Confirmation Bias

I was in ICC the other night, and had a single REALLY good run near the end of the night. Almost 2k better DPS than my other attempts. Likely, this is just the RNG being strange, but I did something different on this attempt: I hit Wind Shear on CD trying to dump threat when the tank lost aggro a few seconds in. I kept it up to make sure that i wasn' pulling threat, and the entire fight felt smoother, like I was getting my MW procs faster and hitting MW5 LB a lot more than other runs.

Is there anything besides perception of a good RNG streak that can account for this? Anyone else seen what seemed to be an interaction between Wnd Shear and MW procs?
Pretty sure MW only procs on melee attacks, and since wind shear is instant, not on GCD with any other ability, and doesn't disrupt your melee swing timer at all, wind shear shouldn't be effecting MW procs in any way.
Like you said, I think you were just getting lucky with RNG.
I spam WS at the start of every fight for the first 4 or so CDs of it. (ok, well except blood queen, lol) The benefit is reducing your threat, while the tanks vegence stacks up, allowing you to hit as hard as possible without having to back off, especially when TotT etc fall off.
I keep meaning to use it and forgetting. I'm not enhance but I'm used to opening up with burst and having 30% threat reduc as ele so it's hard to not open with burst now.

As for numbers, I think it's likely that you are more comfortable with new enhance now and that's where the extra dps is coming from.
Well hell, guess i should re read my tool tips. Had no idea that Wind shear acted as a threat reducer. Guess I learned something today, and here i thought the shaman forums were just whining about 2 handed enhance not being viable and how Blizzard likes to give us golden showers.

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