Too Err Is Human (Part Three)

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((Post for Danner and Mandi- had to break up due to character limit))

((Post for Danner))

“Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if the potion has altered Mandi’s personality a bit. She doesn’t normally run off like that…” Danner muttered as he finally managed to get a fire to start on the torch. He knew they needed to get going and find Mandi before she did something foolish. However, he didn’t want to leave until Foxten’s body was burned so the cultists couldn’t raise him again. The warrior quickly walked over to where the bald death knight’s body was lying on the dirt covered ground and attempted to light it on fire.

Danner took a few steps back seconds later as the death knight’s cultist body started to burn. The warrior rubbed his blue-green eyes and hoped it wouldn’t take too long for it to reduce to ashes. They did need to get going and find Mandi, Rob and Keeneth before dealing with the cultist alchemist. He wasn’t sure how many other cultists they’d be dealing with besides the alchemist but they figured with all of them fighting; the cultists would be dealt with and the alchemist would be questioned.

“Good, you got the torch to work. The cultists shouldn’t be able to raise him once it fully burned. I’m trying to figure out why the draenei who gave me the recipe for the potion didn’t mention any side effects with it but maybe that’s why the recipe only cost a few copper. I hope the side effects don’t affect one’s ability to fight…” the night elf muttered quietly.

The warrior nodded sighed heavily; he hoped the potion hadn’t affected Mandi’s ability to fight. If it did, it would make things a bit more complicated as he wouldn’t want to risk her getting re-injured in a battle. But he wasn’t sure if he could keep her from fighting cultists since he wasn’t certain how far the potion had affected her mind. However, the potion’s side effects didn’t mention that type of effect so he had to hope it didn’t cause it for now.

He put a hand through his strawberry blonde hair as he noted Foxten’s body was nearly reduced to ashes when he suddenly felt like someone or something watching them closely. Danner looked around and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but he didn’t see Melina, hopefully the blood elf hadn’t wandered off too far and gotten captured. The warrior didn’t see any moving shadows in the distance; however, he did spot a squirrel climbing up a tree. He didn’t think it was a squirrel watching them but he could be wrong.

“Good, Foxten’s body is burned to ashes though I’m surprised the armor is burning. We can get going now once that is out.” Winterra said, stretching out her arms.

Danner watched Sorley walk over and pour a few canteens of water over the burning armor where Foxten’s body was. The fire was put out within seconds. Now they could get going and find Mandi or cultists decide to show up. “Is it just me or does anyone else have the feeling like someone is watching us? I don’t see any moving shadows…” Danner muttered quietly.

“You aren’t the only one but I don’t see any shadows wraiths anywhere nearby. That doesn’t mean that we’re being watched at a distance; possibly by a very sneaky cultist or a scrying orb… anyways we should get moving.” Winterra muttered as she started to walk in the northwest direction.

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Mandi hadn’t quit dancing when Keeneth ran up to her and Rob. She noticed the tall rogue had a slightly amused look on his face as she twirled around in circles. The warlock attempted to get her cousin to dance with her but he back away and shook his head as she frowned. “Don’t ask why I’m dancing in the middle of the road… I don’t know even know why.” Mandi said, shuffling her feet.

“I wasn’t going to ask about that but running away to fight cultists by yourself isn’t the smartest thing to do, especially while slightly injured. Luckily Rob chased after you but your actions since drinking that one potion have me worry a bit. I’m thinking the potion had side effects that are affecting your mind, Mandi…” Keeneth said.

The warlock stopped dancing and glanced around. Side effects? The night elf hadn’t mentioned side effects before giving her the potion to dispel the weakness. That was possible but wouldn’t she have a rash on her arms or something. Speaking of her left arm, it was starting to itch. Mandi took off her cloak briefly to look over her left arm and cursed out loud when she noticed small red bumps all over it. Great, just what she needed… Mandi sat down and almost felt like she was going to cry. Why didn’t the night elf say anything about side effects?

“Yikes, looks like the potion did cause side effects. The night elf should have mentioned it unless he didn’t know. Don’t worry about the rash; maybe Rrazz can heal it when she gets here. Don’t itch at it though, that might make it worse.” Rob said, kneeling near his cousin.

She quit scratching her arm for the moment. Mandi hoped Rrazz would be able to heal the rash. The warlock wasn’t happy that the potion she drank earlier seemed to have physical side effects. She still didn’t think it had mental side effects though. Moments later, the warlock suddenly felt like dueling someone. She wasn’t about to duel Keeneth, who was a ‘master’ rogue and would beat her easily. Maybe she could have a duel with her cousin who she had beaten before. “Rob do you mind dueling me until the others get here?” Mandi asked Rob who nodded.

“He’s pulling out his shield; he might try to deflect my spells, better watch for that.” Mandi thought quietly as she prepared to conjure a shadow bolt. However when she tried to conjure the spell, it took nearly twenty seconds to come about and her cousin was easily able to avoid it. It normally took a few seconds at most and it scared her. She conjured another shadow bolt and it nearly took just as long. Was the potion affecting her mind? She couldn’t fight like that so she decided to pull out her wooden staff and melee fight with it. She didn’t think she’d be able to fight better with it but maybe she could. After all, she used to secretly watch her father fight with a staff when he was alive… and he was a warlock, supposedly. She ran towards Rob with her staff in hand and jumped towards him.

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Raniel had retreated to the far corner of the room once the fight had ended, taking the opportunity to find his missing weapon and ensure it was still good condition. Noting movement, he glanced up at the newly awakened Carana. "Good to see you're still with us." He said, offering a weak smile and nod.


"If were being watched, then we are, there's no point worrying about it." Karosh said, though he too had been examining the trees around them, trying to catch a glimpse of a would be spy. "They would already know were coming and be prepared for it."

Shifting his attention away from the forest, he noted the others moving, and swiftly fell into step behind them, pausing long enough to give Rrazz a slight nudge to get her moving as well.

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“It’s good Ginn’s dead. How long was I out?” Carana muttered.

Coriani was sitting on the floor, inspecting the borrowed crossbow when she heard the young rogue stir. The blood elf glanced over to where Carana was lying down and noticed her starting to sit up. She felt her body start to tensed but she managed to relax several seconds later. The huntress was afraid of rogues but she figured by now the human rogue had some sense of honor and wouldn’t attack her along with Nightmare. It had worried Cori a bit when she saw Carana pass out after being grabbed and injured by Ginn, fearing he was going to kill the human right then. Luckily that didn’t happen and he was defeated some minutes after. Jamaea had been able heal the rogue’s arm to where they didn’t need to take her to the healers.

Speaking of healers, the blood elf wondered how Dorion was faring while still inspecting the crossbow. He was unconscious and shallowly breathing before one of the mage guards teleported him to the healers a few minutes after Ginn had collapsed permanently. She hoped the healers would be able to be able to keep the night elf alive with the vast injuries that were inflicted on him from being tortured for who knows how long. Coriani shivered as she briefly glanced at the torture rack that had kept her friend bound up. Lor’eth was going to have to pay for what he did.

“I’m glad you’re waking up. You weren’t passed out too long, Car. Yes, Ginn is defeated and dead. It took the rest of us to get him down but he collapsed within ten minutes of you passing out. Dorion was freed and teleported to the healers shortly after Ginn fell. Hopefully he will survive his injuries. The other cultist was still alive and teleported to the prison where he’ll be questioned once he awakens.” Jamaea said.

The blood elf nodded before noticing the crossbow had some damage near where the firing mechanism that fired the bows. It would have to be repaired before being used again. Coriani wasn’t the best at repairing bows, crossbows and such so she was going to have to tell the owner of the weapon about the damage to it and leave money to repair it if necessary. Coriani was giving the crossbow another lookover when she her ears twitched at hearing a faint, knocking noise coming from somewhere in the building. Wait, was that a cultist or a prisoner locked in one the rooms?

“Does anyone else hear a noise coming from one of the other rooms? It seems we missed someone.” Coriani asked as the gnome mage guard shook his head. Jamaea shook her head as she was glancing over an amulet in her hand. The farstrider near her nodded briefly as TigerCat growled. She knew the lynx could hear it. Stinger might have been able to hear it but it seemed to paying attention to Ginn’s body for some reason (She hoped it wasn’t planning on devouring at it).

“I heard it earlier before passing out. It could be Kennz or someone else.” Carana quietly said.

The huntress ears twitched as she heard the faint knocking sound again. She then remembered one of the teleporting orbs on the first floor was faintly glowing- like it was about to quit working even with power. If Kennz had taken that orb, there was a chance it quit working and he might have gotten stuck in whatever room he got teleported into. “It could be him but we should check it out either way… Stinger!” Coriani said as she got onto her feet when her pet suddenly started chewing on Ginn’s armor.

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((Post for Danner))

Danner nodded as he continued to walk, keeping an eye out for any unusual movement. He still had the feeling he was being watched but he couldn’t do anything about it except keep moving and find Mandi. The sooner they found the warlock, the quicker they could deal with the cultist alchemist and find out what he knew about the Cult of the Damned’s activity in Stormwind. Maybe they could figure out how to dispel the effect that was making the citizens gullible there.

After walking for to a small clearing in the forest, Danner decided to stop and look for his spyglass to see if he could spot Mandi, her cousin Rob and his Uncle Keeneth ahead. He searched one pack and it wasn’t in it, he looked in another and the same. He looked through the rest of his packs seconds later and frowned as he couldn’t find his spyglass. How could he look ahead if he didn’t have the device? He had to have dropped it but where? They couldn’t go back and search for it now.

“Looking for this? You dropped it a while back. I assume you want to look to see if Mandi is ahead.” Winterra said, handing his spyglass over to him.

He nodded in thanks as he looked ahead towards the road for any sign of the missing others. He noticed Rob with his shield out and wondered if he fighting off cultists when he suddenly watched Mandi perform a flying kick toward Rob and nearly knock her cousin off his feet. What the… since when did warlocks learn to kick like that? She was also using a staff as a weapon better than he could, as she watched him parry Rob’s weapon with ease. “What the hell?” Danner said, shaking his head.

“Is something wrong? Have you spotted Mandi and the others with her? Have they ran into cultists?” Winterra asked.

The warrior sighed. “Yeah, she’s up ahead along with Rob and Keeneth. They aren’t in danger from what I can see but you need to see this. I don’t what to make of it…” Danner said as he handed his spyglass to the wavy haired death knight. He was still surprised.

“You weren’t kidding. Mandi’s not fighting with spells like warlocks normally do… no, she’s fighting similar to one of those Scarlet Crusade monks. Similar I will say as the one I saw wasn’t spinning around and kicking at the same time.” Winterra muttered.

Wait, Scarlet Crusade monks? If there was one thing Mandi dislike with a passion, it was that organization. She would be really upset if she knew she was dueling Rob like that. Why wasn’t she using her spells? Was the potion affecting Mandi worse than thought? “Rrazz, I’m wondering did the side effects of the potion that Mandi took earlier state it could ‘alter one’s fighting style’?”

Mandi started to spin around in circles on one leg as she watched her cousin back away slowly. She noticed Rob had a really surprised look on his face since they had started dueling some minutes ago. Why, they had friendly duels before. Granted, she normally conjured shadowy spells in those duels but this shouldn’t have been too different. But it was, Mandi did know how to use a staff as a deadly weapon but all the kicks she had performed (including the far jumping ones) weren’t normal by any means.

The warlock attempted to kick Rob which was blacked by his shield while he tried to ‘strike’ at her. She managed to dodge his attack quickly and disarm his sword and shield with her staff while Mandi let out a sigh. Mandi twirled around her wooden staff and jabbed at her cousin with it before attempting to punch at him. Wait a minute…

“What the fel- How have I’ve been fighting him? Not with spells. Last time I saw someone fight like this was a few years ago when that monk from the Scarlet...” Mandi thought as she quickly took a few steps back before dropping her staff on the ground. The warlock sat down some seconds later and started bawling as her body shook; it horrified her that she had fought Rob with fight styles similar to a Scarlet Crusade monk. She greatly detested that organization.

“Mandi, are you okay? Why are you crying? Is it because of the duel?”Rob asked, kneeling next to her.

She shook her head while wiping tears from her gray eyes. “NO, I’m not okay. I’m fighting like a Scarlet Crusade monk. You know how much I detest that organization. I shouldn’t be fighting like that… I’m a warlock. Yet I can’t use my spells normally. It takes far too long to conjure a simple shadowy bolt. I’m not fine. What’s causing this…” Mandi muttered quietly.

“Well, you not being able to use your normal spells could be caused by that potion you drank earlier to dispel that weakness. You already have physical and emotional side effects due to it; maybe it’s just an additional one. But if the potion is affecting the ability to fight, you may not want to take on any cultists by yourself…” Keeneth muttered.

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((Post from Cultist's point of view.))

An older figure in dark robes shook as he backed away from the scrying orb. Why did the cultist alchemist shake? He watched the whole battle with Foxten play out from afar and was frightened. No, he wasn’t scared that Foxten was dead; that made him secretly glad. After all Foxten thought he was an idiot and would get himself killed in some sort of alchemy accident (even though there was some truth in that). No, He was afraid of the orc death knight that had helped killed the bald death knight cultist. He couldn’t let him get anywhere near the small house. The research would be ruined.

“Alchemist Han, Foxten is dead. A group of odd adventures that included an orc killed him.”

“I know, I decided to watch the whole battle while waiting for this latest potion to finish brewing.”

“I wasn’t aware you were watching. Shall I and the few others go and ‘deal’ with that group.” the cultist in dark armor asked.

“Yes, go and fight that group. But whatever you do, KEEP THAT ORC AWAY FROM ME. Our plans are ruined if he gets near.” the cultist alchemist yelled.

“Alright will do, Alchemist Han, shall I go now?”

The cultist alchemist sighed as he watched the cultist in black armor leave the house, feeling safer with that group of cultist rogues going to deal with the group of people that took out Foxten. Alchemist Han didn’t know that the cultist rogues he had been left with were novices and weren’t experts at combat. They didn’t know rogues could apply poisons to weapons (they thought rogues were suppose to drink poisons if at risk of being caught).

Alchemist Han decided to check on his potion on the small table to see if it had finished brewing. Nope, it still had a ways to go; maybe a few hours more. When finished, it was suppose to cause great pain with horrifying hallucinations of the scourge. With him creating it, the potion might actually heal injuries. He wasn’t the best alchemist.

A sigh left the old human as he realized something; he was going to have to let High Cultist Hellin know of Foxten’s death since Xandrai hadn’t shown up. That wasn’t going to be a fun task as the High Cultist didn’t like to be interrupted when interrogating prisoners (he learned earlier that a rogue infiltrator had been captured) but someone had to do. He sighed as he went to the scrying orb and started to cast a spell.

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Raniel hesitated for a few moments, listening for the noise the others had mentioned. A frown formed as he barely picked up on the knocking sounds. "Ears ain't what they used to be." He grumbled quietly, though if it was true that it was the missing Kennz, it would make their search a lot easier.

"Suppose we better check it out." He said after a few moments, already moving towards the door in hopes of tracking the sound back to its source.


Rrazz hesitated before responding, her mind casting back to the list of side effects she'd read a short while before. "I, think I saw somethink about zat...yes." She responded after a brief moments thought, a sheepish smile forming. "Sorry, must have missed zit."

Karosh chuckled as he strained his eyes to watch the fight. "Either way, she can fight." He stated, a hint of amusement entering his tone. The warlock seemed quite capable in close quarters...potion or not that was a feat worthy of note in his books.
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Carana got on her feet and rubbed her right eye. The faint voice she kept hearing off and on could easily be Kennz, who had gone missing. She thought back to when they first entered the building and remembered hearing one of the teleporting orbs having the sound like it was about to quit working. If that priest had taken it, chances were that orb had malfunctioned and he may have gotten locked in one of the rooms of this building. That was assuming the faint sound was coming from Kennz; it also could be coming from a trapped cultist or prisoner. Either way, they’d find out soon and deal with it.

“I’ll help search for the source of the sound once I can get Stinger’s attention.” Coriani muttered, shaking her head.

The rogue nodded as she heard the blood elf walk over to the silithid creature that was attempting to chew on Ginn’s plate armor. Carana wasn’t sure why it was trying to do that but that was something to ask at another time. Right now, they needed to track down the sound and find the missing priest. Hopefully he wasn’t in any sort of danger wherever he currently was at.

“Wait; don’t forget about your weapons. I got them right here, Car.” Jamaea said, walking over to the rogue with two swords in hand.

A quiet sigh left Carana as she grabbed her swords and sheathed them before blindly leaving the small room, shaking her head. She was about to pick them up. No, she wasn’t going to forget them in the unlikely case the source of the faint sound was a Cult of the Damned cultist. Granted, she did have spare weapons in her bag but it’d still take time to get them out and the risk of getting injured would be greater.

The mail hallway on the second floor was dark. In fact, the lighting seemed dimmer than when she had first entered it earlier after they had used the teleporting orbs. Carana couldn’t see anything a few inches away, not even the shape of her hand. Her vision was very poor usually but why did it seem darker in here? Was it due to getting hit near her left eye earlier? That was possible especially since she noted her face hurt while she was blindly walking down the hallway. Not just the area around her left eye, her mouth was a bit sore the more she thought about it. She may have a big bruise near her eye…

“Can anyone hear me? I’m stuck!”

The faint voice interrupted the rogue’s thoughts as she turned to where she heard it come from. It seemed to be coming from the end of a small hallway to the right. Interesting, she hadn’t noted that hallway earlier. Then again they had been looking for the cultists and prisoners that were being held, not looking for the missing priest. What was down the hallway? Only one way to find out…

Ouch! She shook her head after she had managed to walk into a lantern that was attached to the wall. She rubbed her head and continued on. She then stopped and listened to hear where the faint knocking had been coming from. A loud knocking sound came from the left side of the hallway- likely where he is at. It didn’t take her long to feel around for the door of the room the missing priest had gotten himself locked inside of.

“Carana? Wake up, sis.”

Wait a minute, why was she suddenly hearing Danner’s voice? Wasn’t he in Elwynn Forest right now? Why would she hear his voice in Dalaran? She had a very puzzled look on her face as she felt around for her thieves tools to lock pick the door; it seemed it’d be easy enough to get open. Did she now have an injury to her head that was making her imagine Danner’s voice? Maybe; she had hit the lantern a few minutes earlier.

“Please wake up; I don’t want to lose you. I know I’ve said otherwise in the past but that’s never been the case.” Danner’s voice was filled with worry.

She was very bewildered now. Why would her twin be worried about losing her? They had taken care of all the cultists that had remained in Dalaran as far as she knew. Granted, the Cult of the Damned was still in Stormwind but they be dealt with soon enough. Unless… everything she had been experiencing concerning the Cult of the Damned infiltration was a dream and not real. Was that even possible? Everything felt so real, certainly that wasn’t the case.

She collapsed and started to feel dizzy. The rogue felt for the wall of the hallway for support and panicked when she realized it was missing. She couldn’t hear the Sin’dorei huntress, the silithid pet, Nightmare, or Kennz; she had heard those minutes earlier. However, she could hear other voices including what sounded to be goblins arguing about business. Wait, why would she be hearing that? There hadn’t been any in the building that she knew of…

“Wake up, Car before I let Danner give you apple juice or moonberry juice.” Jamaea’s voice muttered.
The rogue flinched when she felt something hold her right hand. She couldn’t see the shape of anything near her hand yet the paladin somehow seemed to be nearby. Had everything she been experiencing been a dream all along? It seemed to be that way, a vivid nightmare the more she thought about everything that had transpired. Besides, the likelihood of the Cult of the Damned actually taking over Stormwind and mind controlling King Varian was extremely slim.

What could have caused her to experience this? Carana hadn’t bought anything unusual before the events of the nightmare. She would have to find out, once actually awake. No way was she going to let anyone give her apple or moonberry juice…

“Finally, she’s coming around. I guess no fruit is needed.”

Carana groaned. She could tell without her eyesight that she was lying in a wooden frame bed. A brief panic went through her but realized if she had been found unconscious, someone would have brought her to an inn or a medical place where hammocks weren’t usually used. She opened her eyes and noticed she could Jamaea sitting in a wooden stool close to the bed. She could see the shape of goblin male and female about eight feet away (one of them was injured) but couldn’t see anything else, not even Danner who seemed to be near the place entrance.

Based on the other sounds she heard, she seemed to be in a medical tent; possibly located at the Argent Tournament in Icecrown. Someone on the other side of the room seemed to have gotten injured while jousting while fighting one of the gnome champions. Not surprising since they had been riding an elekk. “How long?” She asked weakly, while trying to sit up. A dizzy spell forced her to lie back down as she heard Jamaea sigh.

“You’ve unconscious for over a week, Car. Danner found you barely breathing on the outskirts of the tournament grounds.”

She had been unconscious for over a week and her twin brother found her? It didn’t surprise Car that she had been passed out that long. She hadn’t been expecting to hear that Danner was the one who located her; they had been estranged for a few years. Last she heard he was in Ironforge on some assigned business. Clearly that was finished if he had come to Northrend and found her barely alive. Still, what had caused her to fall unconscious in the first place? She didn’t remember going into any battles…

“The healer figured out quickly that you were poisoned and affected by some vile potion that was giving you nightmares. The poison was cured within hours of being brought here.” Jamaea yawned and rubbed her green eyes before continuing, “The nightmares continued up until you woke up, Car. What’s the last thing you remember before waking up here?”

Wait, she was poisoned? Carana shook her head and had an irritated expression. How did that happen? She hadn’t drunk any poison vials in a long while, at least that’s what she thought. Her eyes blinked as she tried to recall what happened in the previous week before she passed out. She had accidently fallen off Gryphy just leaving the Argent Tournament grounds on her way to Dalaran to meet with Uncle Keeneth.

While she hadn’t been seriously injured, she had decided to drink a healing potion she had brought from a goblin tradesman a few hours earlier just to be on the safe side. The potion was extremely bitter tasting, easily the worst one she had in some time. The rogue remembered feeling very dizzy within minutes of drinking and had even gotten sick from it. She remembered collapsing with Gryphy making his distress squawks. Obviously she had passed out after that.

“You know what made you pass out don’t you, Car?” Jamaea asked quietly.

She nodded while still looking irritated. The human managed to sit up without feeling dizzy. “Tainted healing potion. I bought it from a goblin…”

“Trademan?” Danner interrupted as he walked over. “The one with black hair? He tried to sell me potions that were clearly looked tainted. I beat him up when he tried to escape after being confronted with the evidence.”

Carana sighed and nodded. She could tell by the expression on brother’s face that he was also quite irritated, not surprising since he had a temper. It didn’t take much for him to get angry. That made him a good warrior in her mind. The rogue wondered if the goblin tradesman’s was alive, especially if Danner had beaten him up. “Is he dead?” Carana asked before starting to cough.

“I wish. He’s in custody; apparently he tried to poison one of the Sunweavers. He’s not working with the Cult of the Damned in case you’re wondering, Cara. I know your nightmares had fears of that organization.” Danner got a canteen from his pack and handed over to Carana. “It’s coffee. If I recall you like it. It might help with that coughing.”
Her face blushed as she coughed; how did he have knowledge of her nightmare dream she had gone through? Had she sleep talked during her nightmare? She likely did, it something she did at times. She had potions she would take on missions to prevent talking during sleep but she couldn’t have taken it if she was unconscious. “I talked, didn’t I?” She asked before taking a sip of the coffee. The beverage was good; her twin had a good memory of what she liked. Then again she remembered his likes and dislikes.

“Of course. You used to sleep talked when you were younger and keep me up during the early morning. I’m not surprised…” Danner sat down on another wooden stool nearby.

“You must have heard me mention Venn.” Carana muttered as she noticed him nod at her.

“I did; Uncle Keeneth told me he was searching for him. Stated he was likely being held in the one of the Scourge controlled mines and was likely alive as a slave. I agree since Venn did have mining knowledge. Uncle Keeneth then told me you were overdue and that’s when I went looking for you.” Danner sighed. “I admit it did scare me to find you barely alive. I’ve been meaning to find you for a while.”

“Really?” Carana scratched her head.

“Yep. I’ve regretted what I said about never wanting to talk to you again. I’m sorry about that. I was upset about Venn leaving but… it’s not your fault he left. Besides, you’re my sister and I do care about you’re well being. It’s upsets me that your eyesight has been damaged.”

“I knew you were upset about Venn, don’t worry about it. I’ve learned to adapt concerning my eyesight. I’m been told my skills are still exceptional. Can I guess Mandi been talking to you as well?” She asked, finishing the coffee.

He nodded and smirked. “We’ve been seeing each other off and on for the past few years. I’m worried about her studying fel magics; I don’t think it’s going to help her protect Rob and Kasey.”

The rogue nodded. Mandi had mentioned to Car months ago that she was studying to be a warlock, not wanting power for herself but for protecting her cousins. However, it was something Carana felt was going to backfire majorly and possibly hurt those who that human wanted to protect. Mandi was having a hard time casting basic shadowy spells…

“Stinger, get over here.”

Carana sighed as she saw the shape of a silithid creature run past view and head over to the other side of the tent. Seconds later, a Sin’dorei female huntress runs after what’s likely one of her pets. The rogue had seen her before in Dalaran about a month earlier with a lynx one hiring a death knight for assassination business concerning a Cult of the Damned member. That could why the Sin’Dorei was in the nightmare…

The rogue rubbed her eyes and thought about the others she had seen in the nightmare. She had met Rrazz before on an unknown island in the South Seas. Her memory was a bit fuzzy at the moment about the events on that island but the draenei priest had likely told her about the organization she was a part of and the members in it. She had then imagined what they had looked like in her nightmare.

Her attention was brought back when her stomach started to growl. She was beginning to feel hungry, when was the last time she had eaten? If she recalled, it was several hours before she passed out. No wonder why she feeling a bit famished, she hadn’t been able to get food in over a week. It was probably the reason she was dizzy when she first got up. She tried to get on her feet but Jamaea put a hand on her shoulder to stop it. Car then heard one of the healers; a female human priest walk towards them.

“Carana woke up a bit ago and I think she’s getting hungry. Is she cleared to go yet?” Jamaea asked. “I can go get food if she needs to be watched.”

The priest examined Car briefly. “The potion’s effects are gone now. She seems to have recovered enough. I don’t see any reason she needs to stay here.” The healer then speaks to Carana. “You should take it easy for the next few days. No jousting, battles or falling from gryphons. Come back if you fell ill.”

The rogue nodded as she got to her feet and muttered thanks to the healer. She gave the priest a tip before weakly walking out of the tent with Jamaea and Danner in tow. The cold air greeted her as she coughed briefly. If she remembered, the food vendors were on the northeast of the grounds as the group headed in that direction. She heard builder still building the coliseum. “Has Uncle Keeneth paid a visit?”

“Uncle Keeneth said he was going to come to the tournament grounds and check on you later.” Danner commented.

She sighed as her stomach growled. “Alright. Let’s get something to eat in the meantime.”

((Sorry but I waited for a response and never got one. My health is still very poor. I hope it's okay that I gave it a ending. If you ever wish to post an ending for your characters, feel free to.

I hope you have a good night/ day. ))

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