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Guild Recruitment
Hakuna Matata is the guild for players who just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy their time in World of Warcraft! We realize that this is just a game, a hobby, and not a lifestyle.

We offer raiding every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights in a more casual based environment. No yelling, no blaming, just learning, understanding, and a lot of laughter. We are currently recruiting players of all levels and classes, however we are giving special consideration to couples, families, and tanks.

Since everyone is asking what our plans in Cataclysm are:
- Our core raid team will be progressing in "current tier" raids as they come up
- We do have a second raid team that just needs a few more slots filled
- We will have Arena and Rated BG teams for those who are interested

As always, repairs are free on Raid Nights, we have a full bank, a great community of players always willing to help out, we have our own Podcast (Casual Warcrafting, Thursday Nights at 9pm, on iTunes and NoWorriesGaming.com), and a group of officers that can answer any question.

Our only rules:
- No spamming for gold or runthroughs
- Respect your guildmates
- Absolutely no racist, sexist, any other "ist" chat
- Chat is PG13 until 10pm server time. At 10pm server time it is "Hakuna Matata After Dark", and chat rules are loosened, although still no racist, sexist, offensive chat.

To Join:
- Contact any member in game, they will point you in the right direction
- Email questions to gavion@noworriesgaming.com

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