11/16 patch broke launcher?

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I got the same message, waited about 20 mins and restarted Wow and I'm getting the 700 MB patch now. so just wait a few minutes and try again, it will start downloading.
I just opened mine and didn't get a patch at all. They are most likely already working on it...

Did you attempt to log-in?

It didnt try to install a patch until after I attempted to log-in.

Once it was done, the launcher errors out.

I'm guessing that the server knows theres a patch to download, but the server it needs the info from isnt up or online at the moment.

Launcher cannot obtain patching information. Please check your Internet configuration.

With the new launcher you don't' have to log in for it to start the download when there is a patch available. So no, I didn't log in. Just opened it again, and I'm patching. Without logging in.
Just click ok and load it right back up. Do this from the program folder and not a shortcut. It seems to yield better results.
Hi Kaitee!

And yes Kaitee is correct. That is how I managed to load up my launcher finally.
I can't even open the launcher. I tried downloading it by opening as administrator, but I got stuck at 0% of a 15 MB download.

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