Too Err Is Human (Part Three)

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Carana rubbed her eyes while she blindly made her way out of the small building. A frigid breeze brushed across her face as she shivered briefly before she heard Gryphy run near her. It was still frigid outside but thankfully warmer than the blizzard they were in yesterday. She knew where the Magus Commence was located in Dalaran, however; she wasn’t sure how to get behind there to one. Even with her poor eyesight, it seemed many of the businesses were clumped up together but it was possible that there could be a small street or alleyway that led behind there. She wasn’t sure though.

“I’m not sure where Magus Commence is located here in Dalaran. All I know it has to be somewhere in this city. I thought someone had a map of the city…” Kennz muttered.

“Magus Commence is located west of Legerdemain Lounge or northwest of here. I’ve been though there a few times since that is where the engineering shop is located along with the other profession’s shops that are right next to each other. But the building where the cultists are located is behind the commence… Stinger, why it is screeching now? I gave it mushrooms.” Coriani said,.

The curly dark auburn haired rogue cringed slightly as she heard the silithid pet screech for several seconds before quieting down. The sounds it made annoyed the rogue but then again, it might annoy the cultists and maybe throw them off. “I suggest we go to Magus Commence then. There could be a street that leads behind it.” Carana said as she listened for any sound of cultist activity in the streets.

((Post for Danner))

“Looks like Foxten finally attacked the ‘gnome priest’ target dummy; it’s in pieces now. I can tell from this distance that he is angry. Now we just got to get him over here which shouldn’t be difficult to do. You can look Danner if you wish.” Winterra commented, waving her hand.

Danner nodded as he walked over to Winterra. Finally something seemed to be happening. With Foxten attacking the target dummy, they would be able to attack Foxten soon and deal with him. But first, he wanted to see the insane death knight who had injured Mandi. Danner got his spyglass back and looked in the northern direction of where Goldshire was located.

The human warrior couldn’t see Goldshire from where he was at but in a small clearing a good distance from them, he saw the insane death knight. Danner noticed Foxten was wearing dark plated armor and had a two handed mace that probably had runes engraved on it. If the rumors were true, the insane death knight also carried a runesword weapon as well.

“He’s insane... he appears to be yelling though I can’t hear it at the moment. Does anyone else want to take a look?” Danner asked while glancing around the area. He noticed that Mandi had managed to grab the bottle of conjured water that Zeek had left near her. He watched Winterra get a few engineering type flares from her pack out as he sighed; that would hopefully get Foxten’s attention to come.

“Thanks.” Mandi muttered before she took a big sip of the conjured water. She coughed and winced in pain for several seconds later as she noticed Rob appeared to be slightly worried for her. She shouldn’t have taken a smaller sip of water. Mandi took a sip of water before speaking, “I’m still in pain but take your time.”

Mandi turned towards Winterra and noticed the engineering flares. She presumed those were going to be used to hopefully get Foxten’s attention so the others would be able to ambush him. The warlock knew that death knight needed to dealt with soon before he injure more people. Luckily the death knight had fallen for the target dummy according to Winterra.

The warlock looked towards the male night elf and noticed he was sleeping on the ground. She knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep longer once Winterra fired the engineering flares and Foxten got close enough to attack. Just the thought of him suffering made her grin briefly as she took a sip of the conjured water.

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Raniel simply followed the group for now. He didn't really know the city that well and in turn wasn't keen on getting the group lost, especially given they were currently, or most likely were being stalked by the cultists.


Rrazz sighed at the news and swiftly stood. As much as she'd prefer to keep healing Mandi, it was best she got on her hooves and prepared herself for the fight ahead.

The rest of the group went about making their own preparations. Zeek and Alex swiftly went through a checklist of spells. Karosh simply drew and idly twirled his rune blade. And Rrazz offered a prayer to give the group the strength to win the battle ahead.

Of course little could prepare them for the fight. Though they weren't about to back down.

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“Well, at least we made it here without incident. So far, I don’t see an alleyway with these crowds. Maybe one of the businesses will have a back door that we can use. We should keep an eye out for trou… watch out for that sign, Car. Need any help? At least the sign didn’t break…” Jamaea commented after reaching the first street of the Magus Commence in Dalaran.

Carana shook her head and sighed loudly while she picked up the wooden sign she had just knocked over that belonged to the enchanting shop. She could tell without her eyesight that the Magus Commence was crowded with citizens and adventures alike. Perhaps disguised cultists from the Cult of the Damned as well… speaking of cultists, Carana had the feeling that they were being followed. The nearly blind rogue had off and on heard faint footsteps since a few minutes after they had left the small building. “I wonder if Coriani hears those footsteps.” Carana thought while she noted the Sin’Dorei huntress seemed spooked.

“Is it just me or are we being followed by someone? I keep hearing something like an assassin stalking in the shadows but I don’t see anyone. I hope that Oristanne isn’t stalking me…” Coriani muttered before firing a flare.

“If we are followed by anyone, it would be one of the cultists. I doubt that fel rogue is even here. While I don’t see a cultist near us; the likelihood of one of their assassins following us at a distance is strong. Might want to keep more of those flares out just to be safe.” the male Blood Elf farstrider said.

The nearly blind rogue nodded before she heard Jamaea enter one of the buildings west of them. Carana listened briefly to the crowds around her as Gryphy growled quietly. She didn’t hear anyone discussing the Cult of the Damned or their plans; most of the conversations were about the Argent Tournament or Ulduar. She heard a few dwarves discussing ale when she heard Jamaea walk towards them.

“The building I was just in does have a back door that’ll get us back to where we need to go. The owner will allow us to use it since I don’t see an alleyway. There might be one over there but I can’t tell with that group of adventures on the large mammoths.” Jamaea quietly said.

Carana glanced at Nightmare even though she before she followed Jamaea into the slightly crowded building. She heard Jamaea walk towards the back door and open it as the paladin briefly thanked the owner and step outside. She blindly walked outside herself several seconds later and listened to the sounds around her. There were sounds of footsteps on the roof nearby; the same faint footsteps she had heard earlier. Carana had an eerie feeling about being ambushed when suddenly she heard a cultist jump from the rooftop.

“Attack dem! For da Lich King!” a troll cultist shouted.

The nearly blind rogue cursed silently as she nearly got tackled by a troll cultist who grabbed her right arm. The troll’s grip was strong as Carana struggled to get away. She heard at least two other cultists nearby; one was a male mage while the other was a rogue; a male high elf by the sounds of it. She hoped the cultist rogue wouldn’t be able to get an opening attack on Nightmare as she heard the male high elf rogue vanish out of sight. “Where is Camalia? She better have not joined the cultists again; if she did…” Carana thought while she kicked the troll cultist.

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((Continued from above.))

Danner nodded as he saw Winterra fire one of her engineering flares towards the sky. Hopefully that would get Foxten’s attention so they could deal with him. The warrior decided that it would be a good idea to inspect his weapons again to make sure they were still in shape. After all, he didn’t need his axe or sword breaking in the fight coming ahead. He grabbed his sword and checked the silver colored blade. It still appeared to be in good shape as he then grabbed his axe and looked at the blade of it.

“I’m surprised that the night elf didn’t wake up from me firing the flare… someone will have to wake him up then. I can’t see without that spyglass if Foxten is coming or not.” Winterra commented quietly.

“I’ll wake him up; he’s probably tired after being held by the cultists for who knows how long. Mandi should be far enough away where Foxten can’t death grip or attack her.” Keeneth said, carefully applying a deadly-type poison to his offhand sword.

The strawberry blond hair warrior noticed his axe was in good shape and put it away. Danner handed Winterra his while he glanced towards Rrazz and the others preparing for the fight. Sorley had cast some sort of shadowy armor type spell on himself while Rob was still near Mandi. He glanced at his uncle who was now nudging at the male night elf who stirred several seconds later.

Danner watched the male night elf get on his feet and nearly gasp at Mandi. He watched Keeneth quietly talk to the night elf and probably explain what happened to her. He noticed the night elf grabbed an herbal type bag and start looking through it. “Is Foxten coming yet?” Danner asked as he turned towards Winterra.

“No, he’s still killing critters. However, I believe the flare did catch his attention. I’ll fire another flare that should get him to come running here.” Winterra commented before firing another engineering type white flare.

Mandi looked around the area as she watched the others get prepared for the fight coming ahead. She wished she could help however the injuries she sustained prevented that. The warlock heard Keeneth’s remark and she nodded. She hoped she was far enough away from where the death knight couldn’t death grip her and possibly injure her further. She noticed the night elf now had a journal in his hand, probably looking for recipe or something.

“You look rather weak… it’s from a potion the cultists use. The fel cultists affected with one after I got captured by them; kept me too weak to move for a few days. I recall a potion that’ll dispel the effects of it; however, it has been a few years since I last made it and don’t remember the exact herbs that were used. I’m looking through this to see if the recipe is in here. ” the night elf commented.

The warlock let out a quiet sigh. She really hoped the weakness potion she was affected with didn’t last for days; she didn’t think she could handle that. Mandi grinned she noticed a bit of dark glow on her hands; she could cast if it came down to a last resort. Maybe she could summon her imp, Sizzle to help fight Foxten. “Can you help me stand on my feet for a few seconds, Rob? I might be able to summon my imp to help out…” Mandi asked quietly.

“You’re kidding, right? You can’t summon that fel thing half of the time when you’re well…” Rob whispered.

Mandi sighed before speaking, “I’ll be sure to summon it this time. Need all the help you can get…” She noticed Rob nod at her slowly before helped her up and held her arms. The warlock winced in pain and felt like she was going to faint but she figured an imp might help them. She muttered quietly the words to summon her imp quickly and nodded at Rob when she heard an imp next to her. Mandi winced in pain as she lied back down; she definitely felt too weak to move.

“Hopefully Rrazz won’t yell or disapprove at- O fel, this isn’t Sizzle and it’s not Carpit, Impli, Fggy, Pusilkhan, Pinky, or Kmpsy. Not again...” Mandi thought as she looked at the imp in horror. It was two inches taller and definitely seemed to have more attitude issue than Sizzle. “Who the hell are you? Tell me, imp…” Mandi said while she saw Rob put his palms in his face.

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Raniel hadn't picked up on the fact they were being followed, something he kicked himself for once it was mentioned but honestly, Carana had better hearing then anyone in the group, and Coriani was both an elf (Who from what he'd heard had sensitive hearing) and a huntress, both would lend themselves well to detecting ambushes

Naturally their suspicious were proven right as no sooner did they emerge from the building did everything go crazy. The forsaken wasn't sure if it was a blade or a spell, but either way a sharp sting coursed up his arm and shoulder and caused him to whip around, undamaged hand dipping to the dagger on his belt in preparation to strike back. "She's probably not far...I hope." He muttered, before drawing his weapon and sinking into a defensive stance.


Karosh whispered quietly and the runes on his blade flared into life. With a smirk he brought it up into a defensive position and waited for news.

Zeek and Alex both ran through a brief checklist of spells, a faint shimmering barrier formed around the pair as they summoned magical armour that would supposedly protect them from harm. Though as everyone knew what a mage spell was *supposed* to do and what it actually did were do entirely different things.

Rrazz on the other hand, fell back towards Mandi and, after casting a disproving glare towards the imp focused on the warlock. "That vas risky...You're still not vell.." She said quietly as she carefully sunk to one knee next to her. As much as she disliked fel magic, she was willing to put aside her differences in favour of tending to her friend. The fight would start soon no doubt and she'd be needed elsewhere, but until then she'd help the night elf in any way she could.

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Carana finally got away from the troll cultist and grab her swords while she sighed. She hoped Camalia was still on their side and in the area. While there were only three cultists right now, she knew there was a chance that more cultists could show up since the building where their site of operations was in the area. She heard the male high elf cultist rogue snickering at Nightmare a few yards away from the forsaken as Carana parried the troll cultist’s swinging attack. She took a few steps back and.

The nearly blind rogue swung her main hand sword towards the troll cultist that he managed to dodge as she heard Coriani shake slightly while attempting to fire an arrow towards the human male mage cultist. It didn’t surprise her that the Sin’Dorei huntress seemed to be spooked; especially since they had just gotten themselves into an ambush. Carana heard Coriani set down some sort of trap next to her while Stinger started to run towards the

“You’ll be our prisoners in no time. I remember you; you’re the huntress we took the lynx from in the sewers along with that night elf druid. How does it feel to be without a- o fel, not a silithid. How am I suppose to fight against it; they’re dangerous…” the human male cultist mage said, shaking slightly.

“That’s the huntress? Ha… You should have no trouble killing the silithid, it’s just a bug. It doesn’t look dangerous at all compared to that one lynx that was captured yesterday. Luckily it is still in the cage.” the male high elf rogue said, twirling a dagger around in his hand.

“Don’t mention the lynx. Shouldn’t have you knocked out the forsaken already. You said you were an expert at capturing other rogues…” the human mage cultist commented.

“I am; it just takes me a while. Why haven’t you captured that paladin? You stated you could easily capture one blindfolded…” the male high elf rogue muttered, trying to circle Nightmare.

“It’s hard when you have a clawing, screeching bug chasing you. I don’t even see your excuse.” the human male mage said in a complaining tone.

“Can’t you freeze the pet in place? I have to disarm the forsaken rogue first.” the male high elf rogue said.

She smirked as she heard the high elf cultist rogue and human male mage continue to bicker back and forth. With all the noise they were making, it was bound to get the attention of the mage guards or other adventurers that were hopefully nearby. Carana winced as her left arm got grazed by the troll cultist’s axe. She shook her head and swung her weapon hard at the troll while she listened to the male high elf cultist attempt to disarm Nightmare of his daggers.

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((Continued from above.))

“Is Foxten coming yet?” Danner asked as he slowly let out a sigh. He looked at Zeek and Alex briefly and noticed the faint barriers surrounding each of them. He didn’t know much about the spells but he hoped it would protect them from Foxten. He noticed Sorley was looking though a book while Keeneth was carefully grabbing a few of his smoke bombs from his bag. The warrior figured they would need those in the upcoming fight with the death knight.

Danner observed Winterra sip out of a canteen before speaking, “Yes, Foxten is on his way by foot. Took long enough to get his attention… he’ll be dealt with soon enough. It’ll be nice to get into a good battle. I better get my runeblade out and ready for battle.”

He nodded slowly while he watched Winterra grab her runeblade and swung it around for some moments. Danner looked at Rob who was inspecting his shield while Mandi was lying down with an imp nearby. Wait a minute, an imp? Danner glared at the creature; he didn’t know the warlock had managed to get on her feet to summon it but it would explain why she didn’t look like she was feeling that good. Hopefully it wouldn’t attack the others.

“I’m still looking for that potion recipe; haven’t found it yet. Fel… that imp better not attack anyone else.” the night elf muttered quietly before flipping though another page.

“I figured I could summon Sizzle to help out but instead I summoned it…” Mandi muttered while she glared at the imp creature next to her. It still hadn’t told her who it was but she would find out soon enough. She was glad to hear that Foxten was on his way and would hopefully be here soon so the others could attack him. Just the thought of him being in pain made her happy.

Mandi looked at the night elf who was still looking through the journal for that recipe he supposedly had. She gave the imp nearby an angry glare after she heard it insult Danner, Karrosh, Zeek and Alex. “Quit insulting everyone. You had better tell me who you are before I let everyone attack and send you back to the nether.” Mandi muttered to the imp.

“Why can’t Bmplsi insult everyone? It’s fun. Sizzle is taking a vacation from you. I’d rather be in the nether but if you have a contract…” Bmplsi said.

The warlock sighed quietly. At least she got the inp’s name, she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to get it to attack Foxten or not but it’d be worth a try. “Now, there is a death knight coming who is bald. You will attack it only or else.”

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Raniel couldn't resist rolling his eyes at the pair of cultists. "Oh please, all bark no bite on these two...Trust me, never make a wager unless you can cash it in." He commented, before lashing out with his blade, it wouldn't be easy considering he was fighting with only one hand. The other would heal with time, he was forsaken after all, however for now he was without the use of his main hand, a major disadvantage for a rogue.

"Oh well." He didn't let that keep him down, for now his main goal was simply keeping on his feet and his weapon in hand. "Lets hope Camalia, or someone, decides to help out soon. I'd hate to embarrass these guys to much."


Rrazz simply shook her head as she studied the imp, before she stood and sighed heavily. "They'll need me for zee fight...Take care of yourself." She said as politely as she could given her agitation towards the imp, but a moment later she banished the thoughts and simply prepared herself for the fight ahead. Even if she didn't get directly involved, they would no doubt need a healer for this.

"Watch you're tongue demon. Lest you lose it, along with you're scrawny little neck!" Karosh snapped, his runeblade raising as he gave the imp a seething glare, before shifting his attention back to the matter at hand. Zeek and Alex simply ignored the demon, though the latter shifted uneasily at the insult.

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“Finally, I managed to freeze that silithid in place! Now I can attack and capture this paladin lady without any issue- Ouch! My head hurts… forgot about that spell. Don’t you laugh at me; you haven’t disarmed that forsaken of his dagger. Talk about embarrassing.” the human mage cultist said, rubbing his head briefly.

Carana smirked while she listened to Jamaea sigh heavily. The human mage and high elf rogue cultist were still bickering back and forth. With the noise the two cultists were making, someone would be bound to show up and investigate hopefully as she noticed her left arm still hurt from the graze on it. “If those cultists continue to argue, the fight should be bit easier. My arm is starting to sting a bit… wait, did I just hear something drip from the troll cultist’s axe? It could be an oil of sorts or… poison.” Carana thought while she slowly let out a sigh.

“Arm be hurtin’ you? I put a wound poison on dis axe. It won’t kill you but considering da pain it will give… you wish it.” the troll cultist commented briefly before muttering something in another language.

The nearly blind rogue winced as she parried the troll cultist’s swinging attack with her swords. Her left arm felt like it was burning; typical of wound poisons. Depending on how strong this poison was, it could spread the burning pain she was feeling in her left arm throughout her body and she would really be in pain then. So far though, the pain seemed to be staying in Carana’s left arm so maybe the wound poison wasn’t as strong as the troll cultist claim.

She shook her head and rubbed her eyes briefly. Being affected by a poison or not, she still had to fight. Carana heard the high elf rogue cultist attempt to disarm Nightmare of his dagger. She listened to Stinger break free of the ice that had been keeping it in place and start to chase after the human mage cultist while she gouged the troll cultist with her sword to keep him stun momentarily. “I hear someone coming, Nightmare.” Carana muttered as she heard a door open from the business they had entered from.

“O my… an attempted ambush by the cultists I presume. Why run? You realize there are a few more guards on the way to help. The other cultists can’t help you.” a gnome mage guard said before casting a frost type spell towards the human mage cultist attempted to flee.

((Post for Danner))

Danner looked at the imp and clenched his hand in anger after hearing the insult. He was tempted to attack the demon creature and tear it apart as he couldn’t be sure it would listen to Mandi. The last thing they needed was for the imp to attack him and the others once they engaged Foxten in battle. For now, he wouldn’t attack the imp unless it made a move to attack someone other than Foxten.

“Once Foxten gets close enough, I’ll use this that should distract him for a few seconds. I know you’ll want to charge right at him but you should wait; I don’t want you to get seriously injured by him.” Keeneth muttered quietly.

The warrior sighed before nodding slowly. He wanted to attack Foxten right away but he knew he couldn’t just charge at him until he had an idea of what the death knight’s attacks were. As far as Danner knew, he could have a close up attack that would seriously injure him. They only had one good healer here since the warrior wasn’t sure how good of a healer Sorley was with him being a shadow priest.

Mandi sighed quietly as she looked at the imp nearby for his response. If it didn’t agree to fight Foxten, she would let the others attack and sent it back to the nether. The warlock knew they didn’t need another distraction to deal with once Foxten got here.

“So you want me to attack a bald death knight? Why can’t I attack… no hurt Bmplsi with light. I’ll attack bald death knight as long as I can insult them. That’s my contract.” Bmplsi commented.

“Alright. If you try to attack or insult anyone else but the bald death knight; I’ll let them attack you.” Mandi muttered quietly before looking at the night elf. He still appeared to be looking for the potion recipe that would hopefully dispel the weakness she was feeling at the moment. She couldn’t do much other than keep an eye on the imp to make sure it kept out of trouble.

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((Foxten's part.))

Foxten continued to run in the southern direction where he had seen the two flares fired from some minutes ago. He knew whoever had fired the flares was most likely responsible for the target dummy he had mistaken as a gnome priest. The bald death knight felt a bit foolish for falling for the trick and he would make sure whoever created the target dummy would suffer slowly.

He stopped for a brief second and looked at the two handed mace he had put runes on. He knew he could do damage and injuries to a person with the mace; however he could do it more efficiently with his rune sword. He dropped the two handed mace on the ground and grabbed the rune sword he kept hidden on him. He muttered a few words and swung it around briefly and watched the runes glow on his runeblade.

He looked in the southern direction briefly as he started to run again. Up ahead a bit of a distance, he saw the person who he knew had to been responsible for the target dummy; Winterra. Foxten smirked as he recalled the tortures he had inflicted on her after she had been captured by the Cult of the Damned. “Probably wants revenge against me for the tortures…” Foxten thought as he ran a bit faster towards Winterra.

The bald death knight had gotten within ten yards of Winterra when he suddenly heard a small ‘pop’. He coughed as a thick plump of smoke surrounded him. What the fel was this… wait, this was the work of one person in his mind; Keeneth. The warlock had lied to him about the rogue not being in town. After he dealt with Winterra, Keeneth and whoever else was with them, he would go back to the inn and torture the warlock.

“So you think you can defeat me, a death knight of the Lich King himself? You have no hope…” Foxten said, swinging his rune sword around.

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Raniel continued to do his best to avoid his opponents attacks, though it was becoming increasingly difficult, given the small area and the close proximity of others it wasn't easy to keep moving and not end up crashing into someone else.

Luckily the guard arrived in the nick of time, as a unlucky dodge resulted in the rogue getting struck and his dagger was sent clattering away into the dark. "Oh, well..." He simply shrugged and brought his hands up into a defensive position.


"Vell, ve some to have gotten his attention." Rrazz mumbled when she picked up on the clanking of plate in the distance.

Karosh, despite his desire to be the first into battle, wisely hung back and waited. Chances are even with superior numbers this wouldn't be an easy fight. Naturally once he'd actually reached them. The orc was quick to put himself in front of the group in preparation to strike. Though while the smoke was distracting Foxten, he stayed at a distance and waited.

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Carana let out a quiet sigh while she heard the high elf cultist rogue chuckle briefly. She had heard Nightmare’s dagger get knocked into a shrub some feet away from him several seconds ago. The nearly blind rogue didn’t have a spare dagger in her bags to give to the forsaken as she didn’t keep them there. She wasn’t even sure if she had her skinning knife on hand but she knew that wouldn’t do much damage. This was one of the types of situation she wished her Uncle Keeneth was around for; she knew he kept a variety of weapons on hand including daggers.

“My feet are frozen… now I got to fight another mage along and still fight off the silithid and not to mention capture the paladin and huntress. How did they even hear us? I’m not that loud… I bet it’s your fault. You’re not even using poisons on your daggers.” the human mage cultist commented.

“Not loud? Ha… you’re anything but quiet. I bet that your fault that the mage guard showed up. Of course I’m using a poison; anesthetic poison to be exact. I’ve found it to be the best poison used in capturing someone.”
the male high elf rogue said before get hit by a poison tipped arrow fired by the male Blood Elf farstrider. "O fel"

The curly dark auburn haired rogue smirked briefly while the two cultists continued to bicker. She generally didn’t buy anesthetic poison bottles due to the fact they didn’t really do much damage to a target except maybe make someone less angry. Why it was still being brewed Carana wasn’t sure but maybe one day poison vendors would stop brewing the weak poison. Speaking of poisons, she noticed the pain in her left arm was starting to intensify a bit from the wound poison as she heard the troll cultist start to swing his axe wildly.

She backed out of the way of the troll’s axe and rubbed her eyes. The young adult human rogue took a few steps to the left and silently cursed as she walked into a light post. Carana hadn’t seen it due to her poor eyesight and she hadn’t heard anything bang against the post. She glared at the troll even though she couldn't see him as she heard him laugh before muttering something in another language. She sighed as she heard faint footsteps coming near the back doorway.

“That’s it; I’ll show him how dangerous I can be…” Carana thought while she jumped towards the troll cultist and went into a killing spree, jumping around him and striking him several times with her swords. She smirked as she heard a female human mage guard enter through the door who attempted to cast a fireball at the high elf cultist rogue.

((Had to break up post; Danner's part will continue below. Let me know if there is any changes this part can use.))
((Continue from above. Danner's part))

“Show yourself Keeneth. I know your around… you made the little smoke device here and sent that warlock to Goldshire. I had fun torturing her in case you’re wondering with the prod here. Keep hiding if you wish but just know once I find and deal with you, I’ll make that warlock suffer even further for lying.”
Foxten said, holding his weapon in an attack position.

Danner watched the smoke clear as he angrily glared at Foxten. The death knight was bald with glowing blue eyes and unhealthy pale skin. He was wearing dark plated armor which didn’t surprise Danner since Foxten was a death knight of the scourge. Still, Danner was a bit furious that Foxten was gloating about how much he had enjoyed torturing Mandi earlier. Thankfully, the death knight didn’t know that Keeneth and Melina had found and rescued the warlock.

The warrior scratched his strawberry blond hair briefly while he looked at Sorley who appeared to be a bit uneasy. Danner wasn’t surprised a bit; the shadow priest had been a former prisoner of Foxten and had barely survived the ordeal. He watched the insane death knight begin to pace back and forth as Danner held his weapons in a defensive position.

“I see you, orc as well as the priests around here. You won’t be able to protect them if that is what you're trying to do. I will get to... Sorley, what a surprise to see you here. I didn’t think you had survived the injuries I inflicted on you when I captured you a few years back. You should have resurrected my dead wife. I bet you want revenge, am I right? Too bad you won’t get it; in fact I might torture you further...” Foxten said.

“So that is the bald death knight you want me to attack? He looks puny… time to think of fun insults.” Bmplsi said.

Mandi sighed quietly and looked at the imp. She had shivered when she heard Foxten speak about how he had enjoyed torturing her. She still was in a bit of pain from her injuries but she would have to deal with them for now. As long as Foxten didn’t get anywhere near her, she wouldn’t injure herself further lying on the ground.

“Can’t believe he wants to make you suffer even further; luckily he hasn’t noticed you. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t make anyone else suffer.” Rob muttered quietly.

The warlock nodded at her cousin. She then looked at the male night elf and noticed he had moved a few yards more south; a wise move since Foxten had shown up. He still appeared to be looking for the potion as Mandi hoped he’d be able to find it soon so she wouldn’t feel weak for days.

((Is this okay? Let me know if there are any changes I can make- will make them later. Sorry about the very long delay in posting; felt a bit lightheaded yesterday.

Feel free to post whenever you feel like it. Foxten is mistaking Zeek and Alex as priests. He probably has that dust on him used for ghouls- not sure how that works with no body around. if you want to help, that's fine with me. He probably attempt to death grip if he can- I do plan on having the imp being death gripped by Foxten eventually if that's okay with you.

I hope you have a good night and a good day, Rrazz. Good to see you back. :) ))
There wasn't much Raniel could do at this point. Without a weapon going on the offensive would be suicidal or at least very dangerous. So for now he simply dodged and weaved his way around any counter attacks and did his best not to get hit by friendly fire.


Karosh paid little mind to the comment. It was true he couldn't really protect everyone, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to try. Though they had the death knight out numbered so protection wouldn't be as necessary. Instead of respond, The orc simply imposed himself between Foxten and Sorley.

Rrazz, knowing she wouldn't be all that great in a fight, simply shuffled back a few steps and did her best to blend in, as well as a blue skinned draenei in white robes could do in a forest at any rate. There wasn't much she could do save offer a few prayers to enhance the rest of the groups courage, though even that wouldn't last long against any real attack.

((Not the best post, again but oh well, tis a post right? lol. Hope you have a good night and day too.))
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I hope you have a good night and a good day, Rrazz.))

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