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I just got DC'd, and when I tried to relog, I keep getting the message, "No instance servers available. ".

My character is in Zul'Gurub.

I'm on Dalaran, Stormstrike.
Yeah I just got hit with this too on this very character. Lovely. Halls of Reflection critted my connection and now I get this, patch day awesomeness at it's best -.- They bork instances for hours EVERY maintenance now it seems. Can I at least get an unstuck so I can level my inscription while I wait for instances to go back up?
Issue seems to have resolved itself.
I'm still getting it :(
Oh, an update. Apparently Shadow is still logged in. I can tell because I see him in my guild on another alt.
Oh no :(

Give some time IMO
As you yourself said, something of this nature does happen every patch!
I finally managed to get back on him o.0 first time I've ever seen this issue. Kinda weird to see two of my characters logged in at the same time.

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