Too Err Is Human (Part Three)

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“I’ll be keeping an eye about for anyone trying to approach us. Don’t want another cultist to attempt to rescue one of their own. Stinger, where do you think you’re headed off to? I can’t have you running off and causing trouble. Get back here, Stinger…” Coriani muttered before letting out a sigh. “Why does it have to cause more trouble now? I know it doesn’t like the cold but the sewers aren’t much warmer.”

Carana listened to the Sin’Dorei huntress’s silithid pet start to head towards the entrance of the sewers while she put a hand through her curly dark auburn hair. It didn’t surprise her that the silithid was starting to run off; it had been causing a bit of problems earlier with the loud screeching. She heard Coriani grasp her right hand after Stinger tried to claw or bite it when she went near the creature in an attempt to bring it over. “You okay?” Carana asked quietly while she heard Jamaea look over at the silithid and sigh quietly.

“Stinger, please be quiet at least. You’ll attracting attention we don’t need. It didn’t get me that bad; still trying to figure out why it wants to go to the sewers. It isn’t for warmth, the buildings are warmer. Wait, it could be the infused mushrooms that grow down there. Stinger loves the heat of Tanaris and Silithus and gives me no trouble in those areas… it looks like the high elf cultist is starting to stir.” Coriani commented with her ears twitching.

Carana glanced over to where the female high elf cultist was slowly stirring awake. “Where should we take the cultist? There has to be a vacant building somewhere around here.” The nearly blind rogue sighed heavily while keeping her hand on her swords. She slowly walked towards the cultist some seconds later.

((Post for Danner))

Danner let out a sigh while he heard Winterra yawn. There wasn’t much they could do until Keeneth and Melina got back. He however still had to talk with Kasey and not mention that Mandi was missing in Goldshire. “Do you want to talk with your brother, Kasey? I’ll let you talk with him.” Danner muttered as he briefly handed his communication device over to Rob. He watched Rob walk several yards away to and talk in a quieter voice for a couple of minutes. Rob handed the communication device back over to him.

“You watched a turkey jump into the bonfire? That’s would have been interesting to watch. I think Cara mentioned that someone gave her a plump turkey as a pet and it jumped into a large bonfire. I’ll go try and get more sleep. Keep safe in hunting that bad cultist.” Kasey commented before the transmission ended.

“I didn’t let Kasey know that Mandi was missing in Goldshire; she doesn’t need that type of worry. Let’s hope they get back here soon.” Rob said before yawning.

“Agreed; we don’t need him or any cultists showing up.” Keeneth nodded as he carefully started to cut the enchanted ropes that bounded Mandi’s ankles together. He knew that Foxten would be able to recognize him instantly since he was a former contact. That would ruin the ambush plans they spent a few hours making. He heard Mandi sigh in relief quietly as he got all the ropes cut free of her ankles.

The tall rogue looked at Mandi briefly. She appeared to be shivering a bit; then again it was a bit cold in the basement. He sheathed his small dagger and put it back in his pack before carefully picking up Mandi. He didn’t have difficulty carrying the warlock since she was of a slender build; however it would be a bit of a challenge for him to fight now. “Hang in there, Mandi.” Keeneth muttered before he started to head towards the staircase.

Mandi nodded before wincing in pain. Her broken right arm hurt like fel right now along with her other injuries but she was alive at least. She shuddered when she noticed the shattered vial fragments on the floor near the staircase. Vile Potions, enchanted ropes and now vial fragments on the floor? Foxten really had gone through lengths to make sure she wouldn’t be able to escape on her own. She just hoped that no one would try to stop them while leaving the inn.

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Raniel didn't bother commenting on the slithids behavior. He wasn't much of an animal expert. "I doubt he'll wonder to far. And if so I can help you find him easily enough." He mumbled, before focusing on the cultist. "Probably best we get her out of the way. The sooner the better too." His gaze idly wandered the street, though it was difficult to pick out a building that was obviously empty.


"The last thing you need is her being worried about us. She likely already is, but lets not make it worse." Zeek commented as his attention shifted back to Goldshire. "Towns still quiet...Lets hope they didn't run into trouble..."

Melina offered a slight nod as she noted they were ready to go. One hand shifted to rest against the hilt of her sword as she made her way back up the stairs. Part one of the rescue was easy. Now it was a matter of getting back to the rest of the group without being discovered or killed. "All in a days work."

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Carana listened to Coriani slowly sigh and nod while she kept a hand on her weapons when she got near the slowly stirring high elf cultist. They needed to find a building that they could hold the female high elf cultist in without the Cult of the Damned cultists in Dalaran deciding to come to her aid while questioning her about the location of their base. “The high elf cultist is taking their sweet time to awaken but we’ll find out where the place of operations is soon enough.” Carana thought while she glanced around the streets even though she couldn’t see more than a foot in front of her due to her eyesight.

“I still have no idea what gender Stinger is… if it has one. I didn’t study much about silithids before taming the creature. What about that building southeast of the Citadel? I’m not sure if the door is locked but it appears to be empty. I could take a closer look with my engineering goggles.” Coriani commented, pointing in the southwestern direction.

The curly haired rogue heard Jamaea glance towards the direction the Sin’Dorei huntress had pointed to seconds earlier. Carana heard the human paladin sigh before speaking, “It doesn’t appear that anyone owns the small building from this vantage point. There are two here who should be able to lock-pick the door if it is locked. Think it’ll work, Nightmare?” Carana nodded as she heard the female high elf cultist groan. The nearly blind heard Coriani put a hand on a crossbow while she pointed her sword at the cultist.

((Post for Danner))

“It won’t surprise me if my sister is worried about us. I don’t need her to run away from the tavern even though Raj’tel is there. When did he fall asleep? It doesn’t surprise though that he’s sleeping; he was held by those damned cultists far longer than I was...” Rob said, rubbing his eyes.

Danner looked at the male night elf that was currently asleep. It didn’t surprise him either that he had decided to sleep; there wasn’t much that they could do until Keeneth and Melina get back. Speaking of them; the warrior glanced at the clear vial with sand that his uncle gave to him as a measure to keep track of time. There was still sand falling to the bottom of the vial; however over three-quarters of the sand had fallen. If Keeneth and Melina didn’t get back to the rest of the group soon…

The strawberry blond haired warrior looked over to Winterra as he heard her cough briefly. He watched her drink out of a canteen slowly. He watched her rub her eyes as he took a glanced towards the direction of Goldshire. “I have my spyglass if Keeneth and Melina don’t get back here by the time that vial of sand runs out.” Danner commented as he had his spyglass in hand.

Keeneth nodded while he walked up the stairs carrying Mandi. The tall rogue walked into the kitchen and noticed the warlock was pale; paler than usual. It didn’t surprise him though since Foxten had attacked and captured her earlier. She also had cuts on her arms from a prod or something similar in design. He let out a quiet sigh as he noticed Mandi wince in pain.

“That guard must be upstairs still attending to the unconscious folks. It’d be good to check to make sure it’s clear for us to leave Goldshire…” Keeneth muttered while he entered the large room. He glanced toward the ceiling as he heard faint footsteps from the upper floor; likely the young guard still attending to the unconscious travelers.

“Good, hopefully we’ll be able to get out of Goldshire without being spotted. I still don’t know who Foxten is disguising as… but it’s has to be an important guard or the ‘new’ marshal.” Mandi thought as she looked around the large room and shuddered briefly. She noticed a bit of blood on the floor from where she had passed earlier from Foxten’s attacks. She felt Keeneth carry her to the doorway as she hoped they would be able to get outside of Goldshire without trouble.

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Raniel studied the building for a few moments. Before nodding slightly to confirm his thoughts. "Yeah, that'll work nicely i think." He commented before setting off. "We'd best hurry! If anyone has ropes or the like, you might want to consider keeping them handy. I"d rather not have a fight break out."

He paused upon reaching the door, one hand idly toying with the handle. With a sigh he fished his tools out of his pocket and set to work dealing with the troublesome lock. "This'll just take a moment."


Rrazz spared a glance towards the town, before shaking her head slightly and focusing on her hooves. "They've been gone too long...Somethings wrong isn't it?" Zeek offered a slight shake of his head.

"I doubt that. It would take more then a mad death knight to kill those two. Impead maybe...Not stop though."

Melina was silent as she crossed the tavern and carefully inched the door open. Peering out into the street she didn't notice anything out of place. Though looks could be deceiving. "Lets not delay. The sooner we get back to the group the sooner we can deal with this menace." With that she opened the door fully and offered a slight nod. Before stepping out in to the street, hand on sword and set off towards the group.

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Coriani nodded while she looked through her packs. The Sin’Dorei huntress was certain that she didn’t have any ropes or anything that could be used to bind the cultist in her bag; she didn’t use rope that much in making traps. She did find a few traps that would hopefully freeze the cultist in place should the high elf attempt to escape in one of her larger bags. She kept note of the traps just in case they were needed later while she noticed the male Sin’Dorei farstrider went near high elf cultist with rope in hand.

“I’m not sure how the fel you found me but you won’t be able to find the other cultists; I’m certain of that. The other cultists will find me and…” the female high elf cultist commented while being bound by the male Sin’Dorei farstrider.

“Your disguise wasn’t that good; you still sounded like a high elf. My hearing tracked you down. The other cultists won’t rescue you if that’s what you were suggesting.” Carana muttered before starting to walk towards the building Nightmare was near.

The red haired Sin’Dorei followed the human rogue and human paladin to the small building where Nightmare was attempting to unlock the troublesome lock on the door. Her eyebrow’s twitched as she heard a small orb fall from. It didn’t appear to be an orb of disguise or anything similar; perhaps a communication type? “I assume that orb is used to communicate with others.” Coriani said as she noticed the male blood elf nodded.

“You could say that. I bought it several years ago; I’m surprised it still works. O fel, I forgot to contact a friend yesterday… I’ll contact Keeneth later. We have cultists to deal with in Dalaran first.” the male blood elf farstrider said, putting the orb in his bag.

Coriani nodded as she noticed Carana glanced over to the male Sin’Dorei farstrider before the human rogue sighed. The Sin’Dorei scanned the streets with her fel green eyes as she noticed Stinger hadn’t moved an inch. Good, it was staying around at least in case trouble broke out. She decided to get a few small mushrooms from her bad while she spoke, “How’s the lock coming, Nightmare? If needed, I could blow… Stinger is coming over here now that I have mushroom in my hand.”

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Raniel ignored the conversation for the most part as he toyed with the lock. It wasn't that difficult but it was an old one, one that didn't fancy just opening for them. After several minutes of toying with the lock he finally heard a click, and nodded slightly to the others. "Got it...Thankfully, i'd hate to have to draw attention by blowing it up or something."

He doubted Corianai would use something that noticeable, but even the slightest sound might draw attention at this point. "Okay, lets keep moving. Best not to delay any longer then necessary."

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“Good, now we can get this cultist inside the building and ask some questions…” Carana thought while she started to blindly walk towards the old door. The nearly blind rogue couldn’t see what the inside of the small building looked like as she entered slowly. She glanced around the darkened room even though she couldn’t see much and sighed as she walked into a table that was about five feet from the doorway. So this room of the building had a table… and a few wooden chairs near the wall that Carana walked into some moments later. She heard a mouse or rat scurrying on a balcony above her while she noticed dust in the air.

Carana rubbed her eyes as she heard Coriani enter the building and sigh before going through her bags. The human rogue wasn’t sure what the Sin’Dorei huntress was looking for as she heard Jamaea enter the building along with the male Sin’Dorei farstrider and the bound female high elf cultist. Carana heard the male Sin’Dorei put the cultist in one of the chairs as Coriani pull out an engineering device that was similar to a flashlight and turn it on. That might help with the lighting for a bit since Carana couldn’t find a lamp inside the building. She turned towards the cultist and sighed.

“I assume that you want to know where our site of operations is… I’m not going to tell you. Our plans will succeed here. Only thing I will tell you is that the prisoners were still alive this morning.” the female high elf cultist commented with a smirk on her face.

The curly dark auburn haired rogue heard Coriani sigh. She figured the prisoners were likely still alive along with Coriani's one pet. But they needed to find the base before more harm could be done to the prisoners. "Do you want to question the high elf, Nightmare?" Carana asked quietly.

((Post for Danner))

Danner sighed as he glanced at the clear vial his uncle had left before going to Goldshire. Most of the sand in the vial had fallen to the bottom of it. He wasn’t sure what was taking Keeneth and Melina so long but with Foxten in Goldshire, they were likely avoiding him and any guards since they didn’t know exactly who he was though it was likely he was the ‘new’ marshal if the rumors were true. However, if they weren’t back in a few minutes with Mandi…

“Most of the sand has fallen through the bottom. I don’t know but if they aren’t back in a few minutes, I suggest we go looking for them or at least get a closer look of the town with Danner’s spyglass. I don’t want any more to go missing here due to the cultists.” Rob commented.

The strawberry blonde hair warrior nodded at Rob as he sighed. Danner was planning on getting a closer look of Goldshire with his spyglass if Keeneth and Melina weren’t back in the next few minutes. He couldn’t be sure if Foxten was the only cultist inside of Goldshire or not. After all, there could be other cultists in town that they weren’t aware of.

Mandi sighed quietly as Keeneth carried her outside of the inn. She looked towards the sky and noticed it was definitely still daylight; she wasn’t sure how long she had been knocked out for but it couldn’t have been too long. The warlock glanced around the streets and didn’t see any guards; however, she did hear noises at the blacksmith shop across the street. “Should get out of here…” Mandi whispered before she winced in pain.

“Yep, I don’t want to have a run in with Foxten before our plans go off. The other guards seem to be inside of the blacksmith shop so we should be good at getting out of here without being noticed. See that gnome ‘priest’ way over there? That is Winterra’s target dummy she created.” Keeneth muttered quietly before carrying Mandi across the road to the forest.

((Is this okay? Let me know if there are any changes I can make- will make them later. Sorry for the very long delay.

Feel free to post whenever you feel like it. I'll let you decide if Vial of Sand runs out or not. In case you're wondering, Coriani pulled out a High Power Flashlight that she made from her engineering skills. It'll only work for a few minutes at most if that's okay with you.

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Raniel waited until everyone else had entered the building, before following himself. Without pause he kicked the door shut and glanced about the room. It wasn't anything spectacular but it would work for the time being.

"I'm not going to take the honor away from anyone else...But-" He offered a malicious grin as he cracked his knuckles. "I wouldn't mind having a crack at her." His gaze settled firmly on the cultist next. "You've only got one chance to talk...No ones going to save you, no ones going to hear you scream. So i suggest you just talk and make things easier on yourself."

As he spoke he idly drew a dagger. "Where should i start?" He asked, his gaze shifting to Corianai and the others.


Rrazz began idly pacing back and forth as she counted the minutes. The priestess sighed heavily with each glance towards the hourglass.

"I could take a closer look. Though getting back out won't be easy." Zeek offered, he could easily teleport into and out of the town. But if he got spotted, chances are escaping wouldn't be much of an option.

"No, no more single people. We go as a group if we go at all." Rrazz pitched in. Before focusing back on the town. "Best we don't take any more risks."

Melina soon fell into step just a few paces behind Keeneth. If anything tried to stop them, then she'd slow it down at least. With Mandi occupying his arms he wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight. "We better hurry. The last thing we need is everyone else running in guns blazing to save us."

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Carana smirked while she heard the female high elf cultist gulp and shake slightly in fear. The cultist seemed to be afraid of the dagger; good, maybe she would talk and tell them where the site of operations was located quickly. Though the human rogue doubted the cultist would tell them everything they needed to know in a timely manner. “Wherever you want to start, Nightmare. I’ll keep an ear out for cultists.” Carana muttered while she glanced around the room even though she couldn’t see much due to the dim lighting and her poor eyesight. She heard the blood elf huntress glance around the room.

“I’m not going to tell you anything, that tiny dagger hardly scares me at all. I have doubts that the walls here can hold out any screams. The other cultists will rescue me soon and capture the rest of you. Nothing will stop our plans here.” the high elf cultist said with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

“You don’t sound very confident in that, cultist. I can tell from looking around the room that despite the walls being a bit old, they are sturdy and should hold out any screams that you might have. I would suggest you tell him everything now. I’m going to take a look at the balcony and make sure nothing is hidden up there really quick.” Jamaea said before climbing the ladder that led to the balcony.

The nearly blind rogue sighed as she heard Jamaea on the balcony and cast one of her spells on the rat or mouse she had been scurrying about. She heard the paladin pace above her and checked a window that was locked shut. “I figured there was a window up there, at least it was shut already. This cultist doesn’t want to speak…” Carana thought as she sighed quietly. She heard Coriani look at the high powered flashlight; the light from it must be starting to fade away. It didn’t matter if it went away as the human rogue heard Jamaea find a lantern on the balcony.

((Post for Danner))

“I agree, the last thing we need is for anyone else to go missing. We’ll go as a group if we go. First though, let me see if I can spot them with my spyglass here.” Danner said as he noticed all the sand had fallen to the bottom of the hourglass shaped vial and there was still no sign of Keeneth or Melina. He slowly let out a sigh before he took a few steps to the north near a large shrub and knelt down. He looked through his spyglass to see if he could spot any sign of them.

The strawberry blond haired warrior only say a boar running through the forest at first but he then saw Keeneth carrying Mandi in his arms with Melina following behind in the distance. Wait, why was his uncle carrying Mandi? Unless she was injured… he took a closer look at the warlock with his spyglass and noticed her right arm seemed to be broken and limp. She also appeared to be in pain and too weak to move; like she had been attacked by someone.

Danner clenched his plated fists and muttered a curse. There was no doubt in his mind that Foxten had attacked and injured Mandi, probably mistaking her for a priest. The cultists had imprisoned and injured many innocents but someone who he considered as a friend… he felt his temper starting to break. “Damn, she’s injured…” Danner said with anger in his voice. He felt like breaking something but he couldn’t break his spyglass. He grabbed the first item he found in his bag and threw it against a tree several feet away.

“Danner, are you okay? You just broke your communication device; don’t you need that? I’m guessing that you saw Keeneth and Melina in the distance and someone is injured. Great, that injured person could Mandi…” Rob muttered, while walking closer to Danner.

“Good point; that one hourglass I gave to Danner is probably getting close to running out of sand if it hasn’t already. They’re likely worrying about us... better get back before they decide to come after us. I don’t see anyone else following us so we should be good. Something must be keeping Foxten distracted.” Keeneth said, looking around the forest.

Mandi nodded as she looked around the forest. She didn’t see anyone else nearby which was a good thing in her mind. The last thing she wanted was for the others to be attacked by cultists or guards under the influence of the mind-altering agent. She winced as she felt her broken right arm in searing pain. Hopefully it would be able to be healed soon along with her other injures.

She looked ahead and noticed Rob in the distance near a large shrub. She could tell at this distance that he appeared to be worried. He must be using Danner’s spyglass… speaking of the warrior, Mandi spotted him standing up. She could tell that he wasn’t in a happy mood. “I think they spotted us.” Mandi whispered as she winced.

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Raniel offered an amused smirk as he closed the gap and brought the blade close to the cultists neck. "It's not the size that counts..." He pressed the dagger against her neck for a moment, not enough to cause any harm, but enough so it would cause discomfort. "It's how you use it."

After a moment he withdrew it and spoke more calmly. "I suggest you talk. There's more then enough of us here to ensure a rescue attempt would fail...At on that note our good paladin could patch up anything i do to you easily enough." He grinned. "I could slice you up really good, and she'll fix you up so i get the fun of doing it all over again."


Rrazz shook her head sadly, losing his temper wouldn't help Danner. After all if he wasn't focused he might end up getting killed in the fight ahead. "Don't vorry, I'll patch zem up and ensure their safe and sound." She offered as a weak means of encouragement.

Melina nodded slightly as her gaze settled on the group, or what few she could see. "Good, they can see were safe and sound, they'll not do anything stupid at least." She fell silent after that as she followed along close behind, her fingers idly drumming a tune into the hilt of her sword.

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