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"Just...remove the explosives and try to relax...if you blow any of those explosives up their will be a chain reaction, which in turn will kill us all..." said Andromedai before she shook her head and let out a long drawn out sigh. "Don't do anything stupid now...just...remove the explosive device or what ever you are doing over there and lay your weapons down, no one needs to die or end up hurt here..." said Solares before she glanced over at Andromedai.
((Cind's post))

Cindoria nodded at the plan of silencing and torturing, but she wasn't that brutal... well more she wasn't aloud to be. Not hurting the prisoners to get information was quite something else, but then Andro did something that shocked Cindoria.

She did not question it and had no doupt there was some history between them and had a feeling that she would not have to talk to the druid.

The orc was then given the privilage to escort the defiant human to the barracks. Cindoria decided to be with him just in case.

When they reached there Cindoria switched her presence to the cooler Frost Presence which although, it was an unnatural chill, it was commonly thanked by other grunts for it sure beat this sun at times.

She looked at the human and said "You didn't give up until your allies told you to. I admire that."

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Liad coughed to himself at the device name. "Cone of silence eh? Sounds very handy with mages and warlocks, and angry girlfriends. Also sounds close range, tell me more of it."

He started to walk down his position and beckoned the goblin to follow. "On second thought, I am on break and can use a perfectly with the rules, moral booster. Tell me once we are there."

It was an obvious referance to booze and the likes of which are banned from the base during wartime. But of course, with the wording, no one could really say anything and the goblin himself might like a drink with low prices.
“I need your name soldier,” said the elf that bound her hands. Viseria hesitated for a second before answering.

"Viseria Lightswill." The elf ran off after getting her name, and an orc grunt came over to escort her to the barracks along with a death knight. As she began to walk, she realized how incredibly hard it was to walk with her hands behind her back in full plate armor, almost tripping multiple times.

As they neared the barracks, the death knight released the fear inspiring presence she had been maintaining, switching to one that caused an unnatural chill. Viseria sighed in relief as the artificial fear left her.

"You didn't give up until your allies told you to. I admire that."

Viseria gave no response but a nod. Trying to keep her hands as far out of view as possible, she began to rotate her wrists to loosen the rope.
Andromedai shook her head and sighed before speaking, "I have known Nallore here for almost fifty years now, she is one of my oldest and most cared for friends. If I was she would not be here by my side unbound by ropes or magic, in truth...I love her...if this is not enough of a reason to trust me I do not know what is. Now please Mage...drop your weapons, remove the device from the tanks and ammo, and make your way overe here. You have my word I will not hurt you, no one here will" said andromedai while she held onto Nallore.
Dals returns back to his post in the explosives building just in time to see Hyalia. His eyes almost fell out of his sockets when he saw the explosions on it.

Dals reacted quickly. He felt Hyolia's forehead. it was burning up, with dry skin rather then sweat. Strangely, the gnome wasn't sweating more then the smallest bit. He checked her pulse, too. Dehydration or a form of hyperthermia, a heat stroke. Very likely those three, the gnome being a frost magician, Dals thought. Of course, he had something in his belt.
He ran up to the gnome, and pulled out a canteen of water and a wash cloth. He coated the cloth in water, and put it on the gnome's forehead. Then, he began to force-feed the gnome the water.

"Stay back, unless you have medical experience! This is dehydration or a heat stroke, my guess. I don't care, Alliance or Horde, we were told to keep these enemies alive!"
Chrillon has seen all he needed to. His allies were well within the Horde base and activity on the walls had decreased. Though there was little chance of sneaking into the base until nighttime, which he had no intention of waiting for, neither did he intend to surrender. Surrendering meant yielding his weapons. Chrillon would not yield his weapons. A Gunman is nothing without his equipment. There was, however, another possibility.

With deft movements he removed the mask, secure in the knowledge that the sandstorm had passed. Chrillon tore a piece of his cloak, wrapping it around his nose and mouth as a mask against the sands, one a traveler would use. He then tore more pieces of fabric from his cloak, wrapping them about various portions of his armor to feign disrepair and ware of travel. Confident he looked the part, Chrillon rose, using his rifle as a walking stick of sorts with the butt of it on the sand, and walked calmly towards the Horde base. They likely spotted him mere moments after he rose from his cover, yet that was the intent. Stopping several yards from the encampment, he raised his voice in rough orcish.

"Warriors of the Horde! A well-traveled mercenary stands at your gates. Allow me entry and, for a nominal price, I may yield information and experience which will aid you in your little... spat."

Satisfied, Chrillon waited.
Nallore looked at Andromedai and smiled at her for a moment before crossing her arms looking around the armory for a long while then she blushed deeply as she heard that she loved her not saying another word waiting for Hyolia to surrender watching a staff and wand drop from the upper floor of the depot and turned to Andromedai. "I think she surrenderd mind if I go and see if she is alright?" Gently squeezing her hand.

Andromedai nodded her head, "go ahead, she seemed to of passed out" Andromedai shrugged slightly and motioned in the direction of the gnome, "Lets go help her before she dies" The paladin walked over the the gnome before kneeling down next to her and casting a large holy spell into her body, " have my canteen, could you give her some water for me please?"

At the same time...

Lilithia left the medical bay before noticing a strange looking man wrapped in robes... freshly torn robes, they were not stained by the weather as they should of been. "I might as well play along" thought Lilithia before speaking. "What is your name solider?" Lilithia yelled at the man who stood at the entrance of the base, A sly smile crossed her face.
Nallore smiled and nodded making her way up towards where Hyolia was and then opend the canteen feeding the gnome some water and checking her pulse before picking her up into her arms and headed back towards where Andromedai and where Solares were. "Where is the medical tent?"
"Not far from here Nally, about a hundred yards, would you carry her so I can wave away the guards?" asked Andromedai with a smile, "I will make it worth your while...when we are alone" said Andromedai in a soft flirty tone with a purr.
"Thank you Andro." She smiled back at her carrying the uncouncious gnome in her arms heading outside towards the medical tent she then looked over her shoulder and winked at her. "Sounds good to me then." Before entering the tent laying Hyolia down on the nearest bed looking over at Nitalah to check and see if she was alright.
Nitalah slowly opened her eyes with a grunt of pain, "Nallore?...where am I?" she asked in a weak tone before glancing down at her body which was now fully healed, "My knee...who..." Andromedai walked up behind Nallore and wrapped her arms around her waist before leaning against her with a purr. "You are in the medical bay of the horde base, Lilithia healed your rest, your safe here and your body is still under heavy strain from all the magic" Nitalah nodded her head slightly before speaking to Nallore, "Is everyone else alright did...did...anyone die?"
Nallore smiled looking down at Nitalah as she started to open her eyes reaching down and brushes some hair out of Nitalah's face jumping slightly as Andro wrapped her arms around her waist looking at her smiling slightly before turning her gaze back at Nitalah. "Everyone is fine no one has been killed you don't need to worry I know Andromedia well she won't hurt the rest of us now please get some rest." Gently smiles at Nitalah.
Nitalah nodded her head before closeing her yes and falling asleep, andromedai turned nallore around and smiled at her before talking,"so...about that shower" andromedai smiled at nallore with a blush to her face and a purr to her tone.
Nallore watched as Nitalah closed her eyes and fel asleep turning back to Andromedai smiles at her. "I'll be happy to get into the shower with you as soon as I know that everyone else is alright." Looking at Andro blushing deeply towards her.

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