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Straight To The Vein - Who we are, and what we are about.

We started off as a guild that had one goal in mind - to experience the end game content of WotLK. It has developed into more than that - we are now focused on being a competitive progression guild that makes our guild members proud, and make the rest of the realm want to follow.
Come Cataclysm, we will be focused on 10 man encounters.
Our advantage lies in our tightly knit group of skilled players who get along and work well together as a team. We are committed to providing a friendly and amazing environment to people who are genuinely interested in being a part of a successful raiding guild.
Why should you choose us?
1) We were created to tackle the harder content of WotLK. Come Cataclysm, that is where we will be focused. If your goals are the same as ours, our guild is something you should consider.
2) We have strong core guild leadership - players come and go, but our core guild have been with us at the beginning.
3) We have a team of experienced raid leaders
4) We're a group of mature and understanding adults, who understands that real life always comes first.
About our guild
We are a relatively new progression guild that have already achieved 10/12 ICC10 HM, 12/12 ICC10, 1/1 RS.
Unlike most other guilds, these are not single time, one hit wonders - we weekly farm the content we already achieved. However our current guild membership and attendance rates forbade us from progressing further.
Who we are looking for
These are the classes we are looking for at the moment. Please be aware that we will consider all applications, even if we are not looking for the classes - so if you think you are an exceptional player and fits into our guild, don't hesitate to submit your application!
We are currently especially short on healers and a Tank (non pally). If you think you are an exceptional healer or tank, apply now!
We are happy to take transfers from other realms. If you wish to transfer from another realm, please get in contact with us. Best to check the website for recruitment updates.
Core team
* Tank - (non Pally), DPS off set
* Priest - Disc, Holy and Shadow
* Shaman - Restoration, Elemental
Currently not recruiting
* Mage
* Moonkin druid
* Warrior DPS
* Maintain a high raid attendance rate
* Have a reliable Internet connection and computer
* Have Ventrilo and a microphone
* Be able to provide for yourself full consumables (potions, flasks, etc.) and cover repair costs for raiding
* Come to raids prepared with strong understanding of the encounters
* Be able to provide for yourself with the best gems and enchants
* Be knowledgable about your class, including off-specs
* Have a viable and semi-geared off set, and be prepared to maintain an offset gear set, along with gems and enchants
* Be knowledgable about WoW addons, and be able to update mandatory addons as required
* Be mature - we do not tolerate rage quitting or egos
* Be prepared to use the calendar system for raids and invites.
* Raid Times 7pm/8pm(DLS) - 10:30-11pm ST
If you think this guild suits you, please apply via the websie or get in touch with Strolla, Battlesloth or Randomy in game.

Thanks for your time.

Please do not reply here, as It won't be checked offen. Best to contact in game or via our site.

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