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The Battle of Wintergrasp is currently in progress on my server. Upon queueing up, I didn't get the call to battle, which I found odd - actually, I got a window saying "You are queued for Wintergrasp. Please wait." This would be the first time I've had a queue time for WG, so I got curious and checked the zone via /who Wintergrasp.

Here's the problem: There was only one person in the entire zone listed, so why am I unable to get in? I tried flying over Wintergrasp with about 22 minutes left and got teleported out.

What I fear this is, was the previously spoken about new queue system intended for Tol Barad.

If this is a bug:

Please confirm; All I need for my Master of WG achievement are a few more victories.

If this is the new queue system:

This is a very dire and serious situation; You need to take a look into the population balance on Thaurissan - there are next to no Alliance; This isn't an exaggeration like the claims you find from most servers, either. For months there have never been more than 5-6 Alliance in Wintergrasp at the most, and you can almost never find a raid as an Alliance character on this server. The population balance will prevent 99% of the Horde on this server from ever actually participating in Tol Barad, and the Alliance will not be able to enjoy their questing experience. As a matter of fact, the server population imbalance here has gotten so severe that I imagine you will not see a level an Alliance 85 character until a long time after the Horde have them. I'm begging you, please look into the population imbalance here - it is an emergency with Cataclysm only three weeks away.
Two things:

1. There was some additional balancing in Wintergrasp, which further limited the amount of players that can join, in an attempt to bring the numbers closer to parity. I don't recall the exact details, but instead of groups of 40 at a time, the numbers are much, much smaller.

2. Wintergrasp population does not necessarily equate to overall faction balance. It's entirely possible for the ratios to be very similar, but the WG participation to be drastically different. Blizzard only considers the overall balance. Now, if you'd like to see your realm considered for population relief, you'll want to post on the Suggestions Forums (old forums, no new forum equivalent yet, as far as I know), so that the development staff who makes those decisions can see what you have to say.
I'll make a thread regarding my server's beyond wanting Alliance population on the old forums before they become read-only then; The situation is indeed as dire as I claim, and several entire guilds of Alliance have faction changed to Horde over the months, or transferred off - WG/Tol Barad participation is only a symptom of a much larger, well known issue on my server.

Thank you for the response.

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