Can I tank the new event bosses?

Death Knight
Biggest problem I've found with them is that DPS insists on ignoring any technical aspects of the fights and just expect to zerg down the bosses, which usually results in either dead dps, or you running around trying to keep tabs on mobs.

It's going to be messy messy messy in Cataclysm...

Just as an update, I tanked the event bosses. Theredras and Flamelash at least. Died once.
I know at the beginning a lot of healers got caught out by having to actually heal and do it while getting interrupted etc. Once they realized it wasn't a lol heroic dungeon or holiday boss, it was fine.

The Maruadon chick is probably the worst for damage, the rest are just annoying.
The Hydra one in ZF is a bit annoying. Some of his attacks are shown as marks on the ground which are very hard to see. His ice attack can be dodged, although its on a short cast time. Its safest to just kite him around, that way you should avoid most of his attacks.

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