What was your favorite WotLK boss?

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
Mimiron, easily.
All time? The priestess in H MgT. I loved that fight.

Vanilla: Baron in Strat

TBC: disregarding the above, Mag.

WotLK: LK or Firefighter.
My favorite boss was the "30 people signed up, but only 19 logged on, do we PUG or just cancel tonight" boss.
Yogg and Mimiron
Probably Algalon. The fight itself was pretty epic, and the lore surrounding it was interesting.
Yogg for sure, followed up by freya and mimiron. Ulduar was easily the best raid I've done in WoW, really enjoyable and tuned well I think.

Edit: someone just mentioned Sartharion. Three drakes pre-ulduar was a very enjoyable event and quite a satisfying accomplishment. Fun fight.
Can't pick one but...

Ignis, Iron Council, Northrend Beasts (mechanics only, not aesthetics), Lady Deathwhisper, Festergut, Professor P.

Kinda have a soft spot for Sartharion too, if only for the VA.
Nothing was a more satisfying kill than Heroic Lich King, that fight is my favorite.
Yogg-Saron without a doubt.
tank:tanking oozes in rotfaces fight ofcourse ^^
soo ICC= WIN to me
Malygos easily. Even if it was a vehicle fight.
Anub, without a doubt.
I didn't raid in vanilla or BC, although I enjoy going back and doing those on off nights just to see them.

Vanilla: I gotta say my favorite of the ones I've seen is C'Thun. Cause beating on a giant eyeball is pretty cool.

BC: I liked Illidan. I've always liked him as a character though, so fighting him was cool. On the other hand, I never got to see the last boss in Sunwell, and everyone says he's epic.

Wrath: Yogg-Saron, Algalon, and LK. I haven't actually downed Algalon, but I tanked him some on my druid a couple weeks ago. We almost had him down but he despawned mid-fight. >.< It was a pretty awesome fight though, and the lore surrounding it is amazing. I also loved the connection between Yogg and the LK, which sees its culmination in the cinematic for killing the LK and Bolvar Fordragon becoming the new Lich King. "No king rules forever, only death is eternal."

I'm a lore nerd. Hehe
Oh man.

Just one? QQ

Either Yogg or H LK. I've had many a headache due to LK and disgusting amounts of hate for Defile, but getting the kill is just so satisfying. But if we're talking about the actual fight we loved most, it has to be Yogg.
Firefighter and Heroic Lich King.

Edit: Algalon was my third favorite.
algalon nuff said.

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