Can't see Elemental Rifts in Ironforge

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So I went through the Stormwind elemental invasion, freed some citizens, fought the elite elementals to close the rifts in various areas and got the Air/Water buff. No problem other than my video card finally breaking a sweat from all the AoE spells around the rifts...:)

I then make my way to IF. The elemental invasion begins. I run around building barricades, kill a few of the weaker elementals that randomly spawn, and pick up my totem from a Earthen Ring Defender. Then the phase where you're supposed to free citizen and close rifts starts and I see.....nothing. No elementals. I rode all over the entire city and I saw lots of other people running around but no one fighting and no elite elementals anywhere! General chat indicated that other people were fighting and seeing them just fine and when it ended the two big portals for the Boss instances showed up, but I didn't receive the Earth/Fire buff. Was I somehow phased out from the last portion of the invasion?
Known issue, and not a Tech Support issue. In game issues need to be reported in the Customer Service Forum.
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The known issue I saw was the rifts not despawning even though the elementals had been killed. That is not the problem I'm having. I'm unable to see the elementals and/or rifts *at all*.

I'll repost this in the Customer Service Forum.
So I logged in recently (on another character) and zoned into IF in the middle of the elemental invasion. I could see the rifts and elites (my poor lock got whacked by one...:) ) so I logged out and then in on this guy and he too could see them. So either it's random or it got fixed. *shrug*

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