New Paladin Ideas

**Improved Righetous Fury**
- Increase your chance to resist dispel and spellsteal mechanics for pvp by 20/40% each rank. There aren't barely any raid boss or mobs that dispell or spellsteal in the game so either have this in the talent or improve it without talent and it would be THAT MUCH viable for retribution to step up their game against mage or any other dispel spamming teams.

**Act of sacrifice**
This Tier 6 talent isn't good could use as ability rather than talent.
-The paladin consumes all HP to remove any fear,stun, and moving impairing effects

**Long arm of the law**
Marks of the crusader - should be added to the the long arm of the law talent, increase chance of getting a HP by 50%/100% on judgement hits. This would create a new set of rotation beside relying heavily on RNG,considering that judgement have 7-8 second cool thats a long time comparing it to a crusader strike with haste effect, which is most likely below 3 second CD with high end tier.

** Pursuit of justice**
- Increase movement/mount speed by 7/15%
- increase the paladins chance to resist snare effects by 15/30%
- reduce the cooldown on hand of freedom by 1 second for each snare effects on the paladin.

** Zealotry **
5-30 yards 20 second cooldown
-The paladin charge with divine strength at its target that have been (applied by marks of the crusader) and if the the paladin is in melee range he strikes consecutively time base on HP.
Deals 60% weapon damage as HOLY DAMAGE each strike per HP // 2 strikes 2HP // 3 strikes 3HP.
-This gives paladin a new choice of damage dealing with physical or spell damage and it fix the Gap closer that the Retribution paladin needs in pvp. Since Warrior have Colossus smash which reduce targets armor for 6 seconds, and they have Heroic leap which is totally OP if you ever thought of that.

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