Preorder Cataclysm download installed, but...

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...I'm not sure anything has actually "changed". And yes, I understand this might be a stupid question -- but my search foo powers have failed me, and I've not found any other mention of this...

I understand that the cinematics will be released as part of a patch between now and the launch of Cataclysm (4.0.3, perhaps?), but my concern is the loading screen.

I've pre-ordered, gone through the update process, which installed successfully (got the "World of Warcraft is up to date" message), and ... there's no change in the login screen.

Is that also going to be part of a later patch, or perhaps made "active" at Cataclysm's launch? Or, is there an error in my install that I need to rectify?

Everyone should have the Wrath loading screen as of 11/10/2010
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Ah, ok -- that's what I'm still seeing.

OK, looks like I'm still correct -- thanks!


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