguing. She almost burned to speak to the female draenei again, wondering if she remembered or knew anything about their people's past. Annalay was exceedingly young for her race, and did not remember anything before the sundering of Draenor. Despite her wishes to speak, she held her tongue, only standing near the group enough to listen to their conversation, turning to gaze out at the ocean and the quickly approaching land.

Deltyr continued to smile as introductions were made. This Tael fellow seemed to do most of the speaking, although the woman spoke for herself as well. As he surmised, the man appeared to be friendly, or at the very least sociable. In return, he treated them to a broad smile and said, "A pleasure to meet you all, certainly!" Turning to the woman, he gave her a deep bow and came up grinning, "Deltyr Drasfal, at your service. I'm sure Hellantaan will do fine".

He looked out over the frozen waters for a moment, then turned back with one eyebrow raised. "While it is certainly beautiful, you may find trouble making a lasting home here. A hard land, it is." Deltyr then grinned and continued, "As for me, I'll most likely stay somewhere a little more hospitable. Not much to do up in these frozen wastes..."

As he finished, he noticed a newcomer coming up on their right. He turned and gave this new Draenei woman an equally bright grin.


"Well tanks, meh knee'ain' in dah bes'o shape aftah today on dah battlefiel'."

Kaz'atal then nodded in acceptance to the gnomes offer and reached behind him, having to move his feet a few paces in order to reach the closest chair. He grabbed it by its back and lifted it from the ground. As he began to turn back to the gnome he glanced out of the inn and noticed the elf who had just ran past sliding on the dock before the door shut closed.

He moved the chair over to the gnome's table and proceeded to sit, "Tanks fer duh invitation, mon. Mos' oo I dun' be knowin' me dun' take too kindly tuh mah bein'ere, or offer me dah seat."

He stretched his arms out and let go a subtle burp before collapsing his hand back upon his lap and facing the gnome once more.

A'leas'dem vyrkul 'avn' takin' tuh dah seas... dere boats be a fearsome ting tah see. N' wit dah Lich Kin'dead I dun' know why dey be being so persis'ant. No'dat I dun'like dah challenge but dey be 'ere ever'day widout lettin' up."

He then straightened up and outstretched his right hand, "Kaz'atal, dey jus'be callin' me tusk, or Kaz fah dose oo be knowin' mah name. Joo?"

Hellantaan raised a brow at Deltyr, he seemed to be a little like Taelaroy. Except he didn't seem like the leader type, that was Taelaroy. He was raised to lead. Hellantaan was nothing but a destroyer...a tool of destruction. Allan...he was made to just fight.

Taelaroy was the only one that had the upper hand in anything.

All three eyed the other Draenei, and since their minds were sharp with memories they had with their Undeath, they knew her on the spot. Taelaroy chuckled.

"Well, well...Isn't it miss crispy!"

Allan chimed in,"Last we saw you, you looked like you went into an oven and never came back out."

Hellantaan swatted both men in the back of the head,"Give the poor dear some space you two."

She sighed and looked up at the other Draenei,"Sorry about that, old friend. But it is good to see you well."

The other two just nodded in response, afraid to make Hellantaan go further.


Nallore smiled at Elryr and extened her hand to greet him. "Hello there brother what brings you over to Northrend?" She looked at the fellow Night Elf and eyed him up and down. Sheathing her dagger she then turned around to look at the rest of the people on the deck of the ship. She then squinted her eyes and started to see some lights an the dock as the ship slowly started making its way towards the docks of Valgarde Keep.
Atop a prototype came a fearsome vrykul clutching a great spear. It was different though, this spear had something else that sizzled on its point. Six more vrykul formed behind him with the same type of spears. That something that was on the tips of their spears began to smoke...


"Brann!" (Fire!) The fearsome vrykul commanded and seven spears flew down at the ship. Once they collided, they were at the helm when they exploded. The boat rocked dangerously. Elryr dropped down to a crouch and strung his bow immediently. He looked up and saw seven more spears coming down as more vrykul joined the flying ranks and the first vrykul reloaded.

The spears planted here and there and one broke through the deck and went down to the cargohold. The ship was beginning to sink. Elryr looked at the druidess and indicated the shore. "Run." He barked as he sprinted off towards the edge of the boat.

Just as he was about to jump for shore as they were fast approaching, the helm of the ship hit first and the boat jumped. "Abandon ship!" Called the captain.

Elryr fell out of the boat and landed on the beach. He coughed a little bit as smoke gushed from the holes in the deck. He turned back to see Valgarde. Pulling a small stone from his pocket, he threw it into the air and shot it. It exploded, becoming a flare to signal others.

The draenei woman just stared at the grinning human for a moment, surpressing the urge to turn around to see if he was grinning so jovially at someone else. People usually just gawked when they saw a draenei, though they were a common enough sight now that people usually gawked subtly.

"Ah... hello." She looked to the older Death Knight, blushing a bit as she was referred to as "crispy". "Yes... you remember our encounter in the Burning Steppes then." She blushed a bit more, remembering it all too well. "I did stray a little too far north of Lakeshire, didn't I?" She smiled in appreciation as the draenei woman reined in their teasing.

"It is good to see you as well. I did not expect to find you three in such a cold place as this, clearly so different from our last... ah... warm surroundings." She didn't think she could blush anymore but she did, remembering the fire elemental she had managed to avoid, only to be chased by a black drake that had deemed her a tasty morsel. She had almost been cooked inside her armor like a roast chicken.

She finally turned to the friendly human male, trying to turn the conversation elsewhere than her embarassing exploits. "I am Annalay, paladin of the Silver Hand. Pleased to meet you." She gave a little bow, knowing the two male Death Knights were still probably grinning at her, their recollection of her "adventure" probably just as memorable to them.

Just then, she heard shouting and craned her head over her shoulder, wondering what it was about. She saw, ironically, a flight of dragons, or what looked like dragons, headed their way, with aggressive and large looking riders hefting... spears?

"Get down!" She pushed the human male out of the way, hoping the Death Knights would follow suit and take cover.


Nallore quickly turned aroud hearing someone yell she looked up at the cliffs seeing numerous Vyrkul heafting heavy spears and throwing them down onto the ship. She quickly hit the deck to avoid as one of the giant spears went past her head suddenly feeling the ship shake violently as it started to sink and then hearing the captain yell abandon ship she then quickly shifted to her flight form and flew straight to the docks.

The Death Knights were about to talk again when they were suddenly under attack. All three cursed and Taelaroy's leader instinct kicked in.

"Quickly...Get your helms and your swords! We got action!"

The two nodded as they rounded a corner and seemed to be fumbling with something. Then, they came out with their swords and tusked plated helms.

Tealaroy had two swords in each hand. One was black, the other red.

Allan had one sword, it was a mixture of red and black and was held in one hand easily.

Hellantaan had a large black sword, it pulsated with the same cold she gave off.

Taelaroy started yelling out orders,"Allan, get anybody who can't use magic or use long range weapons below deck!"

Allan nodded and went off to do what he was ordered.

Taelaroy looked over at Hellantaan,"Me and you, for sure, we'll blast them out of the sky using the spells we know of the Three Schools of Death."

Hellantaan nodded as they went all the way to the front of the ship and readied to repel the invaders.

Alas, Deltyr thought to himself as he was hurled upon the deck, I was just beginning to have a nice conversation.... Dusting himself off, he pushed himself onto his elbows and looked at the deck. What had once been a pristine piece of craftsmanship was now a rapidly-sinking mass of twisted timber, and the crew seemed rather upset about it. Most were beginning to abandon ship, and Deltyr grimaced at the thought of following them.

"Well, charmed to make your acquaintance Miss, but perhaps we'll continue introductions later?" Deltyr hurriedly said as he helped the young woman to her feet. "Time to be.... overly dramatic."

Running over to the broken remains of the mast, Deltyr pulled out his blade and made a swift cut at one of the still attached ropes. Grabbing the rope, he ran back to the railing and prepared to swing to the shore. Before he did, he held out his free hand to one of the ladies. "Feel like going... for a swing?"

Smeed placed down his drink and offered a hand. "Nice ta meet ya Kaz, I'm Smeed, Smeed Crankratchet." He smiled at the troll. "My apologies for the insult earlier, I was gauging your wit and I was pleasantly surprised." He hushed his tone to a whisper and leaned in closer to Kaz'atal. "Courage and a sharp wit is in short supply around here, if you haven't noticed."

He leaned back and took a drink from his glass, relaxing until he heard the signal bell of an incoming ship. "I hope it's not more raw recruits, I'd prefer some fresh food, alcohol and maybe some half-dressed women." Smeed laughed heartily. "I should top wishing for miracles that will never come true." He shook his head but continued to smile.

The roar of one of the Vry'krul's proto-drakes muffled it's way through the fog. Katoi imideatly stood up and began looking for the source of the fierce howl with Thannal. As the ship came into view, The pair could see it burning.
"Thannal go to the Inn and get help!" Katoi said to his sister as he jumped off the dock onto the sand.
"But Katoi.."
"GO!" He cried back and began to run down the shore fast as he could hie.

Thannal rushed back to the Inn and burst in the door.
"Were under attack! Vry'cul on Drakes with a burning ship in the harbor!" She yelled at the soldiers before rushing back out followed by several people running around for buckets and heading to the docks.

Andromedai walked outside of the tavern sigh a loud sigh at the carnage and chaos that was unfolding in front of her, the elfs golden armor glistened slightly in the setting sun which casted an eerie glow upon the keep, which was now under heavy assault, she drew her blade and quickly started to look around for a Vry'cul she could take a swing at with her blade. after a while she let out a sigh and look around for someone who could perhaps supply her with a bow, all at the same time keeping a close eye on the Vry'cul that seemed to of attacked them with out reason.

Annalay allowed herself to be helped onto her hooves, though she woobled off balance as the ship tilted to one side precariously. She was knocked into the side of the railing as the boat breached something she could not see. The draenei woman looked to the man as he extended a hand to her, which she was about to take when her eyes widened.

"Feeyorn!" With that mysterious proclamation, she raced belowdecks, which were currently on fire, where she would probably become a "crispy" dranei once more.

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