I think, I could protect you, Rogue

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I think, I could protect you, Rogue – from a priest that inspired all the rogues.

Originally written in the Vanilla days by an unknown Chinese player, long before luxuries like Recup, Cloak, Tricks, or AoE-dmg-reduction Feint. Figured it'd be best posted on a Priest, even if he's not Undead.

I am a priest,

an undead priest.

Undoubtedly, I am a priest with professional ethics. Since the day I leant Fortitude, I would add Stamina to almost everyone I come across and help everyone who needs help. I have never been lazy nor got troubles when making a team stance, not to mention the so-called major healer.

I am not going to say what an outstanding priest I am. I just could not understand that how they come to useless for the health I added and the people I saved for Rogue.

When I was in a 5-man instance, Warrior and the druid were tanking three elites. The scene was supposed to be stable, but another 2 elites emerged from elsewhere. Mage was blazing and I was healing to my teammates at that time. So the 2 elites ran directly to me and broke in my casting. Mage was dying. So were Warrior and Druid.

My health became yellow.

Then, a shadow flashed in front of me and pulled two elites away from me. I healed as fast as I could; finally I passed with a mana potion. While drinking water, Warrior and mage kept flattering me that the operation of priest was so great that the team could not be vanished under such a terrible condition.

I looked over Rogue who was bandage himself in the corner. He whispered me: I could protect others, too.

I guess our team would be gone without him. He would be safer if he vanished at that moment. He chose to pull over the elites before the absolute safety.

He would always like to play such role.

Just like that, I reached lv60. Of course, you could abuse my bad operation, or scorn my poor suits, but you could never doubt my attitude to be a priest.

I have many rogue friends, some of whom consider themselves to be cattish. While I thought to be cattish is good for both yourself and others.

There’s nothing bad to be cattish. Hidden in darkness is their condition to survive. The same as you have no right to abuse a Paladin use divine shield.

When you are with 20 or 40 raid, it was found that Rogue had nobody to care. That is to say, the last to be healed is Rogue.

I whispered raid leader why. He said, “Rogue knows vanish and he could bandage himself! The Priest’s mana should be kept for Warriors and mages.”

Suddenly, I did not know what to say. What the leader said was true. Any Rogue can vanish, bandage, and feint.

“Not to learn bandage means to wait to die. It is the basic capacity for the Rogue to learn because he could not be healed after lv60.” said an undead rogue who was played with me together.

He said the above words when I laughed him to learn bandage. I thought there was no need for him to learn and I was his bandage at that time.

I suddenly felt the heart-breaking feeling for Rogue.
Thus, I began to learn bandage myself. I was happy when I reached the master level. A rogue with T4 asked me: “You are a priest. You can heal yourself. There is no need for you to learn bandage.” I answered: “Bandage is for me. Mana could be kept for other occupations.”

I was going to bandage myself and keep my mana for rogues.

Ever since then, there are more than 40 thick bandages in my bag.

Heal for MT and watch out the health of mage. Recover Hunter. What are you doing, priest? Come here! Rogues could bandage themselves. No more mana could be added in Heal. Rogue A, feint and get back! Don’t OT…

There is no full stop in the last sentence of the commander. BOSS had an AOE. Lied down all the rogues within half health.

Thus, Commander would be heard again: Oh, my! Why did all the rogues died? Couldn’t they use bandage? Couldn’t they back off...? Those words are so familiar that almost everyone who has played Rogue could recite them.

In fact, AOE of BOSS has no way to a rogue with full blood. Most of rogues would retreat and use bandage when there are about 1/3 health left. Because they wanted to kill the BOSS as soon as possible. There’s no need to tell you the importance of Time in a game.

If someone could give Rogue a recover at that time. A healing pray could save 4 rogues’ life. Isn’t it worthy? However, a team usually consists of 5 rogues. In a common word, a death team. Sometimes, a warlock or a hunter would also be facilitated…

Can’t you heal for others with a better living ability? Can you just leave them alone and wait them to die?

To be frank, I was going to heal for rogues, for the death team. MT’s team. 3 healers, one priest, one druid and one shaman. I’m sure MT could be healed. However, it is MT who needs to be healed a lot. But why even a little druid could not be put in the rogue’s team?

I believe rogues are too fragile, more fragile than me, a priest. Like a thorn, it could be very painful when it pricks you but get broken easily.

Especially the undead rogue, like assassinator, sharp but delicate.

Even I myself do not know. Why I take care of rogue so much, who is famous for field sneak attack.

Someone would say that the reason I talked so is because I love this occupation. In fact you are wrong. Stance is one example. There is not so much mana to add for rogues. Furthermore, an excellent rogue should know how to protect himself. Rogues know such things. There is nothing to change even if you write more.

Therefore, MT should be the first at any time. Then come the other healers. Mage… However, I have to say: if I have more mana, I would not leave it to MT with so many healings and watch a rogue to die.

I just don’t like to watch such fragile and strong people falling down, even if they are rogues.

Even if I could not be the major healer. I still wish to protect rogues.

He is a rogue, not a god. When I heal them, please don’t tell me: “Priest, let them alone. They can use bandages themselves. You’d better watch other people…”

Don’t say there’s no big deal if a rogue dies. If so, why you have to add rogues in instance or raid?

Rogues are powerful than what you expected. Rogues are also more fragile than you.

I am really a good priest. But please do not throw eggs at me. I’ll in the raids, be in the rogues’ team. I’ll watch MT’s blood, watch mages’ health; throw recovers to hunter and lock. But, please also forgive me not to leave blue to you when rogues are in danger. I’ll add blood to rogues in time.

Rogue, I think, I could protect you well...
Made me shed a tear :'(

Felt the same way when I first read it :)
i like this. thanks for being a great priest. and keepin us squishys alive. i keep my healers alive :)
This is a good story. Thank you for sharing. :')

I'm good friends with a priest and she always tries to keep me alive.
everyone should "like" the OP

also i like that the bad english almost makes it sound like old english poetry
Nice, and I would like to add that Tricks of the Trade saves stupid people all the time.
Very touching, true, and nicely done, OP.
Originally written in the Vanilla days by an unknown Chinese player, long before luxuries like Recup, Cloak, Tricks, or AoE-dmg-reduction Feint. Figured it'd be best posted on a Priest, even if he's not Undead.

To the other people posting, please read this statement.

Now excuse me, there's something in my eye...
this should get a sticky

this should get a sticky


Since we can't sticky request, there is +Like :)
/manly tears.

everyone should "like" the OP

also i like that the bad english almost makes it sound like old english poetry

Yup, it's outstanding. Have you tried reading it aloud yet?
I always protect my priest, first and foremost. Very nice write.
and i cried a little...i think, i could protect you too, Priest
Thank you priest for protecting me...

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