Raid lockouts and LK HM questions

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Can we clear 11/12 ICC on 25-man normal mode and then-

1. Have a 10-man group attempt Lich King HM?
2. Also kill Lich King on 25-man normal mode?
As far as I know, you still need to kill Putricide/Bloodqueen/Sindy on 10 man heroic to unlock HLK10.
You cannot attempt HLK without clearing the end bosses on heroic. As far as I know, you can also NOT switch to 10 man and do HLK after having cleared the bosses on 25.
This was changed at 4.0. You know longer need to kill endwing bosses to access Heroic LK.

-No Longer need to kill endwing bosses for Heroic LK
-Can change a 25man to a 10man as long as no heroic modes (this includes gunship were done on 25man). (this is part of the flexible raid lockout system) You will only be saved to a 25man format if a boss is downed on heroic in the 25man format, likewise if you down a boss on heroic 10man, you will be saved to 10man.
1. Yes
2. If the 10 man group did not kill HLK10, then they can kill LK25.

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