(A) Mother Approved 10/25 for Cataclysm

Guild Recruitment
Thank you for your interest in Mother Approved

Mother Approved is a meritocracy where demonstrable playing skill and a desire to be the best will get you a full time raiding position, but only having the best in slot gear will not. Our philosophy of skill>all leads to being very selective of who we let in. Yes, this results in a more selective process, but that is part of being a progression raiding guild.

We plan to have a much stronger presence in cataclysm. We formed about a week before ICC was released. So compared to other guilds who have been around much longer than us, we are happy with our progression so far and have great plans for the expansion.

For our future in Cataclysm, we will be rolling with 10's until everyone is level 85 and have experienced enough of the 10m strats so that we can transition into 25's without forcing ourselves into a longer learning curve. We try to have a good mix of not only elitism for progression, but an understanding that real life happens. It's unfortunate but mistakes happen. It's how you handle mistakes the following attempt that shows your true character and ability in this game. (Although, not making any mistakes are the goals for everyone)

  • *.We are opening recruitment for every class and role.

  • *.We have a lengthy trial process. Just getting a guild invite can take up to 2 weeks.

  • *In order to get this invite; ability, attendance, social tact are reviewed by the officers and must be passed. Once passed and/or met you will then be offered an invite.

  • *2 weeks of perfect attendance are required before an invite can be extended, no matter how good you may be.

  • * If you feel you deserve an invite entirely based on your skill level but your social ability is poor combined with a poor attitude, this probably isn't the best place for you.

  • *We'd rather raid with 9/24 people than raid with that one person who makes us hate playing the game.

  • *If an applicant doesn't qualify 100% then it'll be on a case by case basis, we'll discuss it with you and then offer an additional week of trials if we deem appropriate.

  • *We'd like to get a feel for your ability and your personality to ensure you are a good fit for us.

  • *Once an invite has been extended you will then be in our "try-out" rank where you start earning your raiding status.

  • *Try-outs are expected to be able to explain strats if asked during their trials, and lead by example to those who are still awaiting their guild invite.

  • *Not being able to hold up to set standards will jeopardize your raiding position.

  • *Mistakes made during a trial are going to happen, but are expected to be fixed before an invite will be offered.

  • *We want well rounded progression driven raiders.

  • Raid times: Tue/Wed/Thurs 6-9 pm PST (9-12 pm EST) (Mandatory without prior notice)
    Other nights are scheduled for 10's where the 25's will split into smaller groups to continue progression. Clicking accept and not showing up will result in a loss of raiding position. Showing up late will have the same result. We take the first 25 who show up prior to raid invites.

  • Currently 25m recruitment is open!!

  • http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=337249&TabID=2822995

    Current 25 Considerations are:

    Caster/Ranged DPS:
    Every class**

    Every class**

    Every Class**

    **We are not in "need" of raiders. We do currently fill our raids even this late in the expansion. But skill, attendance, and commitment will guarantee you a raid spot. The applicants we are considering are those who are driven for raiding and progression. If we put you through trials and accept you. You will have a raid spot, we do not recruit for standby.

    ICC 10 11/12 Heroic + Drakes
    ToC 10 (5/5) ToGC 10 (5/5 with Tribute achievement)
    ICC 25 (12/12) ICC 25 HEROIC (8/12)
    Ruby Sanctum (4/4) 10 man
    Ruby Sanctum (4/4) 25 man

    If you feel you have the ability to compete amongst the top on this server. Apply soon and apply with confidence. We look forward to raiding with you and competing amongst the best on the server in Cataclysm.

    Good Luck!!

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