Is it just me or does it seem like every Blizzard game, be it RTS or otherwise start out with something that has differences and then slowly Blizz just merges all the differences together. Warcraft 2, Horde and Alliance were unique. They were different, they had different play styles and tactics. Then they come out with Beyond the Dark Portal and all of a sudden they are identicle all the way down to unit health and equivalent units on both sides. The only differences were purely cosmetic. They made balance by taking way all the differences between units. Warcraft 3 met with a similar fate. And now WoW is having it happen. When WoW came out the classes were all different and unique and mostly had a single purpose. If you were a warrior you were a tank or 2 handed DPS. If you were a mage you were CC and ranged magic based DPS. If you were a pally you were off heals and off DPS and stun CC and so on. Hunters were ranged physical, you get the idea. Now Pallys have ranged spells that hit for 8k (Exorcism hits harder than a similar level Mage Arcane Barrage? WTF IS THAT?), Mages can Stun for 1238525 seconds (WTF!?). Used to be Hunters and Warlocs had pets, the pet was a main part of their class. Now Shammys, Mages, DK's have them too?

Blizz cut the foreplay. Just make it so every class has ranged Physical DPS and spell DPS, so we can all go stealth and one shot people, bubble for 10 secs of invincibility and heal ourselves. It is going to happen eventually, already the class lines are starting to blur (again). You see I remember when I started WoW I chose the Priest class because I wanted to be the main healer of a group. I wanted to play a pure support role, if I wanted DPS I would chose a DPS class. Imagine my suprise when I learn that for the most part 40 man raids (back in Vanilla) didn't want crappy priests but rather have Druids main heal...because they were better at it then the primary healing class! Then the QQing started and Blizzard caved in, first it was giving Priests more DPS (hell I remember when they added all the talent updates for Priest and Shadowpriests became one of the top DPS classes in the game overnight). That was horrible, it cheapened the feel of the primary healing class knowing they were better off doing damage and that if you wanted to heal you were better off with the hybrid Druid class.

Where is the line drawn? When do you say enough is enough? When every class is every other class with different graphics for skills? That is what you did in your past games and you are slowly doing it to WoW. It is absurd. I understand addressing balance issues were issues exist, I understand doing stuff to please the customer, but not everyone can be pleased. Now I realize as well that this post in and of itself is a sort of poetic post in that it is a rant and a complaint from an unhappy player and I realize the irony of it, but the fact of the matter is that it is human nature to complain about something, but it isn't human nature to expect something done. The next time someone complains about one tactic that another class can do that is particularly devestating don't cave and nerf it. Don't cave and give every other class an "answer" either. Tell people to strategize around it and deal. WoW could be a great PvP game, but not when every class is an amalgamation of every other class whilst retaining subtle differences from the core of their class (and in some cases not even doing that).
lol didn't read
08/30/2015 03:37 PMPosted by Notrealnoth
lol didn't read

can you learn to read dates pls. jfc.

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