Question about the Rogue disarm

Hmm i don't think I am getting my point across, why is the Rogue disarm special as it also disarms shields? If it didn't disarm shields would rogues be UP?

The same reason warriors can carry a shield but rogues can't carry a shield.

Think of pwarrs & protpalys as "dual weild' classes. They have shield attacks that are just as important as weapon attacks. Dismantle wouldnt be much of a talent if the pwarr could still Shield Slam you during Dismantle.

If you are having a hard time with being disarmed, put Titanium Plating on your shield (Blacksmiths make it). It reduces dis-arm effects by 50%. ie Dismantle drops from 10secs to 5secs.

I roll the Goose on MH and Titanium Weap Chain on my OH. It can, and will, save your ass. Its not as pretty as dbl dps enchants, but it does give Hit Rating. It will catch an opponent by suprise when your MH comes back after 5secs.
If your a prot pally and you have trouble with rogues... your doing something wrong.
First off we don't have disarm, we have dismantle. Read the definitions of both, then go read the tooltip of both.

If blizzard only wanted us to have disarm, they would have given it back to us or put it back on reposite or whatever it's called/spelled.

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