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<Dark Carnival> is a 10 man guild . We are dedicated to progressing swiftly in the upcoming expansion . We are all adult players who enjoy the game , but want something more laid back , yet still be able to down new content . We all have families , jobs , classes , ect ect .... So we like to keep a real life first attitude . Most of our current members are Kingslayers , and some have been raiding together since vanilla .

We are a former GM and officers from a reasonably successful 25 man guild who want to change directions and raid in a 10 environment . We have grown tired of the politics and the cliques in the 25 man environment . And want something a little more at ease and friendly. And the facts are come cata , 10 mans drop the same loot as 25 mans . 10 man guilds will be give the same opportunities to progress that 25 mans will .

Furthermore we will be raiding on 2 day schedule , with raids lasting 3 to 4 hours , and a start time of 10 pm eastern . We do this because we have children , jobs , spouses , classes , significant others ... you know , a life outside of WoW ..and we would like to continue that life outside of wow . We still firmly believe we can clear all content , including Hardmodes on this 2 day schedule .

Currently our raid nights are friday and saturday .

We are located on Ysera , a mid to high pop server , that offers a diverse population and decent economy .

Due to the interest we have gotten , at this time we are only looking for 2 or 3 more potential members : 1 pal or sham healer , 1 quality ranged dps ( Mage , Ele Shaman or Hunter )and 1 DK or Feral Druid with dps and tank spec . However all exceptional applicants will be considered .Candidates for these positions must show prior progression , and fit our criteria for membership . We are being very particular about who we are recruiting , making sure that we get skilled members ,who are dedicated to the same in game goals we are .

Basicly, we want people who want to make the most of the time they play the game . While we are friendly , and some of us have a sence of humor , we want members who take Raids , Rated BG groups , and Guild lvling seriously .

While we are not excepting sub level 80 characters , we will except people who are switching mains , so long as they can verify with thier former main that they have the ability to progress in the game through achievemants , parses , and raid kills ect ect ....

We are an adult guild , and we require all applicants to be over the age of 21 , and have a good feel for thier class and spec . A conversation in vent is a prerequisite to membership .

If running with an adult oriented 10 man guild is something that interests you , feel free to contact Gloverr , Kaanaria , or Bollin in game or apply at our website :

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