Take a guess at the Deathwing kill title...

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Morrin the Un-destroyer? Idk I got nothing...
Death's Demise is already used on Yogg...so...

Malvos, Demon's Soul.
Ezekiah the Even Bigger Dragonslayer.
Ardond, Champion of Azeroth

Or, for those with a title from Malygos as well:

Ardond, the Aspect Hunter
The Elemental Champion/Master
The Elemental Champion/Master

Deathwing is a DRAGON not an elemental... -50DKP
Dragonslayer Calethal.

xxx the Dragonkiller

You know it's going to be Deathwing's Demise.
Let's try the simple yet sublime title of "Dragonslayer." Or perhaps "Lord/Lady of Deepholm."
Hoose, Pimp's Hand
Hero of Azeroth

And who says Deathwing is dying? I bet we reason with him and calm him down and walk off into the sunset holding his hand.
Dragonslayer is from killing Sinestra on the first tier, so deathwing cant have that title.

XXX deep breaths more
Cottontops the Shatterer
xxx, Champion of the Dragon Flights
It'd be hilarious if you didn't get a title.
Waterfire, Aspect Slayer

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