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i got an email from yesterday saying that my password has been reset, i did not request this and am nervous if it the real deal, the email it wants me to go to is a thing, to folow the instructions and reset the pasword

my password seems to be fine as i can log in now, i dont share my info with anybody,

>.< crap what should i do?
If your password still works, then it was absolutely a fake e-mail.

Just because it claims to be from and appears to be going to doesn't actually mean that either of those is true.

Start by reading through these security articles:

They'll show you what common phishes and other scams look like.

Then take a look at this support article:

It will show you how to open the routing headers on an e-mail, and to tell if it really is coming from Blizzard or not.

If you need help analyzing the routing headers, post them here (minus, of course, your e-mail address) and we'll show you how to break them down.
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phew.... thanks for that... it felt legit because it had "links" to account security pages, and other things, which made me feel worried

yep after looking at the info you posted for me it was defenitly not good!

it seems when i look at who sent it it should ALWAYS be from

well at least i can stop panicking! thank you!
One of their tricks is to copy a perfectly-legitimate account security e-mail from, but change the links to go somewhere malicious.

The fact that your password didn't really change is a dead giveaway that it was fake, but you should always be suspicious about any e-mail claiming to be from Blizzard and asking (or worse, demanding) that you visit a website.

The routing headers don't lie, though. If an e-mail claims to be from Blizzard, but the routing headers show that it came from some country in Asia, it's not from Blizzard.

Blizzard's hacks department would appreciate getting a copy of any fake e-mails that you receive (because there are things they can do, such as shutting down websites that receive some of the phishing attempts), so please do forward any fakes to
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