Expansions needed after Cataclysm?

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So, in hindsight this might be trolled bad. But, just to clarify for a friend who is just starting. Even if they wait and buy Cataclysm, the new account will still need to purchase TBC and Wrath before adding the Cataclysm key to their account? Or will buying just Cataclysm bring them all the way up to the new maximums, races, etc.
The expansions must still be purchased and applied in order.

Vanilla -> BC -> Wrath -> Cataclysm

For somebody getting started (and not sure if they want to stay with the game), they may just want to stick to Vanilla at first. It's a much lower initial expenditure, and they'll still get most of the game.
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Thanks. Kinda thought that. Just wanted verification.

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