What was your favorite WotLK boss?

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Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see all the raid bosses in WotLK, so I'll just mention the ones I have done.

5-mans: Easily Herald Volazj. Such a cool fight. I'm a huge HP Lovecraft fan, and this fight basically made me feel like I was fighting a powerful minion of Cthulhu.

Raids: XT and Professor Putricide. Both of those fight were a lot of fun to tank. Controlling the Abom on Putricide was probably the most fun I've had in Wrath.
Yogg +1/0 and Algalon were my favorites. Heroic Putricide is the only boss past Ulduar that is in my top 10 I think. This expansion went downhill fast.
Sartharion, Mimiron, Yogg-saron, Anub'arak, and the Lich King were my 5 favorites.
For BC, Janalai, hexlord, and zuljin were pretty fun, ZA to this day is one of the better designed raids.

For WotLK, LK and HM PP I'd say.
Firefighter, yogg 0 and lich king.
Dreamwalker is up there. It's a really, really good example of how to break the mold of tank, avoid fire, kill that most other bosses are. Not too hard, not too easy.

Lich King too, mainly because with Defile and Necrotic Plague, you have to actually know what you are doing. A pure zerg will simply not work here.

Sarth 3D pre-Ulduar.

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